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Henry Rollins Shares 10 Things You Don’t Know About Marijuana (unless you’ve read The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer)

by Oscar Pascual in Lifestyle, television   Punk rock icon Henry Rollins sheds light on little-known historical facts in his History Channel show, 10 Things You Don’t Know About. This week’s episode tackles the facts behind marijuana. Rollins explores gems such as the origins of the word “marijuana” and the industrial roots of hemp production, […]

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Marijuana Use Is Associated With Increased Survival In Brain Injury Patients

By Paul Armentano   Traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients with a history of cannabis use possess increased survival rates compared to non-users, according data published this month in the scientific journal The American Surgeon. UCLA Medical Center investigators conducted a three-year retrospective review of brain trauma patients. Data from 446 separate cases of similarly injured […]

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GW’s shares slump after NHS rejects cannabis drug over cost

A PIONEERING cannabis drug developed by British firm GW Pharmaceuticals for treating spasticity in multiple sclerosis has been rejected as not cost-effective.       Full Article: http://www.cityam.com/1412816336/gw-s-shares-slump-after-nhs-rejects-cannabis-drug-over-cost

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Interstellar, Man: Carl Sagan’s Newly Released Pot Papers Reveal A Cosmos

David Downs Iconic astronomer/author Carl Sagan — muzzled by the Feds in life, preaches legalization from beyond this pale blue dot. (image via Marijuana.com) Carl Sagan would have loved 2014: commercial space vehicles, an exploding list of exoplanets, and legal weed — gloriously legal weed. MarijuanaMajority.com founder Tom Angell spent a few days this summer […]

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Marijuana in a Muslim land: Looking to Morocco as it considers medical pot

By Paul Schemm and Smail Bellaoualli, Associated Press   Kettama, Morocco – In the rugged Rif mountains, Abdelkhalek Benabdallah strode among towering marijuana plants, checking the buds for the telltale spots of white that indicate they are ready for harvest. Much of the crop had been picked and left to dry on the roofs of […]

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Rocker Ryan Adams – Cannabis helps inner ear disorder

by WENN   Rocker Ryan Adams smokes cannabis to help him cope with an inner ear disorder. The singer/songwriter suffers from Meniere’s disease, which causes debilitating dizzy spells, but he finds relief by puffing weed.   Full Article: http://www.contactmusic.com/story/ryan-adams-uses-cannabis-to-cope-with-health-troubles_4399057

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Cannabis Reduces Pain From Fibromyalgia Studies Show

Frank Bouc   For states who have not made medical cannabis legal, they do not understand the significant pain endured by fibromyalgia patients. Many patients are shamed and labeled as hypochondriacs, but their pain is real, yet the level of medical response is not. The pain echoing in the muscles can cripple someone’s life, and yet […]

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Long ‘pot’ drive ahead for rural Nevadans

James DeHaven   Medical marijuana patients in much of rural Nevada will have a long drive to get their medicine, based on where applications for dispensaries were filed by groups seeking to enter the business. Eleven of Nevada’s 17 counties, all of them rural, saw no dispensary applications at all. No applications for other related […]

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Thousands drawn to Vegas green — HempFest, that is

By BEN BOTKIN LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL   They came from near and far, converging in Las Vegas for a green-tinged celebration of hemp. Some had green T-shirts or green socks. Images of marijuana plants were everywhere, on signs and T-shirts for sale. One said “free my meds” above a picture of a marijuana plant. On […]

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A 3D Printed, Wifi Enabled Medical Marijuana Inhaler

Jennifer Hicks The world of 3D printing shows no signs of stopping. From 3D printed guns and medical implants to food and shoes, it seems that just about anything can be 3D printed. An Israeli company, Syqe Medical, thinks it has a way to make medical marijuana more accepted with the help of 3D printing. […]

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