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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup shut down on Day One

By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff   As this year’s Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was supposed to open its doors for five days of weed worship on Nov. 23 … it didn’t open its doors. Amsterdam Cannabis Cup attendees were being turned away by High Times officials and venue staff at the Melkweg on Sunday […]

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J & J Herer Cannabis Hemp Museum

Hi everybody. I’m Jeannie Herer and my husband was the late great Jack Herer, one of the founding fathers of the Cannabis Hemp movement and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” the bestselling book about the history and many uses of Cannabis Hemp. Please read it online free atwww.JackHerer.com. Before Jack passed away in […]

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Colorado Approves Credit Union for Pot Stores

Tom Huddleston, Jr. America’s rapidly-expanding marijuana industry faces a major quandary: large, national banks are afraid to do business with cannabis businesses for fear of running afoul of strict federal regulations. That could change with the creation of the first financial institution dedicated solely to serving the cannabis industry. This week, the Colorado Division of […]

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Nevada reciprocity: Have an MMJ card? You can buy pot in Vegas in 2015

By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff Marijuana activists are already planning the 2016 campaign to regulate and legalize the sale of recreational pot in Nevada, home to Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations. But some tourists won’t have to wait that long to legally buy weed in Las Vegas thanks to the […]

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New York City Decriminalization of Cannabis Begins Today

Ladybud Admin   Beginning today, November 19th, 2014, the possession of 25 grams of less of cannabis in the city of New York, New York will be punishable by a court summons instead of arrest and a misdemeanor charge. For a city long notorious for its racially biased stop and frisk practices, this shift in […]

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More veterans press VA to recognize medical marijuana as treatment option

By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux   Every morning, former Air Force senior airman Amy Rising makes breakfast for her second-grader, drives him to school and returns home to prepare what she calls her medicine. She suffers from severe anxiety after four years working in the frenetic global command center at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, coordinating […]

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SNL Mocks NYC’s New Weed Policy: You Can Have It, But You Can’t Smoke It in Public

by Andrew Kirell SNL brilliantly mocked New York City’s utterly confusing new policy on marijuana law enforcement: You can possess up to 25 grams of it (receiving only a “ticket” rather than arrest), but don’t you dare try smoking it in public. Full Article & Video: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/snl-mocks-nycs-new-weed-policy-you-can-have-it-but-you-cant-smoke-it-in-public/

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California Voters Deal Blow To Prisons, Drug War

Matt Sledge   California approved a major shift against mass incarceration on Tuesday in a vote that could lead to the release of thousands of state prisoners. Nonviolent felonies like shoplifting and drug possession will be downgraded to misdemeanors under the ballot measure, Proposition 47. As many as 10,000 people could be eligible for early […]

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Where America landed on marijuana

Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY (Photo: Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY)   While Florida voters narrowly rejected a plan to legalize medical marijuana, voters in Washington, D.C., and Oregon both approved recreational pot use by adults and early returns gave a slight edge to Alaska’s plans to tax and regulate and recreational marijuana marijuana. And in Guam, voters […]

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The Health Benefits of Hemp Food

by: Rita Teglas   Recently, more and more hemp products have reached the shelves of health food shops. The idea of consuming hemp might be surprising to some people, since hemp is actually a form of Cannabis sativa. It is not the same thing as marijuana, however. It is believed that hemp plants are actually […]

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