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Matterlab develops hemp and tagua-based FDM 3D printer filaments

  While there are a large number of FDM 3D printer filaments available on the current market, many of us choose to primarily rely on PLA filament for its biodegradable properties. While it also doesn’t suffer from the warping issues common in its main competitor ABS, the idea that all those failed prints don’t end […]

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Eat with Nonna Marijuana to Save Her Daughter’s Cannabis Collective

BY DAVID BIENENSTOCK   Since making her major media debut last year at the age of 91 in the premiere episode of MUNCHIES’ cannabis-meets-cuisine series Bong Appetit, Aurora Leveroni (a.k.a. Nonna Marijuana) has been profiled by NPR, filmed by the BBC, featured on the front page of a major Italian newspaper, and even graced an […]

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La Junta hemp oil plant ramping up

BY CHRIS WOODKA The Pueblo Chieftain   LA JUNTA — A hemp oil processing facility is gearing up for its first year of production in the old Walmart building on U.S. 50. It will also open a new crop market to local farmers. “We already have 40 acres in the ground and we’re planting another […]

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A Depression-Era Medicinal Plant Map of the United States

By Rebecca Onion   Cannabis sativa is on the left-hand side. If you go to the following link and click on the map, a big zoomable map will come up. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_vault/2015/05/13/history_of_medicinal_plants_map_of_the_plants_in_the_united_states_from.html

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Cannabis Legalization 2-Punch by Dave Seber

JACK HERER’S REVENGE (Slightly Revised) I would like to propose that we are now in the time period of “JACK HERER’S REVENGE”. Jack (deceased author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes) was entirely correct when he said cannabis is ONE plant that can do/provide multiple products and uses at the same time. Colorado, Oregon and […]

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Senator: U.S. Ban On Hemp Makes About As Much Sense As ‘A Ban On Portobello Mushrooms’

Matt.Ferner@huffingtonpost.com   Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on Thursday called for ending the federal ban on hemp production in recognition of Hemp History Week. “In my view, keeping the ban on growing hemp makes about as much sense as instituting a ban on portobello mushrooms,” Wyden, who introduced a hemp legalization bill earlier this year, said […]

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Santa Cruz collective WAMM fundraising to buy cannabis garden site

By Samantha Clark, Santa Cruz Sentinel   Since 1993, low-income people with serious illnesses have gotten free or low-cost medicinal pot at the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz. Not only beloved and respected as a model collective, WAMM is also the oldest operating. But now WAMM faces financial troubles that could close […]

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