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Nixon Unknowingly ‘Muled’ for Pot Smuggling Louis Armstrong?

By Roger Stone   Richard Nixon (1913-94) could be quite naïve. In the late 1950s, the U.S. State Department made jazz legend Louis Armstrong (1901-71) a “Goodwill Ambassador” and underwrote a concert tour in Europe and Asia. On his return from the first two tours, Armstrong and his entourage were waived through customs without a […]

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Illegal Medicine: The Struggle of A Southern Medical Marijuana Activist

Sonja Renea   I find it surreal, this world I live in…a world that feels like a dream of how the future is not supposed to be. Ours is a world full of people who are suffering, living with pain that could be eased by a plant… a simple, beautiful flower. But they may not […]

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Comedian/activist Credico seeks Democratic nod for governor

Jon Campbell   ALBANY – Randy Credico performed stand-up comedy on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” in 1984. He has stood outside of the state Capitol dressed as Diogenes, an ancient Greek philosopher who famously searched for an honest man. He once lit up a joint in the state Capitol, a protest, he said, of New […]

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When it comes to the problems facing the world today . . . the answer’s hemp. Now what’s the question?

By: David Shayler   “If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on” – Terence McKenna, alternative scientist “Nearly all medicines have toxic, potentially lethal effects.  But marijuana is not such a […]

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New Denver Hemp Clothing Company Promises Free Weed with Purchase

By Celeste Stiles |  The Daily Chronic   DENVER, CO — There’s a new hemp clothing company coming to Denver, and they promise to personally deliver an added gift with every purchase: a free eighth of marijuana. The company, Hemp House Clothing, is offering the promotion to adults 21 or older who live in the Denver area only, as the […]

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Making houses out of mushrooms

By Golda Arthur Buildings made from natural resources are challenging conventions in design   Much of the construction industry depends on fossil fuels, creating a big carbon footprint. As pressure mounts to make construction “greener”, experts have started to design houses out of hemp and straw, and bricks made of mushrooms.   Full Article: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-28712940

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Dr. Oz: 5 simple steps to boost happiness and diet plan to prevent depression

Samantha Chang Screengrab from Fox TV   Dr. Oz said hemp seeds are effective for relieving anxiety and depression. They’re also a natural appetite suppressant that have been shown to aid weight loss.   Full Article: http://www.examiner.com/article/dr-oz-reveals-simple-happiness-boosters-and-mood-enhancing-diet

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National CBD-Only Law Proposed: Is Charlotte’s Web Choking out Legalization?

Ladybud Admin    Republican Scott Perry from Pennsylvania introduced a bill into the United States House of Representatives at the end of July that could, if passed, legalize certain low-THC strains of cannabis. That’s right folks, in case you hadn’t heard yet, there’s now a federal CBD-only law in the works. It’s called the  Charlotte’s Web Medical […]

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Hot buzz: Fancy a ‘legal’ cannabis infused fizzy drink?

ANI  London A US company has launched cannabis carbonated drinks, which are set to go on sale just two months after cannabis was declared legal in the Washington. ‘Legal’, which is designed by Mirth Provisions, contains 10 milligrams of locally grown cannabis extract, the Daily Star reported. Full Article: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/legal-cannabis-infused-fizzy-drink-mirth-provisions-marijuana/1/379825.html Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/legal-cannabis-infused-fizzy-drink-mirth-provisions-marijuana/1/379825.html

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Stop the NFL’s War on Weed

By Kavitha A. Davidson   When the Baltimore Ravens face the Cleveland Browns in Week Three of the football season, Ray Rice will be on the field. Josh Gordon will not. Welcome to “integrity” and “values,” brought to you by the National Football League. The NFL upheld Gordon’s yearlong suspension today for violating its substance-abuse policy after testing […]

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