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Judge feels remorse for doling out 55-year marijuana sentence

by Ted Hesson   Weldon Angelos went to prison at age 24 and may not see freedom until he’s a senior citizen — all for three marijuana charges. The retired federal judge who sentenced Angelos in 2002 now says justice wasn’t served. Paul Cassell, a former federal judge in the Utah circuit, spoke to ABC […]

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Ben & Jerry’s – Weed Ice Cream?

HuffPost Live  |  By Chris Branch   Ben & Jerry’s reputation as a quirky ice cream company is no secret, and every one of their flavors is far from normal. In a HuffPost Live interview Wednesday, founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield hinted that they’d be open to a higher level of experimentation in the […]

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Cypress Hill’s B Real Talks Opening His Medical-Marijuana Dispensary, New All-Star ‘Mixtape’ and ‘Ultimate Stoner Lineup’

By Steve Baltin  B-Real performs with Cypress Hill on Day 6 of the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest on July 9, 2014 in Ottawa, Canada.  Mark Horton/Getty Images   Cypress Hill‘s B Real (whose real name is Louis Freese) has fame and money, but he still needed a lot of luck for his next business venture […]

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Why pot gives you ‘munchies'; what it means for HIV patients

Robert Ferris | @RobertoFerris Choreograph | iStock | Getty Images The same cells in the brain that usually help suppress appetite actually make you want to eat more … when you are stoned. Researchers at Yale University identified a set of brain cells that reverse their behavior when under the influence of cannabis, and say […]

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Bongs for sale in this Walmart in Mexico

By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff   Shoppers at the Walmart store in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, might notice some unusual (for Walmart) products on sale at the cigar kiosk between the store’s bathroom and its photo studio. (Judy Thrush)   Full Article: http://www.thecannabist.co/2015/02/18/walmart-bongs-mexico-playa-del-carmen/29602/

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Paul Krassner honored by Veterans for Peace group

Denise Goolsby, The Desert Sun (Photo: Denise Goolsby/The Desert Sun)   Paul Krassner, co-founder of the political activist group the Yippies and founder of America’s first adult satirical publication, The Realist, was awarded a lifetime achievement award by Veterans for Peace Jon Castro Chapter 19 at the group’s President’s Day awards luncheon Monday at Cimarron […]

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Infamous pot outlaw turns focus to utilitarian hemp

By Chris Anderson Donnie Clark, right, shared a prison cell with his son Duane after both were convicted in a legendary marijuana bust.  HERALD-TRIBUNE ARCHIVE   Prison never bothered Donnie Clark, the pot-growing legend from the swamps of Myakka City whose mischievous life reads like the lyrics to a twangy country music song on a […]

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Tour a SF cannabis dispensary with Google View

by Oscar Pascual Medical marijuana dispensary The Green Cross of San Francicso. (By David Downs) Since Google Maps launched its Street View initiative years ago, folks can step into a virtual storefront to peruse comic book stores, coffee shops, and other businesses before actually setting foot in them. Medical marijuana dispensaries can be added to […]

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Berkeley’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Win Big in Federal Court

Leafly   When federal prosecutors tried to shut down the oldest medical dispensary, not just in Berkeley, but in the entire state of California, the city of Berkeley decided to fight back. Berkeley Patients Group was founded in 1999 and has long been a model for safe access, even as it grew and gained popularity as […]

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Columbia Professor Blasts Media for Parroting Biased Pot Science

By David Downs   Carl Hart, associate professor of psychology at Columbia University, blasted shoddy national reporting on cannabis science during a speech in San Francisco on Sunday, noting how reporters fail to add context to cherry-picked findings. The problem is not scientists over-interpreting results, so much as it is drug war profiteers and lazy […]

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