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DEA Is Absolutely Losing the War on Marijuana Politics

Sam Tracy Become a fan Chairman of Students for Sensible Drug Policy     This past Saturday, the LA Times published a fantastic article, “DEA may be losing the war on marijuana politics,” outlining the federal agency’s downfall from undisputed moral high ground to the wrong side of history. It explains that members of Congress from both parties are […]

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Henderson, Nevada gets 28 medical pot applications

By ARNOLD M. KNIGHTLYLAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL   Henderson seems poised to cash in on the medical marijuana industry. The city received 28 applications for medical marijuana establishments by the end of the application period Thursday, nearly three times as many as the city’s low-end estimate going in.   Full Article: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/pot-news/henderson-gets-28-medical-pot-applications

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Demand For Legal Marijuana In California Could Top $2.1 Trillion

By Chris Roberts   It’s not just cops and weedheads who are eagerly watching Colorado’s experiment with marijuana legalization. Bankers and businesses also have a very literal stake in the legal cannabis game. What happens in Colorado is likely a bellwether for what will happen elsewhere in the country once marijuana is made legal.   Here’s […]

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There’s going to be a marijuana scavenger hunt in High Park

  Full Article: http://www.torontolife.com/informer/random-stuff-informer/2014/07/16/theres-going-marijuana-scavenger-hunt-high-park/

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Former nurse fights to decriminalise medical cannabis

By Karen Keast  Daniel Haslam Throughout her 20-plus year nursing career, Lucy Haslam was familiar with issues around pain management and cancer treatment. A community nurse, Lucy founded and ran her own home nursing service in Tamworth, New South Wales, often assisting palliative care patients. But it wasn’t until her son Daniel began battling bowel […]

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Sunglasses made from hemp and flax fibre composite

by sam whitten   sam whitten has designed and manufactured ‘hemp eyewear’, sunglasses made from a hemp fibre composite.    Full Article: http://www.designboom.com/design/hemp-eyewear-07-16-2014/

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Petition To Reinstate Marijuana Scientist Gets Thousands Of Signatures

The Huffington Post  | By Matt Ferner A petition demanding that the University of Arizona reinstate a research scientist fired after she won federal approval to study marijuana for military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder has received more than 27,000 signatures. Dr. Suzanne Sisley, a Department of Psychiatry faculty member and researcher at the school, was suddenly terminated last […]

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Thomas Jefferson’s Favorite Plant Is Back in American Soil

Doug Fine   After a 77-year break, hemp plants are growing in American soil again. Right now, in fact. If you hear farmers from South Carolina to Hawaii shouting “God bless America,” the reason isn’t because Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper (he did). Nor is it because the canvas that […]

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Slot route operator ‘blindsided’ by Gaming Control Board ruling

By HOWARD STUTZLAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL   The primary owner of a slot machine route operation, whose wife is an investor in a potential Clark County medical marijuana dispensary, said state gaming regulators “blindsided” him when they told owners of a Las Vegas restaurant — where he was set to manage five slot machines — to […]

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Olympic champion snowboarder Rebagliati builds marijuana business

By Emily Goddard   Canadian Olympic champion snowboarder Ross Rebagliati is building a firm to brand and licence the substance that briefly saw him lose his Nagano 1998 gold medal – marijuana. The former athlete, who after winning the giant slalom was disqualified as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was found in his system but later regained his […]

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