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Kentucky House, Senate Pass Hemp Bill

The Kentucky House and Senate have passed a hemp bill. Late Tuesday, just minutes before the 2013 General Assembly session was scheduled to end, both chambers passed a bill that would allow the state to quickly license farmers to grow hemp if the federal government lifts its current ban on the crop. The House vote was […]

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US Supreme Court: Cops Can’t Send Drug Dogs Sniffing Around Your Home

Drug War Chronicle / By Phillip Smith Photo Credit: SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The US Supreme Court Tuesday ruled that a drug dog’s sniff of a residence’s front door is search under the meaning of the Fourth Amendment and that police must therefore obtain a search warrant before unleashing the hounds. The case was  Florida v. Jardines. While the high court has […]

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Doonesbury’s Zonker to become hemp farmer, rename himself Kevin Colorado Springs

By Michael Roberts   Doonesbury hasn’t had a print home in Denver since June 2011, when the Denver Post yanked it. But it can be accessed online, and it’s still good. Creator Garry Trudeau remains sharp and engaged; he’s not doing the equivalent of repeating Garfield-eating-lasagna jokes. Case in point: Today’s strip, part of a new storyline, in which longtime fave Zonker […]

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Legal Hemp: Legislation That Would Structure The Legal Growing Of Hemp In Colorado Could Launch New Industry

The Greeley Tribune  |  By Eric Brown   LOVELAND — Mark Daly drove from Wyoming to Loveland and back Thursday with hopes of resurrecting a business he lost about 12 years ago. Like Daly, many of the 120 others at the Industrial Hemp Workshop were optimistic and enthusiastic — eager to bring back to U.S. farms […]

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Cannabis activists aim for legalization initiative

Sandra Emerson and Wes Woods II, Staff Writers Jack Herer   A group of Bay Area and Los Angeles cannabis activists are working to fulfill the dream of late activist Jack Herer with a proposed ballot initiative that would legalize the cannabis hemp plant in its entirety. The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 is still […]

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Hemp Bill Passes Second Reading in Hawaii Senate

By Thomas H. Clarke   HONOLULU, HI — A bill that would establish a two-year hemp pilot program in Hawaii passed a second reading with amendments on the floor of the Senate last week, and has been referred to the Ways and Means Committee.   The bill passed unanimously on the floor of the House earlier this month, […]

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The Drug Warriors Cashing In on Pot Prohibition

Former public servants, from DEA chiefs to cops, are using their clout to lobby for drug policies that enrich themselves—before it’s too late. Green days Photo via By Kevin Gray   When eight former DEA chiefs signed a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this month, demanding that the feds crack down on Washington and Colorado, the states […]

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Shuffleboard? Oh, Maybe Let’s Get High Instead

By ALYSON KRUEGER   For Cher Neufer, a 65-year-old retired teacher, socializing with friends (all in their 60s) means using marijuana. Once a week they get together to play Texas Hold ’Em poker “and pass around a doobie,” Ms. Neufer said. Vickie Hoffman is organizing a Missouri chapter of Grannies for Grass. When company stops by her […]

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ACLU says Nevada law restricting sale of medical marijuana unconstitutional

By Cy Ryan (contact)   CARSON CITY — The American Civil Liberties Union says Nevada’s medical marijuana law is unconstitutional because it restricts people from filling a legal prescription. In a brief filed Friday with the Nevada Supreme Court, the ACLU says the law makes criminals of people “who make reasonable efforts” to obtain medical marijuana. While […]

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What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate

John Payne   On March 4, I hired Gary Wiegert, who is also a sergeant with the St. Louis Police Department, to lobby for Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, which advocates the reform of Missouri’s marijuana laws. Gary is no stranger to politics. He has long lobbied for the St. Louis Tea Party and was one of […]

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