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Seattle City Attorney: Anyone Who’s Gotten A Ticket For Marijuana Should Fight It

By Mary Beth Quirk (sonyaseattle) After the Seattle Police Department announced at the end of July that a police officer had been reassigned and was under investigation for issuing 88% of the city’s marijuana citations, the city attorney is telling anyone who got a ticket to contest it. Even if residents cited for various marijuana violations — […]

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Willie Nelson to AARP – A toke a day keeps the doctor away

AARP The Magazine   “I’ll probably take a couple of hits before or after the show tonight. It relaxes me, and the medicinal form of pot can cure everything from stress to cancer. It’s a shame that it was thrown in with the other hard drugs. Now that the legalization has proven successful in Colorado […]

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Epileptic girl makes dramatic recovery, family pushes for pot oil research

By Susan McIver The two-year-old Summerland, B.C., girl whose family is feeding her illegal cannabis oil has had a dramatic improvement in her seizure disorder. Kyla Williams’ family says in the past five months the oil given to the girl has greatly reduced the hundreds of seizures she was suffering from daily. “We were astonished and […]

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Hemp is the new health superfood on the block

Ishi Khosla    The value of hemp seeds lies in their exceptionally high levels (30 per cent) quality of protein, second to soybean. Interestingly, unlike soybean, hemp seeds do not contain phytic acid (an anti-nutrient that prevents us from absorbing essential minerals like iron). The protein quality is high with all essential amino acids. Globulin […]

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Saint Louis Marijuana Billboard Posted

  By John Payne Thanks to a generous contribution from Ted McCluskey of Saint Louis BigBalls Kickball, motorists entering the Saint Louis area from the west are now greeted by a sign pointing out the waste of the 20,000 cannabis arrests in Missouri every year. The sign is located on I-64/U.S. 40 a half mile southeast […]

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NJWeedman’s Passing the Joint: New Jersey’s marijuana activist goes mainstream

By NJWeedman, For The Trentonian Head shot of Ed Forchion, aka NJWeedman    Over 1.7 million people have read my material on my website, NJweedman.com. But now I’m mainstream – a columnist for The Trentonian. I expect there to be some amount of consternation and criticism directed at me and the editors of The Trentonian […]

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Arkansas Readies Medical Marijuana Law for 2016

Ladybud Admin    While several states are gearing up for November with eyes on the legalization prize, Arkansas is getting ready to push forward with an initiative for the 2016 ballot. The group backing the initiative, called The 2016 Arkansas Compassionate Care Act, is touting this as one of the most liberal and comprehensive medical […]

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Cannabis reverses late-stage Alzheimer’s

by: Paul Fassa   Alzheimer’s disease has become the third-leading disease cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. Its rate has risen almost exponentially over the past few decades, and the numbers are expected to triple by 2050. [1]Meanwhile, Big Pharma is clueless, which is a blessing in disguise, as some more effective, less […]

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How To Make Cannabis Bacon

Posted by Johnny Green via 420 studios I’m not one of those people that really loves bacon… But I acknowledge the stoner love of this greasy food. Potheads love bacon and I’ve been seeing a lot of bacon related posts pop up on social media so I wanted to share this cannabis bacon recipe with you […]

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Why add hemp seed to your diet? Here are the benefits

Margaret Badore (@mbadore) Living / Green Food CC BY 3.0 Trish Cowper Hemp seed is similar to flaxseed, but because hemp cultivation has historically been prohibited in most of the United States, its health benefits are less commonly known here. But as industrial hemp is putting down new roots in U.S., it’s worth getting reacquainted with the nutritional benefits of this seed. […]

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