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Maryland House of Delegates approves marijuana decriminalization bill

    The Maryland House of Delegates voted 78 to 55 in favor of a Bill which eliminates criminal charges for possessing small amounts of marijuana and reduce the offense to the severity of a traffic violation.   Full Article: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/25172750/maryland-house-of-delegates-approves-marijuana-decriminalization-bill

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Las Vegas – Medical marijuana career fair educates job seekers

Written by Rachel Moore - email   As Clark County and the City of Las Vegas prepare to welcome the medical marijuana industry, Compassion Nevada Consulting is getting a jump-start on staffing the dispensaries and cultivation facilities that may start sprouting up. The consulting firm hosted a medical marijuana career fair to educate and train job-seekers […]

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Thousands attend 43rd annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor

LAUREN ABDEL-RAZZAQ THE DETROIT NEWS A man eats a pot brownie on the Diag of the University of Michigan campus during the 43rd annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash on Saturday. (Mark Bialek / Special to the Detroit News)   Thousands of people attended an annual pro-marijuana rally today that’s been held on the University of […]

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Larry Sanders of Milwaukee Bucks: ‘I believe in marijuana’

ESPN.com news services AP Photo/David ZalubowskiBucks center Larry Sanders, suspended five games for using marijuana, said Friday he has studied it and knows its benefits. Bucks center Larry Sanders advocated for marijuana’s legalization Friday, hours after it was announced he would be suspended five games by the NBA for its use. Sanders said the drug’s stigma is rooted […]

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Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Support Marijuana Policy Reform

LEAP / By Neil Franklin Photo Credit: RDaniel / Shutterstock.com   Though not conducted with the methodological rigor of the  Pew poll that came out yesterday showing 54% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana and two-thirds believe drug policy should focus on treatment rather than prosecuting drug users,  Law Officer magazine has provided LEAP a poll of its own showing an […]

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Fusion Taps Ryan Nerz as TV’s First Chief Cannabis Correspondent

Andrea Seikaly @AndiSeikaly     At first blush it sounds like something out of a Cheech & Chong movie, but in fact it’s a serious effort.Fusion, the startup cabler run by ABC News and Univision, has named  journalist Ryan Nerz as its chief cannabis correspondent. TV PILOTS/DEVELOPMENT SCORECARD: Follow all of the development action during upfront season Given the […]

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AG Holder willing to consider dropping marijuana from same drug category as LSD, heroin and ecstasy

Marc Stewart   DENVER – Friday nights are some of the busiest at the Citi-Med dispensary, where for the moment, only green can be used to buy green. In the eyes of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Marijuana is categorizedjust like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. It’s why most banks won’t accept money from pot sales. Yet there […]

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Kansas – Marijuana raid in Bates County illustrates the evolution of an issue

BY DONALD BRADLEY The Kansas City Star   ADRIAN, Mo. — As usual, Gene Halbin rolled a fat one after lunch. He’d taken a couple of hits when two strangers appeared at the front door. Halbin’s place sits way out of town, off the blacktop, down a dirt road, round a bend, over a bridge and […]

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Hemp-to-Biofuels Research Gets Green Light

by John Davis   A crop that has had an undeserved stigma attached to it could now become a source for biodiesel and ethanol. The recently passed and signed Farm Bill contains a provision that would allow hemp to be grown for research purposes, including making it into the green fuels. “Hemp is a great crop […]

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The Shame of “Equitable Sharing” – How local cops are still colluding with the feds to seize pot-related assets—even in states with legal marijuana.

By Nick Sibilla   Local law enforcement needs only to “collaborate” with a federal agency in order to do an end run around a state law regarding marijuana. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images   When voters in Colorado and Washington state approved legalizing marijuana in 2012, those votes undermined an abusive—and profitable—police practice: civil forfeiture. Unlike with […]

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