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White House Lifts Restrictions on Marijuana Research

By Alexandra Ossola   Marijuana may be one of the most popular drugs in the world, but marijuana is notoriously difficult to research, particularly in the United States. Access to cannabis plants for research is tightly controlled, the official supply is extremely limited, and tons of bureaucratic red tape means that studies are often delayed by […]

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Old mining town turns to marijuana after prison, factory close

Trevor Hughes   WALSENBURG, Colo. – A developer’s plan to build hundreds of cannabis greenhouses could make this tiny southern Colorado town one of the nation’s largest producers of legal marijuana. The town sold 330 acres of municipal land for more than $1 million to create a campus for growing, processing and distribution, with the […]

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Lencho: A Tale Of Decent Vagabonds

by L L Kellerman (Author)     As more and more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, and with the current administration no longer willing to take orders from the likes of the DEA, it’s becoming clear the public no longer buys into the concept of ‘demon weed’ and reefer madness’ perpetrated on […]

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Bud beauty: New York woman, 68, claims a toke a day keeps her healthy and looking younger

By PETE D’AMATO FOR DAILY MAIL ONLINE   A 68-year-old woman claims she’s kept her looks and feels more active thanks to smoking weed throughout her life and thinks more Americans should be allowed to do the same. Catherine Hiller estimates she’s smoked a joint once a day since she was 18 and says pot […]

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The little girl behind $37m donation for medicinal cannabis research

KATE AUBUSSON Michael Lambert Katelyn Lambert’s father Michael still cries when he thinks about the day his daughter was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome.   Watching his six-month-old daughter endlessly spasming in pain drove Michael Lambert beyond the bounds of Australian drug laws. Three years later, Katelyn’s recovery has prompted an unprecedented A$33.7 million (NZ$37.29m) donation […]

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Tribe Bets on Legal Pot

By Steven Nelson The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, popular with casino gamblers, has legalized recreational pot with plans to become a tourist destination. Get ready for Little Amsterdam on the Prairie: A Native American tribe that operates a successful casino in eastern South Dakota is about to become the first to enter the legal marijuana business, […]

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Banda turns herself in as attorney and supporters speak out

ANGIE HAFLICH   As she approached the Finney County Sheriff’s Office Monday, Shona Banda, the local medicinal marijuana advocate who gained national attention after the state took custody of her son, was surrounded by supporters, including Jennifer Winn, the Republican candidate who challenged Gov. Sam Brownback in last August’s primary. Banda, accompanied by her attorney […]

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Be.e, the World’s First All-Hemp Electric Scooter

By Anthony Herrold Within the first few months of 2016, a Holland based company called Van.eko plans on introducing the world’s first ever electric scooter made completely out of hemp. The fact that the ingenious idea for this one-of-a-kind vehicle comes from a country known for its environmentalism is no surprise, and neither should its […]

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Oglala tribal member says he should be allowed to grow hemp

DAVE KOLPACK   Alex White Plume thought his decade-long wait to produce industrial hemp on a South Dakota Indian reservation was ending when the federal government softened its stance on marijuana enforcement and lawmakers expanded the development of hemp under certain circumstances. But federal prosecutors in South Dakota refuse to lift an injunction against White […]

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San Francisco to host medical marijuana food fair today

By Erika Caturay   SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, imagine what a pancake breakfast might do for medical marijuana. Marijuana is only legal for medical purposes in California, but that isn’t stopping purveyors of pot-infused cupcakes, nuts and other edible forms of the drug from putting […]

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