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Hemp: the answer for whatever ails you

by Allen Best Center-pivot sprinklers spread Ogallala aquifer water over a crop near Holyoke, Colo. July 2014/Allen Best    Hemp enthusiasts have a tendency to wax happily about hemp being the solution to just about everything. Michael Bowman certainly presents it that way. “I hate to oversell something, but if you give me a problem, […]

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Oregon – This State Will Legalize Marijuana Tuesday — If Young People Show Up and Vote. It’s up to the kids now.

By Gregory Krieg   Two opposing polls out of Oregon are making one thing very clear: If young people get out and vote on Election Day, the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in the state will pass. The more recent survey, conducted by the Oregonian and KGW, found that 46% of respondents opposed Measure 91 — […]

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The secret to a good night’s sleep: Fresh wool and hemp

By Surrey Mirror   WANT a good night’s sleep? How about a £4,000 mattress stuffed with a form of cannabis plant. Tucked away in the Yorkshire Dales, a flock of 1,000 sheep are calmly grazing a field while nearby, acres of hemp standing 12 feet high are guarded by police to avert any unsavoury harvesting […]

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New Sentencing Guidelines Could Shorten Drug Sentences For Tens Of Thousands Of People In Federal Prison

Posted by Johnny Green   On Saturday, November 1, changes to federal drug sentencing guidelines take effect and courts may begin considering petitions from incarcerated individuals for sentencing reductions. Thousands of people who are currently serving long, punitive drug-related sentences in federal prisons could be eligible to apply, although no one who benefits from this […]

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Marijuana Emerging As An Election Issue

BY MJADMIN   Traditionally, candidates for elected office have shied away from discussing marijuana, seeing it as a marginalized, third-rail issue that’s dangerous to touch. This year, however, more politicians have noticed that a growing number of voters actually support marijuana reform. A record number of candidates have decided that taking positive positions can help, and […]

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Study: Young voters need to show up on Election Day

By Heather Hubbs, KCRG-TV9   Young voters could have a decisive impact in Iowa’s U.S. Senate Race, according to a new study by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. The number of millennials, those age 18 to 29, has surpassed baby boomers. Here in Iowa there are about 424,000 18-29 […]

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After accidental start, medical marijuana becomes a movement

By Alice O’Leary Randall,Guest columnist   Floridians have been bombarded with press coverage of Amendment 2. Yet, for all the noise, there are important aspects of this discussion that have barely been touched upon, including the beginning of the medical-marijuana movement. How many Floridians are aware that a native son of the Sunshine State is […]

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Cannabis should be sold in shops alongside beer and cigarettes, doctors’ journal says

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor   An editorial in the British Medical Journal suggested that the sale of cannabis should be licensed like alcohol because banning it had not worked. Banning cannabis had increased drug-related violence because enforcement made “the illicit market a richer prize for criminal groups to fight over”. An 18-fold increase in […]

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Police wear ‘F*CK THE GROWERS’ uniform during San Diego pot raids — WTF?

by David Down   Almost 18 years after California voters legalized medical marijuana, yet police terrorize thousands of patient-cultivators each growing season with warrantless, no-knock raids. Defense attorneys sayCalifornia officers are willfully ignoring established law, and it’s hard not to believe them when you see incidents like this. Advocacy group Reform California posted pictures Oct. […]

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Spooky beauty: your essential Halloween cosmetics

MELISHA KAUR   Make your lips pop with OCC’s Lip Tar, a liquid lipstick with intense pigment that will last through apple bobbing and have you ready for some seriously scary pouting. Its peppermint-scented formula contains Organic Hemp Oil and Soy-Derived Vitamin E. Available in a matte and metallic range – vibrant shades include deep […]

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