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Study: No scientific basis for laws on marijuana and driving

  The nation’s largest automobile club says six states that allow marijuana use have legal tests for driving while impaired by the drug that have no scientific basis, and it’s calling for scrapping those laws. The study commissioned by AAA’s safety foundation said it’s not possible to set a blood-test threshold for THC, the chemical […]

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Vacant California prison could be turned into cannabis production site

By Oscar Pascual   As thousands of people have served unfair sentences for marijuana possession, one California prison might actually be used to grow pot. The city of Coalinga is currently reviewing a proposal to transform the currently vacant Claremont Custody Center into a manufacturing center for marijuana cultivation and cannabis oil production, the Fresno […]

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Hemp is two shades of green

By BRENDA S. EDWARDS   Hemp has been a crop in Kentucky since 1775 — 17 years before Kentucky became the first state west of the Appalachian Mountains. This area became the nation’s leading hemp-producing state in the mid-19th century with peak production of 40,000 tons in 1950, according to the state Department of Agriculture […]

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‘Free the weed’: Cannabis supporters protest globally for relaxation of marijuana laws

  The Global Marijuana March has taken place this weekend as cannabis supporters from around the world gathered in 829 cities in 72 countries to put pressure on their governments to legalize the drug.     Full Article:  https://www.rt.com/news/342287-marijuana-march-legalize-protest/

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Hemp houses are smoking hot in eco-design

Louise Loik | Bowen Island Undercurrent The first prototype tiny hemp house, built by HNB in Alberta in 2014. Above: A hemp house can fit into almost any setting. photos supplied by Hempcrete.ca   Photo by hempcrete.ca   Cannabis is big news these days, and 15 years ago, Jayeson Hendyrsan was already using it in mass […]

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This car is made out of cannabis hemp

By Yaron Steinbuch Photo: Barcroft Media This sports convertible brings new meaning to “high-performance” vehicle. Made from the chassis of a Mazda, the car is made from cannabis hemp – and is touted as possibly leading the charge in making carbon-neutral vehicles, Barcroft Media reported. Bruce Michael Dietzen from Florida, the mastermind behind the “green […]

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Marijuana, Not Monoculture: How to Make Your Pot Crop Sustainable

By Sarah Russo / Project CBD Photo Credit: Wiki Media Commons Finding a Companion for Those Lonely Cannabis PlantsWe have a pesky, non-organic thorn in our side. Our current agricultural system is not based on sustainable means of cultivation and, unfortunately, this also applies to much of cannabis farming today. While the “organic” marijuana movement […]

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We need earthquake retrofits fast.

Rong-Gong Lin IIContact Reporter   Hempcrete foundation walls are up to seven times stronger than those made of concrete, half as light and three times as elastic. This superior strength and flexibility means that hemp foundations are resistant to stress-induced cracking and breaking, even in earthquake-prone areas. It’s fireproof, too.   San Andreas fault ‘locked, […]

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Desert Hot Springs marijuana startup aims to produce 10 thousand pounds of pot monthly

Tom Tucker, CBS Local 2 Morning Anchor, thomas.tucker@cbslocal2.com Artist’s rendering of new 10 acre “Pineapple Park” cannabis cultivation complex planned for Desert Hot Springs.     A Los Angeles-based cannabis company is poised to “rake in the green” at their new operation in Desert Hot Springs. The company, Pineapple Express, Inc., is one of several […]

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‘Marijuana Tampon’ Might Be the End of Your Period Cramps

By Kali Holloway / AlterNet Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Teri Virbickis  Period cramps suck and can turn some women’s menstruation into a monthly encounter with severe and intense pain. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, at least half of all women who get their periods experience one or two days of cramping, […]

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