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Patients Seek To Add Their Conditions To Medical Marijuana List

by Christine Stuart Hertz Nazaire – CHRISTINE STUART PHOTO   Hertz Nazaire, 41, lives with sickle cell disease and while he says he’s never tried marijuana to ease his chronic pain, he hates the narcotics he because they make him dizzy and nauseous. He said he would like medical marijuana to be an option. “The pain […]

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New bill would allow the VA to recommend medical marijuana for patients

By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux – The Washington Post     WASHINGTON — Arguing that medical marijuana may help wounded warriors with anxiety and stress disorders to “survive and thrive,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., have introduced legislation that would allow Department of Veterans Affairs’ doctors to recommend the drug for some patients. The […]

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In Chile, mothers give epileptic kids covertly grown marijuana

    SANTIAGO, CHILE – Paulina Bobadilla was beyond desperate. The drugs no longer stopped her daughter’s epileptic seizures and the little girl had become so numb to pain, she would tear off her own fingernails and leave her small fingers bleeding. Bobadilla was driving on a mountain road with Javiera, intent on ending it […]

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Calculating the Enormous Potential of the Hemp Industry

SAM BECKER Sean Gallup/Getty Images   “The crop right now is sellable,” Colorado hemp farmer Jim Denny told NPR reporters earlier this year. “I’ve already had people contact me on my website saying, ‘We know you’re growing stuff and we want to buy it from you already.’ And we haven’t even put it in the ground.” […]

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Dr. Oz Show Nov. 24: Natural Immunity Booster and Energy Reboot

Hemp Seeds contain both protein and fiber. Oz says using these during the day by sprinkling them on fruit or adding them to a smoothie will keep your energy levels up all day long. Oz warns that the nutrients in Hemp are lost when they are heated so it is important to eat them “raw.” […]

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Merry marijuana: Pot sellers woo holiday shoppers

By KRISTEN WYATT   From new marijuana strains for the holidays to gift sets and pot-and-pumpkin pies, the burgeoning marijuana industry in Colorado is scrambling to get a piece of the holiday shopping dollar. Dispensaries in many states have been offering holiday specials for medical customers for years — but this first season of open-to-all-adults […]

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City Zoning Panel Approves Six Chicago Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Jon Graef Photo Credit: Laughing Squid   On Friday, the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals Panel was set to decide on 13 applications for licenses to “establish a medical cannabis dispensary.” [If you’ll recall, there was fervent demand for applications for such dispensary licenses back in September.] The Chicago Tribune reports that, of the 13 […]

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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup shut down on Day One

By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff   As this year’s Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was supposed to open its doors for five days of weed worship on Nov. 23 … it didn’t open its doors. Amsterdam Cannabis Cup attendees were being turned away by High Times officials and venue staff at the Melkweg on Sunday […]

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J & J Herer Cannabis Hemp Museum

Hi everybody. I’m Jeannie Herer and my husband was the late great Jack Herer, one of the founding fathers of the Cannabis Hemp movement and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” the bestselling book about the history and many uses of Cannabis Hemp. Please read it online free atwww.JackHerer.com. Before Jack passed away in […]

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Colorado Approves Credit Union for Pot Stores

Tom Huddleston, Jr. America’s rapidly-expanding marijuana industry faces a major quandary: large, national banks are afraid to do business with cannabis businesses for fear of running afoul of strict federal regulations. That could change with the creation of the first financial institution dedicated solely to serving the cannabis industry. This week, the Colorado Division of […]

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