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Ralph Nader: Legalize Hemp — It’s Long Overdue

A bipartisan legislative movement toward legalizing the growing of industrial hemp is finally on the rise. Last week, the Vermont General Assembly voted to lift a state statute that banned the growing of industrial hemp. While this, if enacted, would allow Vermont farmers to grow hemp under state law, it is still illegal under federal […]

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Tell The Mayor Of Meridian, Idaho To Stop The Lies About Cannabis

by Johnny Green   Moms for Marijuana’s main focus is to bring education and awareness and to create honest discussion in our communities about the cannabis plant. In doing so, we are fighting decades of lies, fear and propaganda, propagated by our government and big industries that don’t care about anything other than their huge profits. […]

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Is Marijuana Booming Among Boomers?

By Robyn Griggs Lawrence,Next Avenue Contributor Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock   Like many of her peers, Zoe Helene, 48, smoked marijuana in her early 20s but gave it up as her career in the digital world took off in the 1990s. Today the multidisciplinary artist and environmental activist lives in Amherst, Mass., and is building a global network […]

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You voted, they listened – hemp now official party policy

Scott Sawyer Klara Marosszeky with farmers Connie and Lonnie Minos who have been growing the industrial hemp crop at Ashford.   ESTABLISHING a commercial hemp industry on the Sunshine Coast has been made an official policy of the Australian Independents Party after surprisingly strong support for the idea from the community. But party officials say […]

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‘Pot’ Boone

by MAGGIE HARBOUR & MICHAEL GLYNN, NATIONAL ENQUIRER   PAT BOONE is more than in a metal mood – he‘s gone to pot! The squeaky-clean ’50s crooner is singing the praises of marijuana, saying it’s helped his 36-year-old grandson cope with a debilitating injury. While strongly opposed to “getting high,” the 78-year-old conservative Christian is […]

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Patients And Doctors Go On Hunger Strike In Israel Over New Medical Marijuana Restrictions

by Johnny Green   The Israel Government has recently introduced new regulations on the medical marijuana program in the country, including limitations on what patients and conditions qualify for treatment. Now, doctors and patients are protesting the new restrictions. One of their methods; a hunger strike outside the home of Health Minister Yael German. The new list of […]

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Anonymous Team Vendetta Takes Down Site of Hypocritical Anti-Weed Lawmaker

By Steve Elliott Assemblyman Steve Katz voted against safe access for medical marijuana patients, but doesn’t mind burning a joint in his car [Courier Post Online]   Members of the hacktivist collective temporarily took down Katz’s site, katz4ny.com, on Wednesday morning. The site was still down as of 1:42 p.m. Pacific. Katz was hit with a pot […]

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D.A.R.E. is No Longer Anti-Marijuana, But Can This Save the Unpopular Program?

Sam Brounstein DARE is No Longer Anti Marijuana But Can This Save the Unpopular Program   The Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or as it is more commonly known, D.A.R.E., is dropping marijuana from its curriculum. The international, federally funded program has been teaching the dangers of cannabis, among other things, to children ages 10 to […]

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Americas Coalition Puts Marijuana Legalization Up for Discussion

By RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD   MEXICO CITY — A comprehensive report on drug policy in the Americas released Friday by a consortium of nations suggests that the legalization of marijuana, but not other illicit drugs, be considered among a range of ideas to reassess how the drug war is carried out. The report, released by theOrganization of […]

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Remembering the Godfather of the Hemp Revolution: Jack Herer

The 420 Times   As we enjoy the incredible momentum within the cannabis law reform movement, it’s important to remember one of the founders of the movement. It’s hard to imagine being where we are today without the life and work of Jack Herer. A longtime activist and champion of hemp, Jack wrote The Emperor Wears […]

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