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Damian Marley Is Converting a California Prison into a Pot Farm

by Andy Gensler Photo: B+ Damian Marley on Sept. 26, 2016 at the former Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, CA, which is being converted into a cannabis grow facility. Damian Marley has announced that he, in partnership with Ocean Grown Extracts, is converting a former 77,000 square foot California State prison into a cannabis grow […]

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New hemp mascot character Asamiko-chan appears in Japan

Oona McGee   With her own official Twitter account and a town in Tottori Prefecturebehind her, Japan’s first ever cannabis character comes dressed as apink-haired shrine maiden.   Ever since Japan’s first lady Akie Abe spoke out in support of reviving the country’s hemp culture in an interview last year, the topic of cannabis cultivation […]

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Micah Nelson, Son of Willie Nelson, Named to Board of Directors for National Hemp Association

By Steve Elliott Willie and Micah Nelson in 2013. Son Micah is now on the Board of Directors of the National Hemp Association (NHA) [ABC 7] History was made in the industrial hemp legalization movement as music fans watched and listened to talented musician Micah Nelson perform with a hemp-made guitar at Farm Aid 2016 […]

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Inside NFL’s Backwards Marijuana Policy

By Ross Benes The NFL continues an authoritarian stance on marijuana use while team doctors still dole out powerful and addictive painkillers   “The medicine being pumped into these guys is just killing people,” Nate Jackson says. “NFL owners think marijuana is something players do to get around the system, not knowing that it’s actually […]

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PHOTOS: We Got Lost In A Hemp Maze Outside Of Nashville

NOBLE PHOTOGRAPHY: SAMANTHA HEARN   Confession: We got lost in a hemp maze. Yup. We spent a Sunday afternoon meandering through a tall, waving forest of industrial hemp and got lost, briefly. But, it’s all good, because we eventually got out and had our camera on us to capture the maze in all of its heavenly hemp […]

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Slovenia – Doctors and the left urge embracing of medical cannabis

  Ljubljana, 21 September – A task force at the Medical Chamber has called for a regulative framework enabling the prescription of marijuana as opposed to only cannabis extracts for medical purposes. The initiative was embraced by the opposition United Left (ZL), which requested on Wednesday a parliamentary session to discuss the topic.   Article […]

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Canadian producers working to meet growing overseas demand for ‘superfood’ hemp seeds

CBC News Meier, president of Hemp Production Services, says hemp has tremendous benefits when it comes to nutrition. (CBC)   Saskatchewan hemp growers and processors have been working to meet the exporting demand for the multi-use crop. Hemp is used in all kinds of products from paper to clothing but has found its calling for […]

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How Medical Cannabis Changed My Life

By Ali Cedar (Photo: Flickr user Martin Alonso)   Medical cannabis is slowly becoming part of the mainstream discussion in the UK. The NHS is trialling a cannabis vape pen, you can now buy medical oils with a high CBD content (the chemical in weed that helps mitigate the symptoms of lots of nasty ailments) […]

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Jack Herer Cup 2016

Here’s the link! http://www.jackherercup.com/

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One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana

  Full Article:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/07/13/one-striking-chart-shows-why-pharma-companies-are-fighting-legal-marijuana/?postshare=1061474156161244&tid=ss_tw-bottom

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