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Lottery Winner to Pledge $1,000,000 to Legalize Cannabis

BY MARKETWIRE   April 20th, activists and cannabis enthusiasts will gather in cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Yellowknife. It is hoped the events will be a watershed moment for cannabis law reform as Canadians seek to follow their American counterparts and end the social injustice of cannabis prohibition. This year, […]

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Why It’s So Hard For Scientists To Study Medical Marijuana

By Shaunacy Ferro   Eighteen states (plus the District of Columbia) allow cannabis use for certain medical conditions. Despite that, scientists have a harder time doing research on the potential medical benefits of marijuana than they do on “harder” drugs like ecstasy or magic mushrooms. The public may think of pot use as no big deal, but […]

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When it comes to legalizing marijuana, the times they are a-changin’ (just not as fast in Texas)

By Nancy Churnin Marijuana plants grow at Perennial Holistic Wellness Center medical marijuana dispensary, which opened in 2006, on July 25, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty)   4/20 — which falls on Saturday — has been a rallying cry for supporters of legalizing marijuana since it was popularized by California teens in 1971 and once again brings up […]

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Cancer Researcher Raising Money for Cannabis Study

By CBDScientist Garret Yount, Ph.D.   The SETH group is a non-profit cancer research organization made up of scientists pursuing an alternative approach to cancer treatment. Garret Yount, Ph.D. SETH group founder previous research, documented the potent effects of CBD and THC on gioblastoma brain cancer tissue cultures showing them to be selectively effective at killing […]

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Hempcrete Could Change The Way We Build Everything

by Joe Martino   When it comes to new and sustainable housing ideas, it seems to always be about creating a more efficient home in terms of insulation, lighting, electricity, etc. Mainstream belief  on the subject would have you believe that top corporations and government projects are working with the best possible technology to bring forth […]

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Cultivating Medical Marijuana in Sacramento

by Ron Mullins   Spring has sprung and the time has come for everyone to plant their gardens. If you live in a residential zone in Sacramento, you most likely won’t be legally employing the sunshine to nourish your marijuana plants. It has been totally illegal for a few years now to plant any cannabis outdoors […]

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Weird 1972 Experiment In Marijuana Use

  In the winter of 1972, 20 young women took part in one of the weirdest scientific experiments in this country’s history. For 98 days in a downtown Toronto hospital, their brains, hearts, kidneys, livers, blood and urine were rigorously tested and analyzed.  A team of nurses kept round-the-clock records of their behaviour, logged at […]

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Vermont House Passes Marijuana Decriminalization Bill, Next Stop Senate

By Marijuana Policy Project   The Vermont House of Representatives gave final approval Tuesday to a bill 92-49 that would decriminalize possession of limited amounts of marijuana. It will now move to the Senate for consideration. Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell and Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn testified in favor of the proposal at House and Senate committee […]

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Eighty-One Years for Weed?

By Harry Cheadle   Rich Paul practicing some civil disobedience. Here’s how absurd the war on drugs has gotten: firstly, an activist from Keene, New Hampshire, is facing 81 years in prison for dealing marijuana; and secondly, even though he’s admitted on camera that he did sell about a pound of pot to an FBI informant, […]

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21st Annual Nimbin MardiGrass – May 4th and 5th

  Check it out here: http://nimbinmardigrass.com/

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