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Growing our way out of climate change by building with hemp and wood fibre

Mike Lawrence Houses made from hemp could mitigate climate change. Photograph: Roy Morsch/Corbis   How can buildings help with climate change? It’s all about renewables and “sequestered carbon”. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ 2010 report on Low Carbon Construction concluded that construction was responsible for around 300m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, which […]

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Cannabis dissolves cancerous tumor in young infant, deemed a ‘miracle baby’ by physician

by: Carolanne Wright   Instead of opting for chemotherapy and radiation in an attempt to shrink an inoperable brain tumor, the father of an eight-month-old baby pushed for alternative treatment with cannabis oil. The baby’s physician, Dr. William Courtney, was initially skeptical early in his career about cannabis as medicine but has since seen such […]

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Mexican state likely to change marijuana law

  A Mexican state could approve medicinal use of marijuana by the end of this year, paving the way for further steps toward legalising the drug, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said on Monday. Political pressure inside Mexico to liberalise its stance on marijuana has been rising since the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado […]

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Now that’s a pot pie! California entrepreneur creates cannabis-infused gourmet pizzas – saving stoners a late-night trip to the deli?

By ERIN CLEMENTS FOR MAILONLINE   Marijuana has been known to increase one’s appetite for pizza – and now the two have been rolled into one. Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas is selling cannabis-laced frozen pizzas in medical marijuana dispensaries around Los Angeles. Each six-inch pie contains 250 mg of ethanol-extracted THC concentrate and costs $10. […]

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It Looks Like Pot Will Soon Be Legal in the Nation’s Capital, Maybe in Oregon Too (Alaska Is Iffier)

Jacob Sullum Office of Andy Harris   Seven weeks before Election Day, a new Marist poll finds that 65 percent of voters in Washington, D.C., favor Initiative 71, which would make it legal for adults 21 or older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants at home. The […]

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Medical Marijuana leads to fewer overdoses | The Johns Hopkins Newsletter

By SUNNY CAI   While binging on Twinkies, picking up daddies at the playground and drinking up all your money may not constitute constructive life decisions, Tove Lo might be on to something in her 2014 single “Stay High,” in which she documents her experiences of, well, getting high. Although remaining under the influence of […]

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Italian army to grow medical marijuana

  Rome – The Italian army is aiming high with its latest weapon on the medical front: marijuana. The ministers of defence and health signed a deal on Thursday for a joint project to produce cannabis derivative drugs for pain relief.   Full Article: http://www.news24.com/World/News/Italian-army-to-grow-medical-marijuana-20140918

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Why You Will Soon Be Building Your Home With Hempcrete

by Mark Hay Building with Hempcrete. Photo by Steven Craven   As state after state slowly moves towards marijuana legalization, it seems like everyone is trying to cash in on the pot-farming boom. But legalization opens the door to a world of innovation and entrepreneurship that’s a lot wider than new, inventive ways to get […]

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Medical Marijuana Grower To Showcase ‘Wicked Wicking System’ For Growing Plants, Produce Amid California Drought

  MARIN COUNTY (CBS SF) — A medical marijuana entrepreneur is promoting his method of developing thriving cannabis gardens amid California’s drought as a way to radically cut water waste. In a press release cited by East Bay Express, George Bianchini says his ‘ultra water-conserving garden’ uses a wicking method that dates back to the […]

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Henderson, Nevada medical pot dispensary fights site denial

By ARNOLD M. KNIGHTLY LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL   A medical marijuana dispensary applicant in Henderson will have to seek relief from the City Council to open in its chosen location in what is one of the first-known zoning appeals in the new industry. The Planning Commission on Thursday unanimously affirmed the denial of site suitability for […]

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