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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opening in Reno

By Shelbi Jay   Sierra Wellness Connection will be serving its first medical marijuana patients on Wednesday August 26th. Sierra Wellness will be the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Reno and the second to open in all of Nevada. Additionally, they are the only fully licensed seed-to-sale medical cannabis provider in Reno. This […]

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Free at Last! Missouri Cannabis Prisoner Released After 20 Years

By Lisa Rough     “Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all of the days of your life” — a fitting quote from Bob Marley to describe a happy day for cannabis supporters. Jeff Mizanskey is a nonviolent prisoner who has been jailed in Missouri for the last 20 years, from […]

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Tacoma Armory to host marijuana trade show and seminars — and a cannabis competition

BY C.R. ROBERTS Staff writer   Previous cannabis-related conventions and trade shows in Washington have lacked only one thing: cannabis. That is about to change. Given what he’s about to bring to Tacoma, the “M” in Cory Wray’s MBA might well stand for marijuana, a substance of which he claims to be a longtime consumer. The […]

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They’re called “medibles”—macarons, truffles, marshmallows, and more. And they’re causing a buzz.

BY JONATHAN KAUFFMAN RUSSELL YIP, THE CHRONICLE   There are millions of recipes for granola, but few involve a gram scale. The scale is one of the first things that Stephany Gocobachi and Akhil Khadse bring out when they start a batch of medicated granola for Flour Child, their new enterprise. As the oven in […]

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Congress and Obama Are Too Timid on Marijuana Reform

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD  Credit Golden Cosmos Even as support for ending marijuana prohibition is building around the country, Congress and the Obama administration remain far too timid about the need for change. Last year, residents in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia voted to join Colorado and Washington State in making recreational use of […]

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Jeannie Herer: Carrying on the work of the Emperor of Hemp

Eva Silva   When Jeannie met Jack Herer— a longtime activist known as the ‘Emperor of Hemp’—in 1994, she never imagined the path her life would take. Now, over 20 years later, she carries on her own work in the industry and plans to establish the Jack Herer Museum to carry on Jack’s work and […]

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Berlin’s Hanfparade: For pot, against harsh drug laws

In Berlin on Saturday, marchers will come out in force in support of cannabis. Politicians, too, have called for weed’s legalization. Many Germans consider prohibition policies to have failed, Matthias von Hein reports. Berlin’s Hanfparade (Hemp Parade) has now taken place every year since 1997. Last year, according to the official website, 6,500 people demonstrated […]

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Kicking back at the most weed-friendly B&B on the planet

By Neal Pollack, The Cannabist Staff It’s breakfast time at the Bud+Breakfast in Silverthorne. (Bud+Breakfast)   Upstairs at the Bud+Breakfast, the hosts had laid out a fine buffet. Half-eaten store-bought pizzas sat on the stove and the kitchen counter, along with a barely-touched tray of crudité. More importantly, the offerings included five different strains of […]

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Boston University To Offer A ‘Marijuana In American History’ Course

Johnny Green (image via Twitter) I was a Public Policy and Administration major (Legal Studies minor) in college, and I always loved when class discussions turned to cannabis policy. Every paper that I was able to choose the topic of had a cannabis angle on it in college. Those were very fun times for me, […]

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Meet The Willy Wonka of Weed

Lesley Balla   There’s no chocolate river running through the new Altai Brands facility in Salinas. It’s missing a hoard of diminutive green-haired employees, there are no booby-trapped candies that expose children’s flaws, and as far as we know the company has yet to develop a snozzberry flavor. But still, Altai is the closest thing in existence […]

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