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Vermont’s Legislature Just Voted to Decriminalize Marijuana

Mike Riggs   The Vermont House approved Senate changes to a marijuana decriminailzation bill this morning. The bill now goes to Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin. According to a Marijuana Policy Project press release, Shumlin will likely sign it “in the coming weeks.” The whole process took a little over two months. Vermont’s marijuana decriminalization bills–H.200 […]

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Springfield, Missouri City Council Considers Reducing Marijuana Penalties

By John Payne, Show Me Cannabis   SPRINGFIELD, MO — As you probably recall, last summer we helped activists in Springfield gather signatures to put an initiative petition before the Springfield City Council that reduced penalties on possession of less than 35 grams of cannabis. The council was supposed to have two options: Either vote for the measure […]

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Critics Blast U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag for Berkeley Patients Group Harassment

David Downs U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag   Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates took local U.S. Attorney (and rumored Berkeley resident) Melinda Haag to task Wednesday for harassing Berkeley Patients Group. The popular, permitted medical cannabis dispensary in Berkeley faces federal forfeiture efforts from Haag yet again, leading to a press conference yesterday where town leaders defended […]

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Medical Marijuana Use Can’t Cost Parents Custody

By: Associated Press   Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says parents who use medical marijuana aren’t disqualified from having custody of children or visiting them. But Schuette says the immunity isn’t absolute. He says it’s appropriate for a judge to determine whether there are unreasonable dangers for children, similar to a parent’s approved use of […]

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Marijuana treated as a lost and found item on Seattle buses

  Metro bus drivers have been given new instructions for lost marijuana: turn it into the lost and found. In Nov. 2012, a statewide ballot initiative approved adults age 21 and older to have up to one ounce of usable marijuana. Even before that, Metro would occasionally find marijuana left on buses – typically small […]

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Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstylist Was Stoned When He Gave Her “The Rachel”!

  Does being stoned make you a better hairdresser? Chris McMillan, the man behind one of the most famous haircuts of all time (Jennifer Aniston‘s “Rachel”) was reportedly high as a kite when he gave the actress the life-changing ‘do.   Full Article: http://perezhilton.com/cocoperez/2013-05-10-jennifer-aniston-chris-mcmillan-the-rachel-haircut-stoned-marijuana#.UZRZxaLOlLp

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Republic of Georgia considers legalizing marijuana, minister says

The Republic of Georgia is considering the legalization of marijuana, a government minister said Friday. David Sergeyenko, minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, pointed out “ban-related mechanisms,” such as Georgia’s laws against marijuana, “often entail a ricochet effect, which means strengthening and development of other directions,” a reference to distinguishing marijuana from other drugs. […]

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Hemp-farming registry bill passes; first plants are bound for the ground

By Melanie Asmar   A bill to register hemp farmers with the state has been approved by lawmakers. Now all it needs is the governor’s signature before a nine-member committee can begin assisting the Department of Agriculture in developing a process that will allow the good people of Colorado to engage in widespread planting. “It feels really, […]

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Colorado Legislature Passes Sentencing Reform Bill

By Phillip Smith   DENVER, CO — In the final week of Colorado’s legislative sessions, while all the attention was focused on passing marijuana commerce regulations, the state legislature quietly passed a measure designed to reduce the number of drug offenders sent to prison and save the state money. Senate Bill 250 had passed the Senate in April, […]

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Kentucky Hemp Lobby Makes Inroads In Washington

Ryan Grim ryan@huffingtonpost.com Lucia Graves lucia@huffingtonpost.com   WASHINGTON — A chance encounter at last weekend’s Kentucky Derby may have given the hemp industry the break it’s been looking for since the crop was banned in 1970, when the federal government classified it as a controlled substance related to marijuana. Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer, a Republican, […]

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