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Alabama Senator says industrial hemp would open new markets for farmers

David Palmer   Companion bills in the Alabama Senate and House of Representatives is aimed at opening a new market by allowing farmers to grow industrial hemp. Sen. Paul Bussman, R-Cullman, and Rep. Ken Johnson, R-Moulton, are sponsoring the bills. The legislation would authorize the state Department of Agriculture and Industries, pr institutions of higher […]

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4/2 Smoke-Out Protest in Front of White House Scheduled by Cannabis Activists

Anthony Johnson Inspired by Bill Maher lighting up a joint during his Real Time and calling for the national legalization of marijuana, Washington, D.C., cannabis law reform activists have called for a cannabis smoke-out protest in front of the White House on April 2nd. Why 4/2 instead of 4/20 (as originally called for), you may […]

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Hemp shielding Ellora caves from decay for 1,500 years: Study

  Summary: “Cannabis sativa, popularly known as ganja or bhang, was found mixed in the clay and lime plaster at Ellora. “Studies conducted in Europe suggested that buildings constructed with the use of cannabis sativa could last for 600 to 800 years. In the sample collected from the Ellora cave, we found 10% share of […]

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First pot dispensary on the Strip opens in Las Vegas

Jay Jones Amid the casinos and the shows, the bars and the pools, Las Vegas now welcomes to the Strip a medical marijuana dispensary. Sandwiched between the SLS Las Vegas and Stratosphere hotel-casino resorts, the Essence Cannabis Dispensary, which opens Wednesday, is the first such facility on Las Vegas Boulevard. Medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada […]

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State-licensed medical marijuana dispensary offers help for man with brain injury

  Emerald Palace is a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Gilbert, providing patients with medical marijuana since August 2013. In the segment, former anti-drug crusader and US Attorney, Mel McDonald, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, talks about his professional background and his experience as it relates to Arizona’s medical marijuana program.  As he […]

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These famous athletes are advocating for marijuana as a workout tool

By Des Bieler   The District recently marked the first anniversary of its legalization of recreational marijuana. And as the city is home to so many fitness-minded people, it’s likely that at least a few of them are wondering whether it makes sense, or whether it’s even safe, to incorporate pot into their exercise regimens. […]

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Oregon Removes Residency Obstacles for Participation in Legal Cannabis

BY ALLIE BECKETT   Oregon has officially eased the barriers for entry for businesses looking to get involved in the world of legal weed. Prior to yesterday, Oregon required all applicant-holders to have lived in the state of Oregon for at least two years. After a long journey, Gov. Kate Brown signed to officially remove the two-year […]

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Old Colorado Bureau of Investigation Office Becoming Dispensary

BY MICHAEL ROBERTS   The front door of what will become a hemp and CBD dispensary. It’s a change that neatly symbolizes how times have changed in Colorado. Two Pueblo companies are in the process of opening what’s described as the “first hemp/CBD dispensary” in the community. And the site’s operation was once home to […]

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Something is happening in the hemp space… something big

Chris Parry, Stockhouse.com   And I think I know who’s going to benefit. For years, those in the hemp world have been saying ‘any day now’ and pointing to big stockpiles of industrial hemp that they swore was going to be plastics, paper, clothing, homes, bridges, space shuttles… Of course, that promise has, to this […]

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3Dom Releases Entwined: Hemp Filament!

by Michael A. Parker   It seems like every day a presidential candidate is declaring that they will make America great again. But what does that really mean? What really made America great? Well, one of the things that made America great was hemp. That’s right, hemp, the much maligned cousin of marijuana. According to […]

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