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‘420 Games’ Set Out to Prove Stoners Can Play Sports Too

DANIEL NUSSBAUM California marijuana enthusiasts will have the chance this month to break some long-held stereotypes and prove they can play sports too, when the “420 Games,” a kind of “stoner Olympics,” debuts in San Jose. The 420 Games, beginning May 17 at San Jose’s Hellyer Park, will feature a 5K run, half marathons, triathlons, […]

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Kentucky’s 2015 Hemp Crop to Exceed 1,700 Acres; Up from 33 Acres in 2014

By Thomas H. Clarke |  The Daily Chronic   Kentucky’s hemp crop is expected to exceed 1,700 acres in 2015, up from just a 33 acres last year, state agriculture officials said this week. At a news conference Tuesday, state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer announced that 121 participants have been selected to grow hemp in Kentucky […]

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Marijuana Legalization Bill Advances in Texas

Jacob Sullum Office of David Simpson   Remember David Simpson, the self-described constitutional conservative who opposes marijuana prohibition on Christian grounds and wants to legalize the plant in Texas? Yesterday his legalization bill, which eliminates marijuana offenses (except for sales to minors) from the Texas criminal code, cleared the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, making it […]

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3,200 protesters storm courthouse for marijuana reform in Fort Worth

Over 3,200 people from across Texas marched through downtown Fort Worth for the Global Marijuana March on Saturday, May 2. Over 3,200 protesters marched on the courthouse in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday, took it over, and staged a massive protest which included openly smoking large amounts of marijuana as dozens of officers stood and […]

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Gov. Mary Fallin signs bill authorizing medical trials of cannabis oil for childhood illnesses

OKLAHOMA CITY — Legislation authorizing medical trials for children with severe forms of epilepsy by using an oil derived from the marijuana plant has been signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin.   Full Article: http://www.tribtown.com/view/story/d83dd5f7316a4f0e93d77b8db8c7e5d2/OK–Cannabis-Oil-Oklahoma

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Italy: Army unveils ‘cut-price cannabis’ farm

  The Italian army has unveiled its first cannabis farm, set up to try to lower the cost of medical marijuana in the country. The army’s foray into cannabis production was first announced by the government in September, and its first crop is coming along nicely, the Corriere della Sera website reports. The plants are […]

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Alabama is one step closer to approving medical marijuana

By Rudy Harper, FOX10 News Reporter By Photojournalist: Ronald Gaines By Cassandra McAboy, FOX10 Digital Reporter Alabama lawmakers are considering legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. On Wednesday, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee passed Sen. Bobby Singleton’s (D-Greensboro) bill, Senate Bill 326, by a vote of 4-3 which would allow certain patients to be prescribed medical […]

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DEA Chief Leonhart’s Replacement Will Be Open To Weed Reform

Author James King   Whoever replaces DEA chief Michele Leonhart will bring a more progressive approach to drug-policy reform—one more in line with the Obama Administration’s evolving views — according to several experts  with whom we spoke. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Leonhart’s retirement on Tuesday after 22 congressmen signed a bipartisan no-confidence statement citing allegations that […]

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Cannabis Edibles for Pets

  AMARILLO, TEXAS – With just a click, dog and cat owners can now purchase capsules, biscuits, and other cannabis edibles as natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory supplements. The purchase and use of the products is legal in the U.S. because they contain such a low percentage of THC and are not intended for human […]

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