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Eddy Lepp free after long prison term

By LISA M. KRIEGER   Free after eight years of federal imprisonment, one of the nation’s most celebrated cannabis convicts is coming home to California on Wednesday afternoon, released from a Colorado prison into a profoundly changed world. Charles “Eddy” Lepp, a frail but outspoken 64-year-old Vietnam vet and ordained “Rastafarian” minister, was convicted in 2007 […]

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Ottawa takes steps to deregulate hemp farming

by Robert Arnason Canadian hemp growers and hemp seed processors have asked the federal government for years to simplify and remove regulations for hemp production. | File photo   The federal government is easing regulations for testing and cultivation of industrial hemp. Health Canada, in a Notice to Industry document, said it was eliminating testing […]

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Irish Government passes medicinal cannabis bill without vote

  The Dáil (Irish Government) has passed a bill to make cannabis available in Ireland for medicinal use. The Irish Government had said it would not oppose the legislation. It aims to legalise and regulate cannabis products used for medical purposes. People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, who put the bill forward, told RTÉ’s Morning […]

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Cambodia – Prospect for a budding industry

Kali Kotoski and Cheng Sokhorng Cannabis plants grow in the ‘vegetation room’ at a Johnstown’s medical marijuana cultivation facility this year in New York. Drew Angerer/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/Afp With Cambodia’s traditional cash crops struggling to compete in global supply chains, the Kingdom could carve out a lucrative niche in commercial cannabis harvesting and exports […]

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South Africa on track to Legalize Medical Cannabis

by James Bunn South Africa on track to legalize medical cannabis (Source: Pixabay/Wikimedia)   South Africa may legally regulate medical cannabis as soon as April 2017. The South African Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health has said that the government will amend the Medicines and Related Substances Act 1965 (MRS Act). Under the reformed legislation, cannabis – […]

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Puerto Rico Ends Cannabis Drug Testing in Public Sector

BY JON HILTZ   America has seen more cannabis reform in the last few weeks than in its entire history. As November 8th approached, all eyes were on the states looking to legalize recreational or medicinal pot, and most of them did not disappoint. But the end of prohibition is not just being enjoyed on […]

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Hempcrete founders look to go global with tiny house design

MERIBETH DEEN / Bowen Island Undercurrent   A rendering of the vision for the house upon completion.    Sixteen years after delving into the world of natural building, Jayeson Hendryson and Kim Brooks say they are in full-on research and development road, and preparing to take their business to a whole new level. This past […]

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Hemp Mascara!!!

BY DEVON ABELMAN   Read all about it: http://www.allure.com/story/ardency-inn-mascara

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Marijuana’s High-Tech Sister Strain Can’t Get You High, But Is Still Pretty Extraordinary

By Ghuncha Shaheed   Hemp can be used to form bacteria-fighting fabrics. It has been known to resist staph to prevent lethal infections in hospitals. So there’s a major win for medicinal innovations.   Full Article:  http://wccftech.com/marijuanas-high-tech-sister-drug-cant-get-you-high/  

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McLean Hospital Medical Marijuana Study: 42 percent reduction in opioid use

Christopher Peterson   “We saw a 42 percent reduction in opioid use,” reported Gruber. “This is significant, particularly for those of us in Massachusetts and other areas of the country where the opioid epidemic is ravaging so many. This preliminary finding certainly warrants deeper and broader investigation.”   Full Article:  http://www.mcleanhospital.org/news/2016/10/18/mclean-hospital-study-finds-medical-marijuana-use-may-improve-cognitive-performance

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