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Texans taking a more relaxed view of marijuana

Breanna Deutsch   America’s largest red state is warming up to marijuana legalization. Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman became the nineteenth cosponsor of the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2013, a bill that would prevent the federal government from penalizing individuals from abiding by marijuana laws within his or her state, the Houston Chronicle reported. […]

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Kinky Friedman In Field For Agriculture Commissioner

By RYAN POPPE Credit Brian Kanof via kinkyfriedman.com Country music icon, satirist and one-time gubernatorial candidate Richard “Kinky” Friedman has announced his bid for agriculture commissioner in 2014. Friedman will run in the Democratic primary. The 68 year old said he’s interested in legalizing and regulating marijuana as an agricultural crop to revitalize the Texas farming industry. […]

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Building a house with hemp

By Tim Bryant | The Westlock News Tim Bryant/WN – Engineer Jayeson Hendyrsan directs hempcrete into the wall frame of the microhouse being constructed on Dion Lefebvre’s property south of Westlock on Oct. 5. The house is part of a workshop to explain the benefits of hemp as a building medium.   A mini housing revolution took place […]

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Comer to pitch hemp to auto execs

By Janet Patton — jpatton1@herald-leader.com Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said hemp fibers could make cars “greener.”JOHN FLAVELL — Herald-Leader Agriculture Commissioner James Comer will take his pitch for hemp to auto manufacturers on Thursday. Comer will attend AutoConnect, an industry trade conference in Nashville sponsored by Frost Brown Todd. Executives from Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda and others are […]

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Study: Cannabis Topicals May Aid In Alcoholism Treatment

DRAKE DORM   According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), alcohol can be linked to neurodegradation, among other effects. Because cannabidiol (CBD) has been found tofight degenerative diseases, a study published last week in Pharmocology Biochemisty & Behavior aimed to explore the effect of CBD topicals on alcohol-induced brain degradation.   Full Article: http://www.medicaljane.com/2013/09/13/cannabis-topicals-study-cannabis-topicals-may-aid-in-alcoholism-treatment-aid-in-alcoholism-treatment/

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Cannabis Helped My Depression And Post Traumatic Stress

Maggie Volpo   Trigger Warning: This article discusses self-harm, suicide, and bullying. If you’ve met me in person, you might not realize that I suffer from severe, chronic depression. Depending on what I’ve worn, you might not think someone so outgoing and openly dorky could possibly be hurting. If you’ve only read my writing, then […]

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Oklahoma woman won’t give up trying to reform state’s marijuana laws

By Jaclyn Cosgrove   LITTLE AXE — Few Oklahomans could rival Norma Sapp’s efforts to legalize marijuana. She drove a motor home across the United States, serving as the support vehicle for a friend who was riding his one-eyed paint horse, Misty, across the country to raise awareness of a message: “Cops say legalize marijuana, ask me […]

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Mama Medicine

by Harvest McCampbell   Kat Brewer could tell a thousand stories. The story that she is most passionate about concerns one thing and one thing only—getting the medicine to the people. Her life’s work, which is really a labor of love, is about “providing safe access, reasonable prices, and no-cost medicine to those in need.” […]

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What Is A Drug Inspection Checkpoint And Are They Legal?

Posted by Johnny Green   Do You Know What To Do If You See A Sign On The Road That Says ‘Drug Inspection Checkpoint’?   Full Article: http://www.theweedblog.com/what-is-a-drug-inspection-checkpoint-and-are-they-legal/

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North America’s Largest City Moves to Legalize Pot

By Ioan Grillo / Mexico City   Legislators in Mexico City, the largest city in North America, are preparing to push through certain measures that would decriminalize and regulate the consumption of marijuana in the Mexican capital, a move that may speed pot legalization elsewhere in the continent. Full Article: http://world.time.com/2013/10/14/north-americas-largest-city-moves-to-legalize-pot/

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