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Hemp: Long Demonized, Plant Poised for Comback

by Renee Lewis   Kentucky won a lawsuit on Friday against the federal government for the right to plant a shipment of hemp seeds that had been impounded. The case underscores what appears to be a comeback for the controversial plant that, despite having much lower THC levels than marijuana, has been classified by the Drug […]

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Worldwide Campaign: Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes is a Human Right

  An international consortium of medical cannabis organisations are demanding that humans, regardless of state or allegiance and without qualification, be able to use cannabis therapeutically.  In a joint declaration, the organisations from Europe and North America refer to Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948.  The […]

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Symphony hosts first cannabis concert

KUSA   The Colorado Symphony Orchestra’s hosted its first bring-your-own-cannabis fundraising concert Friday night. About 300 people attended the concert at the Space Gallery in the Art District on Santa Fe. Guests were allowed to smoke pot inside the venue, but the event was invitation only after the city objected to the public sale of […]

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Scholars Scramble for the Archives of Marijuana Legalization

By Terry Franklin   The Anti-Prohibition Movement, once a lonely struggle in the wilderness, the butt of jokes and the object of ridicule, is now attaining a new respectability. This surprising turnabout flows from its accelerating successes in recent years. Old records are suddenly in great demand. Full Article: http://www.thedailychronic.net/2014/32575/scholars-scramble-for-the-archives-of-marijuana-legalization/    

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When Cannabis Goes Corporate

By IAN AUSTEN  Marijuana plants grow under artificial sunlight in one of the many climate-controlled rooms at Tweed Marijuana in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Tweed is one of about 20 companies that are licensed to grow medical marijuana in Canada. CreditDave Chan for The New York Times The new owner of this factory, at 1 Hershey Drive, is Tweed […]

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Colorado attorney argues federal laws don’t apply to medical marijuana

By Laura Kriho Laura Kriho Kathleen Chippi and Andrew Reid Boulder attorney Andrew Reid of the law firm Springer & Steinberg, on behalf of Nederland area resident Kathleen Chippi and the Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project (PCRLP), has filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief to the Colorado Supreme Court containing arguments […]

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Jury Power Gets a Courtroom Nod in Possible Boost for Nullification

J.D. Tuccille   Earlier this month, the authority of the jury received a welcome nod from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. In a case in which the defendant confessed in the courtroom to all of the charges against him, the court ruled that a directed “guilty” verdict was out of line, since the jury […]

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Veteran’s death may propel Oklahoma to consider medical marijuana

By Russell Mills   The death of a Tulsa man who suffered from PTSD after returning from Afghanistan ironically occurred within hours of the beginning of a petition drive to get medical marijuana on the November ballot. Friends tell KRMG that Cody Young, 22, suffered flashbacks and depression, and told them the only relief he got was […]

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From Brain to Beauty- the Importance of Omega 3 – Eat hemp seeds!

By Naomi Mead nutrition therapist   Dietary fat is starting to get the attention it deserves…and this time, for positive reasons.  The old “eat fat, get fat” misconception is being quashed, as we gain a better understanding of the very important role that fat plays in our body.  The topic of saturated fat and the unintended but […]

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