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Council to Consider Allowing Some Marijuana Convictions to be Expunged

KOLR10 News  City Council Bill 2013-287 – Expunging Records (958.2 KB) SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield City Council will discuss a proposed ordinance that would allow some people to clear their records if they have been convicted of possessing marijuana or paraphernalia. The ordinance, up for a public hearing and first reading tonight, is a […]

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The Marijuana Miracle: Why a Single Compound in Cannabis May Revolutionize Modern Medicine

Martin A. Lee   For many years, the federal government has subsidized studies designed to prove the negative effects of marijuana, while blocking inquiry into its potential benefits. Ironically, the government’s steadfast search for harm has yielded remarkable scientific insights that explain why cannabis is such a versatile remedy and why it is the most […]

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Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: The Populist Politics of Cannabis Reform

Martin A. Lee (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)   Just when the legalization struggle had reached its nadir, however, there emerged an improbable hero who championed cannabis as a multifaceted sustainable resource, an eco-friendly source of food, fiber, medicine and recreation. Jack Herer, a charismatic, barrel-chested Korean War veteran and former Goldwater Republican, was instrumental in […]

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Oklahoma – Parents, lawmaker rally for medical marijuana at State Capitol

By: Rebecca Schleicher, Primetime Reporter   Could pot ever be legal in Oklahoma? It’s a question one lawmaker has asked for nearly a decade. Saturday dozens met at the State Capitol to get the ball rolling on possible medical marijuana legislation. Among them were parents Kelli and Jason Dodson. “It’s the worst thing that could […]

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Oklahoma City – Presentation on the science of medical marijuana at State Capitol tomorrow

The Duncan Banner   OKLAHOMA CITY —  State Sen. Connie Johnson will host a public education and awareness event at the State Capitol from 1-4 p.m. Saturday,  in rooms 419-A, B and C on the science of medical marijuana, also known as cannabidiol or CBD treatment.   Full Article: http://duncanbanner.com/local/x252042941/Presentation-on-the-science-of-medical-marijuana-at-State-Capitol-tomorrow

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Cop Tricked Teen With Autism Into Buying Pot, Lawsuit Claims

Kathleen.Miles@huffingtonpost.com   An undercover police officer tricked a teenager with autism into buying pot for him, a lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents alleges. The 17-year-old, who isn’t named in the lawsuit, was arrested with 21 other high school students on drug-dealing charges as part of a sting operation last December at Chaparral High School […]

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Look Who’s Giving a Grant for Medical Marijuana Training

By Nina Shapiro  The UW’s Beatriz Carlini Here’s a sign of the times: The state Attorney General’s office recently gave a $110,000 grant related to marijuana. Announced earlier this month, the grant is not aimed at stopping marijuana distribution or abuse, the kind of preoccupations historically taken up by law enforcement entities, but rather at […]

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Fashion world is high on hemp!

Aleksandra Spaseska     Imagine wearing a breathtaking glimmering gown created by a well known designer that is not only high fashion, but it’s eco-friendly, too. Now imagine it’s made of hemp. Well you can stop imagining and start reading, because the fashion world is already living the eco-fashion dream. Hemp is usually associated with […]

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Boy’s Parents Sue Arizona for Cannabis Oil Treatment


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Cannabis not causing psychosis in teens

Ernie Gorrie / The Citizen   Cowichan Bay – As a former clinical supervisor in a major youth forensic psychiatric facility, I appreciated the intent of Karen Sargent’s letter on the issue of youth, mental health and cannabis. I believe however that more information would change her views and those of others regarding the Sensible BC […]

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