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Bar Owner Tells Pot Smokers to Light Up

Getty Images   Thanks to a successful ballot initiative last month, Washington state residents can legally smoke marijuana in the privacy of their living rooms as of Thursday. When that gets old, bar owner Frank Schnarr suggests, area stoners have another option: grab a booth at Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia and toke […]

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Hundreds of pot smokers light up Washington in fanfare midnight countdown as state legalizes marijuana

By ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER and MARIO LEDWITH   With not an arresting officer in sight crowds of smiling people lit joints under Seattle’s Space Needle on early Thursday morning celebrating marijuana now legal under Washington state law. Hundreds gathered at Seattle Center for a New Year’s Eve-style countdown to 12am, when the legalization measure passed by voters last […]

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What Legal Weed in Washington Means to Portlanders

By ANDREA DAMEWOOD   Not to be outdone by the hilarious Seattle Police Department’s guide to getting high now that weed is legal up there, the Portland Police Bureau issued its own (less hilarious) FAQ this afternoon. The long and short of it: Marijuana is still illegal here. Cops don’t care (that) much about less than an ounce of weed. Don’t […]

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Former Microsoft manager wants to create high-end marijuana business now that the drug is set to become legal in Washington state

BY BRADEN GOYETTE KIRO - Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft exec, shares plans to build a pot business.    Marijuana is set to become legal in Washington state on Thursday, and a former Microsoft manager wants to capitalize on it by opening up a chain of stores that offer the drug in a classy setting. Jamen Shively, […]

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Building Tractor Parts From Flax & Hemp

Written by Kelvin Heppner   Within a few years, farmers could be operating tractors partially made from the crops they are grow. The Composites Innovation Centre in Winnipeg is working with Buhler Industries – the manufacturer of Versatile tractors – to research the use of flax and hemp fibres in tractor hoods, shields and cabs. […]

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AZ judge upholds medical marijuana law

Posted by Phil Benson PHOENIX (CBS5) – A judge has ruled that Arizona’s medical marijuana law is constitutional and that federal drug laws don’t stand in the way of public officials implementing the state law. Judge Michael Gordon of Maricopa County Superior Court said Arizona is among an “ever-growing minority of states” legalizing use of marijuana for […]

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Harborside Quashes Eviction Attempt from Landlord

David Downs   According to a release from Harborside Health Center this morning, the biggest pot club on the planet got a judge to quash its potential eviction by landlord Anna Chretien. “The federal campaign to close Harborside Health Center and other state legal medical cannabis dispensaries was dealt a significant setback in Alameda County Superior Court […]

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Arizona’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

  TUSCON, AZ — Over two years after Arizona voters authorized the use of medical marijuana, the first dispensary in the Grand Canyon State has finally opened in Tuscon. Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies opened this weekend to pre-register patients and caregivers, and will begin dispensing medical cannabis  on December 11. The road to opening the first […]

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Cannabis For Infant’s Brain Tumor, Doctor Calls Child “A Miracle Baby”

Medical marijuana is gaining acceptance, but could it even help kids? Dr. William Courtney has seen it happen, and on Friday, told HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski about it. Saying he was “quite a skeptic 5 or 6 years ago”, Dr. Courtney continued that “my youngest patient is 8 months old, and had a very […]

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Château Hemp?

Dana Nigro At Château Maris, Robert Eden decided to build the new winery out of lightweight hemp brick.   When he started planning a new winery for Château Maris in southern France’s Languedoc region, Robert Eden looked at natural options such as stone, rammed earth and even straw. What he ended up choosing was something […]

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