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No one has applied for a Nevada marijuana business license

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) — Hundreds of people are expected to apply for medical marijuana business licenses in Clark County but with the deadline inching closer, the county has yet to receive any applications.   Full Article: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/54963450/ns/local_news-las_vegas_nv/#.U04QAVVdVac

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Hawaii Legislature OK’s University of Hawaii hemp biofuel study

Bill CresenzoReporter-Pacific Business NewsEmail     “The dean may determine how soils and water may be made more pristine and healthy by phyto-remediation, removal of contaminants, and rejuvenation through the growth of industrial hemp, as well as the viability of industrial hemp as a biofuel feedstock,” the bill, which was passed Monday, says.   Full […]

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Oklahoma – Hold Governor Mary Fallin Accountable

Please hold Governor Mary Fallin accountable for what she says! Will she really help keep Jaqie Angel alive in Oklahoma. Mary Fallin claims she cares. Mary Fallin claims she will help in any way she can. Actions speak louder than words! Hold Mary Fallin accountable and let’s bring Jaqie Angel back to Oklahoma. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWySlx_XZLI#t=28

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Company unveils first age-verifying, pot vending machine

Nelson Garcia, KUSA (Photo: Andrew Christman, KUSA-TV, Denver)   Stephen Shearin believes his company is evolving the marijuana industry by creating a vending machine for pot and pot products. “It’s extremely cool this is the first one,” Shearin said. Shearin is the chief operating officer for Tranzbyte, a company that owns American Green. American Green […]

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“Free Jeff Mizanskey” Efforts Continue with Billboards and 360,000 Signatures

By Ray Downs Kholood Eid Jeff Mizanskey has served more than twenty years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana conviction.   Efforts to release Jeff Mizanskey, the only man in Missouri serving a life-without-parole sentence for a nonviolent marijuana charge, are continuing this month with help from Show-Me Cannabis and Change.org. Show-Me Cannabis has bought billboard […]

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Vice Reporter Smokes a Joint as He Interviews President of Uruguay

by MANUEL RUEDA @ThisIsFusion       Vice has come up with a new gonzo stunt to attract some eyeballs. This time a Vice correspondent managed to casually smoke a joint as he interviewed the president of Uruguay. The scene, which would probably be impossible to replicate with the president of any other country, is part of […]

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Australia – Let them eat hemp

Paula Goodyer Protein source: humble hemp seeds won’t make you stoned. Photo: Alasdair Thomson   Food regulation in Australia can be baffling sometimes. It’s so easy to walk into a supermarket and fill your trolley with foods that can potentially undermine your health like litres of soft drink and cheap doughnuts. Yet if you want to […]

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Legalizing Marijuana: Should Convicted Users Be Pardoned? [POLL] Read More: Legalizing Marijuana: Should Convicted Users Be Pardoned? [POLL] | http://nj1015.com/should-convicted-marijuana-users-be-pardoned-if-the-drug-becomes-legal-poll/?trackback=tsmclip

By Steve Trevelise John Moore, Getty Images   Go vote in the poll!   Full Article and Poll: http://nj1015.com/should-convicted-marijuana-users-be-pardoned-if-the-drug-becomes-legal-poll/      

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Watch: Wiz Khalifa and Arsenio Hall Make Weed Munchies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eIiG-QHjMw#action=share   Outspoken marijuana supporter Wiz Khalifavisited the Arsenio Hall Show last night to make s’mores infused with weed. Hall seems a bit spaced out with glazed-over eyes before introducing Wiz, and suggests that his glaucoma medicine “makes him awful hungry.”   Full Article: http://blog.sfgate.com/smellthetruth/2014/04/01/watch-wiz-khalifa-and-arsenio-hall-make-weed-munchies/

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Marijuana Jobs Higher Than Estimated

BY Debra Borchardt   NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The marijuana industry may have already added over 175,000 jobs and that’s just the beginning. First, there are very few statistics on marijuana industry jobs. Hardly any states are tracking it and even the web sites that advertise for marijuana jobs don’t have any information and didn’t return […]

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