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California Senate Unanimously Approves Hemp Legalization

by TheJointBlog   In a bipartisan, unanimous decision, California’s Senate has approved Senate Bill 566, a measure to legalize hemp. The proposal now heads to the State’s House, where its passage would put it to the governor for final consideration.   Full Article: http://thejointblog.com/california-senate-unanimously-approves-hemp-legalization/

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Marijuana Put My Crohn’s Disease Into Remission and It’s Not A Joke

Angela Bacca   I usually do not want to talk about having Crohn’s Disease. It is just a reality I have lived with for nine years, but never exactly dinner table discussion or an amusing anecdote shared with friends over drinks. It has been not just a major inconvenience in my life; it has altered its course […]

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The History of Medical Marijuana used to Treat Horses

Dr. Doug   Medical marijuana for dogs and cats is one thing. But medical marijuana for horses!? Yes, its true and its not a new concept in veterinary medicine. Cannabis has been used as a medical remedy for horses across the globe and the sands of time. From the ancient Greeks to modern-day farriers and […]

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Defending the most versatile crop on earth

ERIC LINEBACK   LEGALIZING the cultivation of hemp is one of the most important social- and economic-justice issues of our times. The United States remains the only advanced nation in the world which allows the importation and sale of hemp raw materials and finished goods, but bans its farmers from growing the crop. With American consumers […]

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Medical cannabis advocate Tony Bower released after appeal

Andy Parks File image of Tony Bower.Jay Cronan   MEDICAL cannabis advocate Tony Bower is out of jail after serving only six weeks of a 12-month sentence after an appeal was upheld in the NSW District Court yesterday. Mr Bower was charged with possession of about 200 cannabis plants he was growing to produce a […]

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Melissa Etheridge: Pot changed my life

By Melissa Etheridge, Special to CNN   My friends have always told me that rock stardom was wasted on me. To them it seemed that being a rock star was a free ticket to debauchery. It was sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, and I was only taking advantage of two. Drugs were not a part […]

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Danielle McBride: “I Chose Cannabis To Save My Child”

by Brandon Krenzler   A faraway place and an unimaginable path– this is what cancer is to a young parent. It is always an unexpected diagnosis regardless of family history or past exposures. Words do not matter anymore; nothing does, not after you hear that terrible word come from a pediatrician’s mouth, “cancer.”  All you hear […]

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Aiming for legitimacy

By Yvonne Wingett SanchezThe Republic | azcentral.com   In a very different kind of Memorial Day deal, a Phoenix business celebrated its grand opening by giving veterans deep discounts. On medical marijuana. Phoenix Relief Center, a medical-marijuana dispensary tucked into a shopping center at 35th and Southern avenues, sold marijuana to former servicemen and -women […]

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Cannabis Okayed for Parkinson and Tourette Treatment

A committee of the Health Ministry decided, Monday, to approve the use of cannabis – the active ingredient in marijuana – as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome. The decision was based on the results of studies on using the drug to treat these diseases, against the backdrop of the renewal of the struggle by […]

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New York State Assembly Passes Bill to Allow Medicinal Use of Marijuana in New York State

New York–(ENEWSPF)–June 3, 2013. Earlier today, the New York State Assembly passed the Compassionate Care Act (A.6357/Gottfried) by a vote of 95 to 38.  The bill, which would create one the most tightly regulated medical marijuana programs in the country, would alleviate the suffering of thousands of seriously ill New Yorkers by allowing the use […]

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