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The Shame of “Equitable Sharing” – How local cops are still colluding with the feds to seize pot-related assets—even in states with legal marijuana.

By Nick Sibilla   Local law enforcement needs only to “collaborate” with a federal agency in order to do an end run around a state law regarding marijuana. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images   When voters in Colorado and Washington state approved legalizing marijuana in 2012, those votes undermined an abusive—and profitable—police practice: civil forfeiture. Unlike with […]

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Poll: Nationwide marijuana legalization inevitable

By KRISTEN WYATT     Nationwide marijuana legalization seems inevitable to three-fourths of Americans, whether they support it or not, according to a new poll out Wednesday. The Pew Research Center survey on the nation’s shifting attitudes about drug policy also showed increased support for moving away from mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders. The telephone […]

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Kenneth ‘K’ Morrow Discusses The Future Of Dabs & Cannabis Concentrates

by Drake Dorm     At the moment, concentrate makers worldwide are producing, or attempting to produce, an absolute – a hard piece of see-through shatter/glass. Essentially, what they are looking for is a stable piece of concentrate that can be held in hand without sticking to it. To achieve this goal, they utilize various methods […]

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Wisconsin passes CBD medical marijuana bill, Dane votes 2/1 for legalization

Gary Storck   April 1, 2014 was a historic day for Wisconsin marijuana law reform efforts. In the early evening, the state Senate overwhelmingly passed narrowly focused medical marijuana legislation, and in Spring elections held the same day,Dane County voters passed Advisory Referendum #2, asking state lawmakers to enact legislation legalizing marijuana, by a nearly 65/35% margin.   […]

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Operating a Las Vegas medical marijuana business will be costly

  Written by Lindsay Curtis - email and Craig Huber - email   As the city of Las Vegas hammers out regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities, there is growing concern among patients and prospective business owners. The city on Tuesday passed out a 40-page draft of proposed regulations during a meeting at City Hall. Critics […]

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Cruelty-Free Eating: High on Hemp Seed

by Lisa Singer   Hemp seeds are a high protein superfood that can pump up the nutritional value of many of your favorite foods. They contain essential fatty acids that may help lower your blood pressure, improve memory and aid in weight loss. Photo credit: Lisa Singer   Three easy ways to incorporate hemp seeds into […]

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Hopeful dispensary owners pack Vegas town hall meeting

Medical marijuana meeting draws another heated crowd http://www.jrn.com/ktnv/news/Medical-marijuana-meeting-draws-another-heated-crowd-253479851.html   Hopeful dispensary owners pack Vegas town hall meeting http://www.mynews3.com/content/video/default.aspx?videoId=5022683&navCatId=25504

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Actually, Medical Marijuana Legalization Could Reduce Crime

By Chris Roberts City of Weed Police Department Safe for a reason   After confining legal weed to the more run-down parts of town for almost a decade, San Francisco can finally relax a bit and let medical cannabis dispensaries expand into other neighborhoods. It would be a good thing, because it could reduce crime, a study […]

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‘Out of Options’: Veterans with PTSD hit pot underground

  Nick LaFave     Marine veteran Logan Edwards worried he could become one of the 22 former members of the armed services who, on average, commit suicide every day. Then, he says, he tried marijuana. Edwards, who served eight months in Iraq, is one of an unknown number of veterans who have turned to marijuana […]

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