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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs bill permitting marijuana research

Posted by Jennifer Jones – email   Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that would allow public colleges and universities to conduct medical marijuana research. Brewer’s action Tuesday comes roughly a year after she signed a bill banning medical marijuana on higher education campuses. Critics say last year’s law was too strict. The new law would […]

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Former Flyer Riley Cote hosting Hemp Heals Music Festival

Matt Mullin, Sports Editor     This September, Riley Cote and Live Nation will host the second annual Hemp Heals Music Festival at Festival Pier. This year’s lineup includes Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Budz, and Zion I. I wasn’t sure what to make of this at first, because judging by the name, not to mention the acts […]

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Re-Potted: Cities Can Now Ban Pot Clubs, But Dispensaries May Still Benefit

By Chris Roberts   A major roadblock in the way of medical cannabis reform in California was removed Monday when the California Supreme Court issued a long-awaited ruling, which says that cities can ban pot clubs. For now. At least 200 places across the state, including San Mateo County and the East Bay’s tonier cities, have […]

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Bladder Cancer Risk Lower in Pot Smokers

Stephan Cho   SAN DIEGO—For the first time, a study has found that cannabis use may be associated with a decreased risk of bladder cancer, researchers reported at the American Urological Association 2013 annual meeting. In a study of nearly 82,000 men, bladder cancer developed in 279 over an 11-year period. Subjects who smoked marijuana, but not […]

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‘The Drug Lawyer': Tulsa attorney puts his opposition to marijuana laws into practice

By DAVID HARPER World Staff Writer   Tulsa attorney Sabah Khalaf advertises his opposition to marijuana laws on a brightly colored van that is decorated with pot leaves. The yellow 1975 Volkswagen van, which has been parked in downtown Tulsa parking lots in recent weeks, acts as a rolling invitation for those accused of marijuana […]

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Have You Ever Eaten An Organic Hemp Seed Burger?

Posted by Johnny Green   We all know that hemp is a very versatile plant. It can be turned into bio-fuel, it can be made into fiber for clothing, it can be turned into paper, etc. But one thing that I think a lot of people don’t know enough about is the tasty things you can […]

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History in the Making? Dozens of States Move to Reform Pot Laws

Drug War Chronicle / By Phillip Smith Photo Credit: SHUTTERSTOCK.COM   In the wake of the marijuana legalization victories in Colorado and Washington last November, and buoyed by a series of national public opinion polls showing support for pot legalization going over the tipping point, marijuana reform legislation is being introduced at state houses across the land at […]

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Maastricht to get less strict on cannabis sales to foreigners?

  Foreign visitors to the Dutch town of Maastricht may find it easier to get their hands on cannabis, a week after a court ruled a ban on selling it to foreigners was, itself, illegal. Maastricht Mayor Otto Hoes had tried to close the Easy Going coffee shop after it sold marijuana to non-Dutch citizens. Hoes’ spokesman […]

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Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl Thanks Medical Marijuana For Cancer’s Remission

Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl/YouTube   Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced something fantastic today on YouTube: his cancer is in remission. In the two-minute vid, an optimistic Rosendahl thanks his support group, “incredible” doctor and of course, medical marijuana. “Medical marijuana has saved my life,” says Rosendahl, a known proponent for the healing powers of prescribed […]

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Medical marijuana in Illinois will be ‘wildly different’

BY CATHERINE BRZYCKI David Downs, Marijuana Policy Project, Washington D.C. Medicinal marijuana will come in many forms, like single drop tinctures (shown), topical creams, edibles and plant form.   The proposed Illinois medical marijuana program is not what you think it is. Lawmakers, policy experts, patients and advocates joined together to create legislation, although restrictive, that […]

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