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Former NASA scientist creates DIY marijuana grow system

By Austin Briggs   It started on the forbidding terrain of Mars and is ending in the marijuana grow rooms of Colorado. Operating out of Loveland, Dale Chamberlain — who received a Bachelor’s of Science from CSU in 1993 and holds a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from CU-Boulder — has taken the same scientific rigor he […]

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Rappers, Stars Ask Obama to Ease Drug Policy, Reform Prisons

BY DANIEL HALPER   A list of rappers and stars, including Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Kim Kardashian, and many more, have written an open letter to President Obama to ask that he ease the nation’s drug policy. They also ask that prison policy be changed, too. “During your presidency you have made […]

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Future Colorado Pot Shops, Growers Win Flexibility

By Alex Ruiz   Where should recreational pot sold in Colorado come from? Lawmakers debating the hotly argued marijuana question came down on the side of flexibility Monday, voting to reject the state’s current medical marijuana model, which requires dispensaries to grow most of the pot they sell. A special House-Senate committee set up to […]

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Rep. Patricia Todd Files Groundbreaking Marijuana Legislation In Alabama

  On Thursday, Representative Patricia Todd filed The Alabama Cannabis and Hemp Reform Act of 2013. The bill has been issued as House Bill-550 and assigned to the Alabama House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. The Bill The Alabama Cannabis and Hemp Reform Act of 2013, when passed would create a system of reasonable regulation that […]

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Russia – Wikipedia article on cannabis to be removed from blacklist

  Experts from the telecoms and drug control regulators have approved the new wording of the Wikipedia article on cannabis smoking and will start the procedure of removing it from the black list of prohibited websites shortly, a telecoms watchdog (Roskomnadzor) representative told RIA Novosti. “We received the new wording of the article on cannabis […]

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“Ganja Granny” Case Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

  Darlene Mayes, a 74 year old grandmother in Oklahoma, was accused of being the ringleader of a multi-state drug operation. On Friday, at the request of her defense attorneys Josh Lee and Clint Ward, a judge dismissed the charges, according to court documents (case number CF-2012-69 in District Court of Craig County). Last year, the arrest […]

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Activist Swerdlow at center of state Supreme Court marijuana case

Wes Woods, Staff Writer  Lanny Swerdlow, founder of the Inland Empire Patient s Wellness Center, sits in a meeting room at his marijuana medical facility in Riverside. (Rachel Luna/Staff Photographer) RIVERSIDE — Lanny Swerdlow spent a recent day at the Presto Quality Care clinic asking patients to rate their pain. The registered nurse measured their […]

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Part Of The Moms For Marijuana Cannabis Quilt Is Still Missing

by Johnny Green   I was elated to find out that part of the Moms for Marijuana Cannabis Quilt had been returned. However, the search is not over, as part of the quilt is still missing. Many of the media reports I saw come across twitter stated that the entire thing was returned, but our work […]

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Governor will let Kentucky hemp bill become law

By BEN FINLEY   FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky law will now allow industrial hemp farming – but only if the federal government ever lifts restrictions on the plant. Gov. Steve Beshear on Friday said he will let the bill become law without his signature. The governor said he won’t actually sign the legislation out […]

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Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana Introduced in Alabama

by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director   Many traditionally write off the Southern United States as an area dead to cannabis law reform, but one Representative is behind a new effort that can change all of that. This week, Rep. Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) has introduced House Bill 550, the Alabama Cannabis and Hemp Reform Act […]

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