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Hemp, Flax Growing as Auto Plastics Building Blocks

Mandy Kovacs | WardsAuto Ford’s Mielewski says almost 300 parts in automaker’s vehicles derived from sources including flax, soybeans, cotton, wood, jute and natural rubber.   Auto-components researchers are developing the use of grasses such as hemp or flax to make tough but lightweight bioplastics that also help reduce a vehicle’s carbon footprint by using […]

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Hemp plot being planted on University of Louisville’s campus

  The University of Louisville is planting hemp. A 40 x 40 plot is being planted Tuesday near The Phoenix House on the Belknap Campus. It’s part of the research being done by the J.B. Speed School and Conn Center.   Full Article:  http://www.wdrb.com/story/32823479/hemp-plot-being-planted-on-u-of-ls-campus

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Three Revolutionary New Hemp Technologies for a Better Environment

By: Mitchell Colbert     Hemp has been reported to have some of the most diverse uses out of any plant currently known. One new use for hemp is as a raw material for biofuels, namely as cellulosic ethanol, which unlike other methods of making biofuels, uses a plant’s cellulose instead of the oil or […]

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How tequila and weed could make Ford cars sustainable

Melissa Riofrio | @MRiofrioPCW   Tequila, weed, cash, and a Ford car could be the elements for a hell of a road trip, but they’re also part of the automaker’s efforts to be more sustainable. At a Ford-sponsored panel discussion August 16 in San Francisco, senior technical leader Debbie Mielewski showed how the company was […]

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Why Hemp Makes Better Toilet Paper

Kathy Garton   Toilet paper, made from the industrial hemp plant, has been marketed in other countries for some time now. It is now being advocated by environmentalists and its consideration noted by several toilet paper manufacturers. Perhaps now is the time to take another bold step in revisiting the role of toilet paper. Hemp […]

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First-Ever Cannabis Growers’ Fair Opens in Oregon

By The Associated Press   People flocked to Oregon’s first-ever marijuana growers’ fair on Saturday where a competition for best cannabis plants was being held, with the winners to be displayed at the Oregon State Fair. The inaugural two-day Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair underscores how the once-illicit marijuana industry is starting to go mainstream in […]

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Weed Helps This Athlete Run 200 Miles

  Smoking weed and jogging have more in common than you think. For starters, they both get you high, and they can both make you very hungry. Biologically, the runner’s high and the cannabis high look much alike. The foundation of both lies in the body’s endocannabinoid system: a group of “endogenous,” or inherently occurring, […]

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How Legalizing Marijuana Might Stave Off ‘Spice’ Epidemics

BY JOEL WARNER   The first time Stewart Martin tried knockoff weed he was 15 and on probation for marijuana possession. Martin and his friends would buy the stuff legally from local head shops and bodegas in Virginia, smoking brands like “Space Cadet,” “Scooby Snacks,” and “Bizarro”. “You never knew whether the results were going […]

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Louis Armstrong and Cannabis: Celebrating the Jazz Legend’s Lifelong Love of “the Gage”

By Lisa Rough   Louis Armstrong: just the name evokes the image of a dark, smoky dance hall filled with classic jazzy trumpeting tunes tinged with nostalgia. Known fondly as “Satchmo” and “Pops,” Louis Armstrong is instantly recognizable for his unmistakable gravelly voice and unique trumpet-playing. He rose to prominence in the 1920’s, one of […]

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Cannabis Tampons Are Now a Thing

By Lena Grossman   Women who suffer from painful menstrual cramps sympathize with the debilitating discomfort that arrives monthly like clockwork. Motrin, Midol and Advil can take a back seat, however, because there’s apparently a new remedy for cramps: Cannabis tampons. The company Foria, makers of marijuana-infused personal lubricant, created “relief suppositories” made out of […]

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