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Jamaica approves legal marijuana bill

by Oscar Pascual (Nine Mile, Jamaica)   Jamaica just took a long-awaited step towards legalizing marijuana with the approval of a new drug law bill. According to an AP report, the Jamaican cabinet’s Justice Minister Mark Golding announced on Wednesday that they are expected to introduce legislation in the Senate later this week. The bill […]

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Major California newspapers evolve on marijuana

by David Downs (By Michael Macor, for SF Chronicle) California newspapers have been leveled over the last 15 years by their lack of foresight and innovation with regard to the rise of digital media. Their thought-leadership regarding drug policy has been equally lacking. Down but not out, The Los Angeles Times andSan Francisco Chronicle show […]

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Medical marijuana vapour room set to serve veterans with PTSD

Veteran and Marijuana For Trauma employee Cory Pike says many people who suffer from PTSD continue to hide their medical marijuana use because of the stigma. (Catherine Harrop/CBC) Veterans Affairs Canada will now pay $300 toward the purchase of a vaporizer by a veteran with a prescription for marijuana.   Full Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/medical-marijuana-vapour-room-set-to-serve-veterans-with-ptsd-1.2920278

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Oregon marijuana growers vie for real estate as they prepare for recreational market

By Noelle Crombie | The Oregonian/OregonLive   Cannabis producers and out-of-state entrepreneurs are already looking well beyond Oregon’s robust medical marijuana market to the recreational one, where for the first time government regulators will scrutinize growers, their practices and their plants. Nowhere is the trend more apparent than in the Portland area, where marijuana industry […]

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85,000 Sign Petition to Help Father Who Gave Cancer-Stricken Daughter Medicinal Cannabis

By First to Know   When Adam Koessler discovered his two-year-old daughter Rumer Rose had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma — a cancerous tumor that develops from nerve tissue, usually in infants and children — he sought a solution to ease her pain and help with her treatment. Unfortunately, he had to break the law to do it.  Koessler […]

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Variety of eco-friendly vehicles on display at annual auto expo

BY CARLY FIGUEROA   SANDY, Utah — The Utah International Auto Expo attracts those in the market for a new car–and even some of those who are not. All of the top dealers bring out their newest and best models, and with air quality being such an important issue for Utahns, FOX 13 News took […]

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The Feds Just Restricted The Law That Lets Police Seize Stuff From Innocent People

CHRISTINA STERBENZ, ERIN FUCHS AND REUTERS   State and local police in the United States will no longer be able to use federal laws to justify seizing property without evidence of a crime, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday. Under the official law, the Justice Department’s Equitable Sharing Program, local police departments can keep 80% […]

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Fort Peck Tribes vote to legalize medical marijuana

LOUIS MONTCLAIR, Fort Peck Journal   The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board has voted to legalize medical marijuana on the reservation.   Full Article: http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/fort-peck-tribes-vote-to-legalize-medical-marijuana/article_a34d58a2-b47c-5a68-94bc-626a9cc9914b.html

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Schaaf Files Bill to Legalize Industrial Hemp in Missouri

  (ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A St. Joseph lawmaker wants the state to cash in on hemp. Republican State Senator Rob Schaaf filed a bill that would make it legal for farmers to grow industrial hemp.   Full Article: http://www.stjoechannel.com/story/d/story/schaaf-files-bill-to-legalize-industrial-hemp-in-m/40537/NeQzva1iwUCNqy6n3mqxOg

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WeedHire Releases Q4 Cannabis Jobs Report

Will Schmidt for the National Edition   WeedHire today released an infographic that details the job growth in the cannabis industry in the year 2014. Between states with active medical marijuana laws and states in the process of implementing those, over 148 million Americans now live in pro-medical marijuana states. And after the 2014 mid-term election voting […]

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