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Cannabis Can Prevent Cancer Caused By Cigarette Use, According To New Study

by Johnny Green   A new study published by the journal J-Stage, and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, has found that cannabinoids – whether THC, CBD or CBDV – were effective at blocking a certain enzyme which is known to cause cancer, and is produced in large amount when cigarettes are consumed.   […]

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How to Make Cannamilk

Devilmonk   It occurred to me while writing another recipe (that called for cannamilk) for our Great Recipes While High series that we don’t have a recipe for cannamilk! In professional kitchens we have what we refer to as “mother” sauces. A mother sauce is a sauce (like marinara, demi-glace, béchamel, etc.) that you use as a […]

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Medical Marijuana Stops Spread of Breast Cancer – NBC NEWS


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Seeds sown for world’s first hemp industrial base

LAURA RICHARDS Fairfax NZ – HEMPING IT UP: New Zealand hemp advocate Greg Flavall stands in a field of hemp overseas showing how tall the plant can grow. Hemp Technologies’ Gregory Flavall, based in Taranaki, would like to see the world’s first hemp industrial village located in his home province. Originally from Stratford, Flavall has brought […]

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Mixed Praise for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Conditional Veto

Vanessa Waltz PHOTO: Meghan Wilson and her two-year-old daughter Vivian Wilson, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Marijuana has been proven to alleviate the devastating damage caused by the seizures Vivian suffers.   On Friday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a surprising decision in his conditional veto of S2842, a bill intended to ease medical marijuana […]

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World Vasectomy Day

Promoting a new conversation about population and consumption, and asking men to take a very personal decision to change the world. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-vasectomy-day/

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Medical Marijuana and Lyme Disease…Alexis’ story

  My intense suffering has made me desperate for a solution. On the morning of June 6th, 2008, while working on a research paper, I suddenly felt a horrific slicing sensation as if a blender was tearing my left arm into pieces. I stared at the throbbing limb. It was so painful I expected it to […]

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Hemp the Wonder Crop for Kansas?

Posted by Hays Post   Tresa McAlhaney, Chairwoman for the Wyandotte County Libertarian Party and potential candidate for governor in 2014, spoke at the Salina Public Library Wednesday night. Among topics discussed, bringing Industrial Hemp to Kansas. McAlhaney explained how the crop requires less water and little pesticides. Hemp can also be fashioned into many usable products […]

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Legalizing hemp in Tennessee

  “The hemp clothing – you can’t wear it out….” Amber Keirn is what you might call a hemp expert. What started as a hobby… “We started with hemp necklaces… just making them. And we said — this is so easy a Monkey could do it!” Turned into a business — aptly named, Hemp Monkey. […]

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Doctor: Marijuana is a needed option

John Burgeson Dr. Blick sits in the pharmacy at the Circle Care Center in Norwalk, Conn. Along with synthetic medications, Dr. Blick looks forward to utilizing the benefits of medical marijuana for patients with a variety of medical conditions including cancer, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS. Photo: Autumn Driscoll  NORWALK — There was a personal reason why […]

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