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Family says medical marijuana is helping their 9-month-old

By Rich Newberg   The family says the results have been significant. Joe said, “This is the fourth day. Normally he probably would have had, at the worst case, he probably would have had 400 seizures, and he’s had five. We’ve never really had a true reduction in seizures. And so this is something, this […]

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How Cannabis Can Save Cancer-Stricken Kids: An Introduction to ‘Weed the People,’ by Ricki Lake

By Ricki Lake   When I was a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” in 2011, an adorable 6-year-old fan reached out to me on social media. She was undergoing chemotherapy and found a comforting escape through watching the show and rooting for me, a total underdog like her.   Full Article: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/how-cannabis-can-save-cancer-striken-kids–an-intro-to–weed-the-people—by-ricki-lake-165741433.html

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We Shouldn’t Arrest One More Person for Having Marijuana

By Dice Raw   As a five-time Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter, I live, breath and salute an art form born of the streets and connected to the very people affected by biased drug laws across our country​. I had a homie who was arrested for having an ounce of weed that was just for his personal use. He […]

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Friedman says Dems thawing toward Kinky candidacy

by MARK WIGGINS / KVUE News and photojournalist DENNIS THOMAS   Full Article: http://www.kvue.com/news/Kinky-Friedman-Agriculture-Commissioner-Runoff-250391281.html

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Hemp project in Louisville would look at cleaning brownfields

Written by Gregory A. Hall The Courier-Journal A truck drives past bales of dried hemp on the premises of company Hanffaser Uckermark eG in Prenzlau, eastern Germany on July 27, 2013. (BERND SETTNIK/AFP/Getty Images) / AFP/Getty Images   Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, said hemp can help pull many contaminants out of the […]

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Petition to lessen punishment for marijuana in Oklahoma City gains momentum

By Erielle Reshef OKLAHOMA CITY —A local group said Saturday that a petition to change the penalty for possession of marijuana in Oklahoma City is gaining traction quickly. “The purpose of the petition in Oklahoma City is to take away jail time for the simple possession of marijuana,” said petition proponent Mark Faulk. If passed, the […]

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Vet fighting to provide medical pot for others with PTSD

CBC News Henry is one of eight applicants from New Brunswick — and 450 across the country — seeking marijuana production licences from Health Canada. (Micah Walter/Reuters)   “Understanding that you have to process your trauma. Marijuana’s just a tool. All the opiates and all the alcohol and all the prescription medications don’t allow you […]

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House made of hemp

SUSAN STRONGMAN SUSAN STRONGMAN Hemp Technologies co-founder Greg Flavall holds a bag of hemp at NZ’s first hemp house which is being built in Brixton. On a four hectare lifestyle block a few minutes north of New Plymouth, New Zealand’s first hemp house is being built. Amongst wandering sheep, chooks and bee hives, the house […]

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Stephen Colbert Endorses Marijuana: ‘The Market is Toking’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert is nothing if not a principled capitalist, and he proved so on Thursday night as he gave the thumbs up to the legal-and-lucrative ganja.   Video: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/stephen-colbert-endorses-marijuana-market-toking-video-135600708.html

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Eddy Lepp: I Am Serving a 10-Year Mandatory Minimum for Marijuana in Colorado

Photo of The Federal Correctional Institution in Florence, Colorado (FCI Florence)   Oh, the joy and heartbreak of being here in Colorado. It is somewhat ironic that the Feds would send me here, to the only state that has made sales of marijuana completely legal, not only for its own citizens but also those just passing through. […]

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