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Marijuana laws in NJ under Chris Christie make the Weedman see double

JEFF EDELSTEIN   When it comes to New Jersey’s marijuana laws, Gov. Chris Christie is trying to have his cake and eat it too, and he’s not even stoned. But Ed “NJWEEDMAN” Forchion? Well, yeah, he’s stoned, obviously, but it’s not stopping him from pointing out the state’s pot laws seem to be written by […]

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‘Doonesbury’ mainstay Zonker eyeing marijuana grow ‘outside Boulder’

By Charlie Brennan Camera Staff Writer   Colorado is becoming so alluring to those hoping to cash in on cannabis that even cartoon characters are joining the green stampede. Zonker Harris, the unrepentant stoner who has lounged around the “Doonesbury” comic strip for roughly four decades, is journeying to Colorado to become a “bajillionaire” marijuana producer, […]

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Supreme Court rules in favor of Jamaican man deported from U.S. for pot possession

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of a longtime resident of the United States from Jamaica who was deported from the United States over possession of a small amount of marijuana. The justices said in a 7-2 decision that Adrian Moncrieffe should have had the opportunity to contest his deportation. […]

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In the ‘War on Drugs,’ signs of truce with marijuana

By Kevin McDermott kmcdermott@post-dispatch.com 314-340-8268   ST. LOUIS • Marijuana, the most prevalent illicit drug in America, seems to be getting less illicit by the day. Among recent developments that would have been unfathomable during the “War on Drugs” begun under President Ronald Reagan: • The states of Colorado and Washington voted last fall to legalize marijuana […]

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2013 Cape Town Global Cannabis March

Cape Town, Global Cannabis March 2013 Cape Town Global Cannabis March DATE: SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2013 TIME: 10:00AM PLACE: CNR OF KEIZERGRACHT & CHAPEL ST, (NEXT TO CAPE TECHNIKON), CAPE TOWN On Saturday, May the 4th, a diverse group of South Africans who support the re-legalisation of the Cannabis plant will gather in Cape Town […]

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What happens when you throw a big legal marijuana party in Seattle?

(JOSHUA TRUJILLO / SEATTLEPI.COM)     Our culture’s great collective marijuana fear was realized last night in Seattle … and nothing happened. No federals. No mayhem. No protests or arrests … no melee … just a carnival like atmosphere with stage shows, games and venders and pot. Well, okay, a whole heck of a lot […]

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420 Day Australia – Rally To End Marijuana Prohibition – Melbourne, 2013


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From Vancouver to Montreal, Canada going to pot

THE CANADIAN PRESS The Peace Tower is reflected in the sunglasses of a woman smoking a joint at the Fill the Hill marijuana rally on Parliament HIll in Ottawa on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Photograph by: Justin Tang , THE CANADIAN PRESS   Canadians gathered in cities across the country Saturday — including Robson Square in […]

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Officer prefers pot smokers to alcohol drinkers

By: Randy Turner DAVID LIPNOWSKI / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Thousands of people attended 4:20 to celebrate cannabis at the legislative building Saturday. Those in attendance cited a recent movement among U.S. states to decriminalize marijuana in Washington and Colorado as progress.   Scott Webster was sitting on the lawn of the legislature, about to load up […]

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The World’s Most Pot-Friendly CEOs

MAX NISEN   Peter Lewis, left, and his son   CEOs tend to be somewhat straight edged types, more given to waking up early and working late than for taking time to relax, or for advocating for something as controversial as the legalization of marijuana. There have been a few notable and very successful exceptions. […]

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