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U.S. firm buys Manitoba hemp company for $133M

CBC News   A Manitoba company that specializes in hemp products has been bought by a U.S. firm for $132.5 million. On Monday, Compass Diversified Holdings announced its plan to buy Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd., otherwise known as “Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods.”   Full Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/u-s-firm-buys-manitoba-hemp-company-for-133m-1.3104694

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McConnell hemp amendment approved by Senate committee

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Ensures industrial hemp pilot programs can continue without federal disruption WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 11, 2015) — U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced today that an amendment he introduced with Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oreg.) and Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) regarding legal industrial hemp cultivation pilot projects was approved by the […]

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Senate Panel Votes to Protect State Medical Marijuana Laws

BY TOM ANGELL   In a strong bipartisan vote on Thursday, a key U.S. Senate panel acted to protect state medical marijuana laws from federal interference. The Senate Appropriations Committee approved an amendment that would bar the Department of Justice from spending any money to prevent states from implementing their own medical cannabis policies. The vote […]

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Santa Ana Cops Caught On Camera Eating Pot Candy, Joking About Kicking Amputee Patient In Her ‘Nub’?

By Nick Schou   The Weekly has received footage from a recent marijuana dispensary raid that appears to show Santa Ana police officers eating pot candy and throwing darts after destroying–or so they thought–all the surveillance cameras inside the cannabis shop. The video footage shows an officer stuffing something into his mouth and handing something […]

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Canada Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms

By Thomas H. Clarke |  The Daily Chronic         Medical marijuana patients in Canada will now be able to lawfully consume cannabis in all forms, instead of just being allowed to smoke it, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Thursday in a unanimous ruling. Thursday’s ruling against the Canadian government expands the […]

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Cannabis shown to prolong the lives of those with ALS

By Leslie Kahn Tom Cruise and some other guy Ice Bucket Challenge We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge craze of the summer of 2014, right? It all started with Pete Frates, a former baseball player who had been diagnosed with it a year before…except it really started before that…which doesn’t really matter…but it really […]

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Felony Charges Against Kansas Mom Who Used Cannabis Oil Enrages Advocates

By ANDY MARSO The debate over legalizing medical marijuana in Kansas has been galvanized by criminal charges filed against a Garden City mother. FILE PHOTO For years, Garden City, Kansas, resident Shona Banda has been self-medicating her Crohn’s disease with cannabis oil and making no secret of it, touting her homemade vaporizer on YouTube and […]

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Nevada Governor OKs Industrial Hemp Research As US Eases Cannabis Restrictions

By Kit O’Connell In this Oct. 5, 2013 photo, Colorado farmer Ryan Loflin harvests hemp on his farm in Springfield, Colo. (Photo: Solomon Banda)   Last week, Nevada became the latest state to pass a bill supporting the cultivation of industrial hemp, a valuable cash crop that became illegal thanks to the American war on […]

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Matterlab develops hemp and tagua-based FDM 3D printer filaments

  While there are a large number of FDM 3D printer filaments available on the current market, many of us choose to primarily rely on PLA filament for its biodegradable properties. While it also doesn’t suffer from the warping issues common in its main competitor ABS, the idea that all those failed prints don’t end […]

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