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A Kid in Kansas Challenged His School’s Anti-Drug Program — So the Police Raided His House

By Tom McKay   If you live in Kansas, better teach your kids to “just say no” when the teachers tell them to. After an elementary school student in Garden City told anti-drug counselors they were wrong about marijuana, the school got the local police officers to search the student’s residence. When they found a […]

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Holy Smoke: Bill Levin’s First Church of Cannabis

By Ed Wenck   Photos by Michelle Craig The headlines are tremendous: This Guy Just Used The Indiana Religious Freedom Law To Open A Church Of Cannabis — The Libertarian Republic Indiana’s Church of Cannabis Growing Like a Weed — U.S. News and World Report Whoops: Indiana’s anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ act opens the door for […]

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Sickle Cell Patients Excited As Medical Marijuana Bill Is About To Become Law In Georgia

Maria Boynton Participants in the 2015 Sickle Cell Foundation Race and Walk in East Point, Ga (Photo courtesy of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia)   Patients with Sickle Cell Disease will be among those covered when Georgia’s medical marijuana bill becomes law. Governor Nathan Deal’s office says that he will sign the bill tomorrow. […]

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Hawaiʻi Ag lands Could Be Green Again with Industrial Hemp

By Denise Key GREEN FIELDS – Industrial hemp for feedstock could turn former ag lands into current and future ag lands. Click to enlarge. (Photo Courtesy   Kihei — On Wednesday the final two committees of the Hawaii Senate approved a new agricultural bill that provides qualified farmers and ranches funds to offset the high cost […]

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Melissa Etheridge: Middle-aged women are winning pot revolution

By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff   Melissa Etheridge is equal parts musician and activist, and in recent years the singer-songwriter’s activism has expanded to include marijuana legalization. In June 2014, Etheridge spoke out to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with an impassioned speech: “As a cancer survivor, I know the ravages of a serious […]

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Pfizer, Eli Lilly Were The Original Medical Marijuana Sellers

Debra Borchardt Contributor   Today’s major pharmaceutical companies were the original medical marijuana sellers. Eli Lilly, Parke-Davis (now owned by Pfizer) and Squibb of Bristol-Myers Squibb all sold medical marijuana at the turn of the century. In a 1919 medical catalog, these companies listed several cannabis products. Back then, most medicines were the same – the […]

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Arizona Supreme Court OKs Pot for Patients on Probation, Says No Federal Conflict

By Ray Stern Andrew Pielage   The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in two cases today that prosecutors can’t ban people on parole or probation from using medical marijuana. Because medical marijuana is a medicine when used under the state’s voter-authorized program, the court stated in its opinions, patients should be allowed to use it — […]

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First Church of Cannabis Approved in Indiana

By Oretha Winston   Indiana will soon be home to The First Church of Cannabis, as the marijuana-inspired church has been approved by the state.  The Washington Post reports that church founder Bill Levin proposed the church in response to Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law, which critics say discriminate against homosexuals. Secretary of State Connie […]

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