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Board game introduces pathways to a competitive bioeconomy using hemp & bamboo

Derek Markham (@derekmarkham)   “In order to transition our economy from one based on nonrenewable and energy intensive resources, we’ll need to make a shift to other, more eco-friendly, materials which can be grown sustainably and sourced locally. In short, we need to establish and grow a ‘bioeconomy’ that is both regenerative and economically viable. […]

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Is Smoking Weed the Secret to a Successful Relationship?

by Abbie Stutzer   Next time you want to feel close to someone, make sure you have a joint handy, because smoking weed may actually be the secret to a healthy relationship. Some interesting research has come out of the University of California that reveals there’s a link between oxytocin, the chemical produced in the […]

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Why Legalization Could Save the Earth

By James McClure   The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris is currently underway, bringing world leaders together to discuss ways to preserve the environment. Marijuana isn’t on the agenda this year, but as Canadamoves toward becoming the first G7 country to legalize and regulate cannabis, and more states consider legalization, future conferences will need […]

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The Rise of the Stoner Bride

SOPHIE SAINT THOMAS   “I never wanted to be drunk on my wedding day.” Jerilyn is a medical marijuana dispensary manager and writer living in Detroit, dreaming of her wedding to her musician true love.”It’s a day I want to remember and feel completely connected to. Marijuana has always been a tool of mine to […]

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Students learn ‘green’ skills – Hempcrete!

By Liz Wylie SUSTAINABLE: Duncan Sinclair of Black Pine Architects demonstrates the making of environmentally-friendly insulation to students at St Johns Hill School. PHOTO/SUPPLIED   As part of their study on energy efficient buildings, children at St Johns Hill School recently got to experiment with Duncan Sinclair of Black Pine Architects who visited the school […]

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Layer uses large hemp tiles to create Scale partition system

  Benjamin Hubert‘s London studio Layer has designed a modular screen system made up of triangular hemp tiles for Australian textile company Woven Image (+ slideshow).   Full Article: http://www.dezeen.com/2015/12/04/layer-benjamin-hubert-large-hemp-tiles-hexagonal-scale-partition-system-woven-image/

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Bio-aggregates sow the seeds for a revolution in building materials

  The new materials not only improve upon the performance of conventional materials, they also offer new features. Hemp shiv, which is the core of the hemp stalk, for example, has a porous structure that provides moisture buffering to maintain humidity at a more constant level.   Full Article: http://cordis.europa.eu/news/rcn/124438_en.html

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Cannabis Makes Recovery for Opioid Addiction Easier

By Cannabis Now   A new study suggests that people recovering from an addiction to painkillers may experience better results through the use of cannabis. Earlier this year, researchers at Columbia University discovered that the effects of opioid withdrawal seemed to be significantly diminished for those patients who were able to consume marijuana during a […]

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Canadian judge Pierre Chevalier calls marijuana laws ‘obsolete and ridiculous’ as he awards a symbolic $1.30 fine

Caroline Mortimer @cjmortimer   A judge in the Canadian province of Quebec has called laws governing cannabis “obsolete and ridiculous” as he handed a $1.30 penalty to a man sentenced for possession. Judge Pierre Chevalier issue the symbolic fine to 46-year-old Mario Larouche, who had been found with 30 marijuana plants. Larouche said he was in pain after a road accident […]

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Dr. Sue Sisley: Cannabis Medical Research is Being Kept in the Dark as Thousands Die Each Year

Henry Truc   For many decades, one of the strongest arguments for the legalization of cannabis has been the potential medicinal benefits derived from the plant. What we do know is that within the human body exists the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a group of receptors throughout the brain and central nervous system that respond to […]

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