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Oklahoma – Checotah Man Credits Cannabis Oil For Improved Health

Craig Day, News On 6 – bio | email   Governor Mary Fallin said she does support a limited, medically supervised study of the use of cannabis oil, which comes from marijuana plants.One Green Country man said using cannabis oil has dramatically improved chronic medical conditions he’s faced for years.Jeff from Checotah said six months ago, there’s no […]

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Cannabis Oil Cured Cancer, Says 54 Year Old Father

 Dale Davidson   A 54 yr. old British father-of- three, claims cannabis oil helped cure him of cancer. In 2012, Trevor Smith was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was told by doctors that he would be dead within 24 months if surgery to remove nodes on his bladder, prostate, and lymph were not removed immediately. […]

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Hemp helps build a house in Tarpon Springs, likely first in Florida

Tony Marrero, Times Staff Writer   Bob Clayton leaned over the gleaming, industrial-grade oven, his crystal blue eyes focused as he slathered crab spread on golden-brown pieces of bread. While Clayton prepared the crostini, his dozen or so guests sipped beer and sparkling wine in the kitchen and combined living-dining room of his Florida-style ranch […]

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Marijuana Use And The National Football League

Paul Ebeling   NFL players are using Marijuana, as the drug becomes legal expect more use for its medical benefits. Medical science is exploring the benifits of Marijuana sports injuries, and  it has been reported that the NFL is struggling with its stance with what is recognized as the “analgesic of choice for many of […]

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Argentina President Endorses Plan to Legalize Drug Possession, Cannabis Cultivation

by TheJointBlog   The Argentina federal government, with support from President Cristina Kirchner, has begun work on two proposals aimed at legalizing  the personal possession of all drugs, and to legalize the private cultivation of cannabis. The plan is to have the proposals finished, and in front of Congress, by the year’s end, according to Argentine newspaper La […]

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Life With Legal Weed A conversation with middle-aged moms, homeless men, and college kids about post-prohibition in Boulder, Colorado

Conor Friedersdorf   The most eclectic gathering spot in Boulder, Colorado, is the Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian thoroughfare at the heart of downtown. Alongside its relatively pricey stores and restaurants, there is an outdoor concert venue, a children’s play area, and the seat of county government. Activists stand on Pearl Street seeking signatures; street […]

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Peace and love still blossom among the ashes of Nimbin

Susan Chenery theguardian.com Elspeth Jones and Michael Balderstone, partners in the destroyed Nimbin Museum. ‘Maybe we can get a normal museum now.’ Photograph: Susan Chenery   The facades are faded now, but no less optimistic. The murals of the rainbow serpent dreaming and marijuana bliss, gleefully painted across the shops in the main street of Nimbin […]

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NJ Weedman’s Passing the Joint: There is a reefer revolution going on. Where are the weed smoking celebrities?

By NJ Weedman, For The Trentonian Photo illustration from NJWeedman.com    During my 30+ years of smoking marijuana, I’ve often said: If I were rich, I’d invest in marijuana-legalization efforts. Many celebrities have likely said it too, but when they get rich and find themselves above the law, they forget. But while they get great […]

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Oklahoma Governor Announces Support For ‘Medicinal’ Marijuana Oil Usage (CBD only – she needs to wise up to the benefits of the whole plant)

NewsOn6.com – email   Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has announced she will ask lawmakers to work with her in the next legislative session to support legalization of medicinal cannabidiol oil (CBD) on a limited, medically supervised, trial-only basis, according to a news release.   Full Article: http://www.newson6.com/story/26269561/oklahoma-governor-announces-support-for-medical-marijuana

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Far Out! Hemp Could Power Better Super-Batteries

  Industrial hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana, can play a role in manufacturing super-powerful supercapacitors for energy storage at a cost that’s far cheaper than graphene, researchers report. The hemp-based technology took center stage Tuesday at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in San Francisco. A team led by David Mitlin, an engineering professor at Clarkson University, […]

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