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Former union boss Helen Kelly seeks medicinal cannabis: ‘I’m dying, basically’

NZ Herald   Former union boss Helen Kelly has written to Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne to seek permission to use medicinal cannabis. Ms Kelly, who has lung cancer, said she hoped her application would be granted as soon as possible. “[Dunne] said it took him an hour once he got the last application, so […]

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Lawmakers press VA to allow medical marijuana for veterans

By Tim Devaney   A bipartisan group of lawmakers is pressing the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow veterans to use medical marijuana. Currently, VA doctors are prohibited from recommending medical marijuana to their patients, even in states that have legalized pot. These veterans must go to nonmilitary doctors outside their healthcare plan to obtain […]

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Biomaterials for better building

by KORKY KOROLUK   “Nanotechnology can best be described as the science of the extremely small. Scientists have discovered that engineering materials at the atomic or molecular scale can result in surprising — and very useful — results. So when we’re talking about nanometres, we’re talking a billionth of a metre. An average human hair, […]

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Cannabis church leader uses marijuana extract at state capitol

BY FORREST YINGLING   The leader of a Rhode Island “cannabis church” says she has permission to use marijuana extract during a prayer and healing ceremony outside the capitol building in Harrisburg. Anne Armstrong says the oil is a sacrament for religious anointing purposes and is protected by religious freedom. She showed a copy of […]

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Senator said no reason to wait for either marijuana’s federal reclassification or a “full vetting” by the state

Matt Stroud ReporterPittsburgh Business Times Democratic Pa. Senator Wayne D. Fontana, who’s based in Brookline and who represents the state’s 42nd Senatorial District, said there’s no reason to wait for either marijuana’s federal reclassification or a “full vetting” by the state. “If I had a child who suffered from epilepsy — who couldn’t grow physically or […]

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Kevin Smith Rolls Out ‘Hollyweed’ Pot Comedy Project

Laura Prudom News Editor @lauinla   Kevin Smith has wrapped production on “Hollyweed,” a half-hour comedy produced by FremantleMedia North America and StarStream Media, Variety has learned. The project, written, directed by and starring Smith, is set in a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. It follows two potheads, played by Smith and Donnell Rawlings (“Chappelle’s Show”), who battle […]

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Arizona – State Representative Jay Lawrence Withdraws Bill That Could Have Ended Medical Marijuana Program

BY RAY STERN   State Representative Jay Lawrence (R-Fountain Hills) has withdrawn his bill that could have destroyed Arizona’s medical-marijuana program. Lawrence’s bill, HCR 2019, would have stripped naturopaths and homeopaths of the right to recommend medical marijuana, even though those doctors write nearly 90 percent of the recommendations. His plan also called for patients […]

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These Hemp Milk Benefits For Skin Will Make It Your New Favorite Natural Beauty Product

KRISTIN COLLINS JACKSON   I’ve been a fan of hemp since my Sublime-is-the-only-band-that-matters phase in 1997. While I may not be making hemp necklaces for everyone I know anymore, I’m definitely embracing the skin benefits of hemp milk like it’s the late ’90s and it may go out of style. I’m all about milk alternatives […]

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University of Hawai‘i study suggests industrial hemp could be grown in State

Alden Alayvilla, Web Editor   A report by University of Hawai‘i College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources suggests that the State could yield over 70 tons of industrial hemp a year. Harry Ako, principal investigator of the study, “discovered that three crops a year could be grown in [the] State. … In the current 2015 trials, […]

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Latin America’s biggest medical cannabis farm sprouts in Chile

BY GRAM SLATTERY   Latin America’s largest medicinal marijuana farm was formally inaugurated on Tuesday, marking another step in the region’s growing acceptance of therapeutic uses for the formerly illegal plant. The 6,900-stalk plantation, located in the small town of Colbun, some 275 kilometers (170 miles) south of Santiago, will help treat some 4,000 patients […]

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