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Australia – Let them eat hemp

Paula Goodyer Protein source: humble hemp seeds won’t make you stoned. Photo: Alasdair Thomson   Food regulation in Australia can be baffling sometimes. It’s so easy to walk into a supermarket and fill your trolley with foods that can potentially undermine your health like litres of soft drink and cheap doughnuts. Yet if you want to […]

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Legalizing Marijuana: Should Convicted Users Be Pardoned? [POLL] Read More: Legalizing Marijuana: Should Convicted Users Be Pardoned? [POLL] | http://nj1015.com/should-convicted-marijuana-users-be-pardoned-if-the-drug-becomes-legal-poll/?trackback=tsmclip

By Steve Trevelise John Moore, Getty Images   Go vote in the poll!   Full Article and Poll: http://nj1015.com/should-convicted-marijuana-users-be-pardoned-if-the-drug-becomes-legal-poll/      

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Watch: Wiz Khalifa and Arsenio Hall Make Weed Munchies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eIiG-QHjMw#action=share   Outspoken marijuana supporter Wiz Khalifavisited the Arsenio Hall Show last night to make s’mores infused with weed. Hall seems a bit spaced out with glazed-over eyes before introducing Wiz, and suggests that his glaucoma medicine “makes him awful hungry.”   Full Article: http://blog.sfgate.com/smellthetruth/2014/04/01/watch-wiz-khalifa-and-arsenio-hall-make-weed-munchies/

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Marijuana Jobs Higher Than Estimated

BY Debra Borchardt   NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The marijuana industry may have already added over 175,000 jobs and that’s just the beginning. First, there are very few statistics on marijuana industry jobs. Hardly any states are tracking it and even the web sites that advertise for marijuana jobs don’t have any information and didn’t return […]

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Oklahomans for Health to File Application for Legalization of Medical Marijuana

TULSA, OKLA. — On April 11, 2014, Oklahomans for Health will submit an application for petition with Oklahoma Secretary of State Glenn Coffee, which would let voters decide whether medical marijuana should be legalized in the Sooner State. Full Article: http://www.heraldonline.com/2014/04/10/5858265/oklahomans-for-health-to-file.html?sp=%2F100%2F773%2F385%2F

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Small seed remains large hurdle for legal hemp farming

By Yesenia Robles The Denver Post Bo Shaffer of Delta Tech talks about hemp plants with an attendee at the NoCo Hemp Expo in Windsor on Saturday. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)   Farmers in Colorado and at least 10 other states are preparing to plant, cultivate and harvest hemp legally for the first time since […]

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Another Reason To Legalize Hemp: Make A Wine Cellar With It

Katie Kelly Bell Contributor One of the cellar’s hemp bricks.   Chateau Maris’ 9,000 square foot wine cellar in southern France maintains a stable temperature year-round without the use of air conditioning or heating; it’s sustainable, organic, all-natural, odorless, and acts as a carbon sink–able to absorb carbon dioxide for up to 25 years (according to […]

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A Life Journey with Leon Russell (Interview)

Written by: Ken Sharp   “George called me up and said he had to do this. Ravi Shankar had asked him to get involved because they were having trouble in Bangladesh. Years later Willie Nelson told me it was because the U.S. government made them cut down all their hemp plant. Hemp was their major […]

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Medical Marijuana OK’d For Prisoners

  MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Prisoners in the jails of Uruguay will be able to use marijuana if a doctor says it will benefit their health. Uruguay’s drug czar Julio Calzada told The Associated Press on Tuesday that any inmates with doctors’ orders will be prescribed marijuana to their improve physical or mental health. Full […]

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Australia – Federal Govt lets $100m hemp industry plan go begging

Hamish Broome   ECONOMIC BOOSTER: Tiffani Brennan, business development manager and Paul Benhaim CEO of Hemp Foods Australia.Doug Eaton   The Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation cited concerns that “ ’branding’ of this application as ‘low THC hemp’… could result in public perception that the drug, cannabis, is acceptable and safe to consume”. This […]

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