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Oklahoma Initiative Drive To Legalize Medical Marijuana Underway

Posted by Johnny Green   The organization Oklahomans for Health officially launched its petition drive to legalize medical cannabis last week with a press conference held by Senator Constance Johnson, a longtime supporter of legalizing medical cannabis. Advocates will be required to collect roughly 155,000 valid signatures in order for the initiative to qualify for this November’s ballot. Full Article: http://www.theweedblog.com/oklahoma-initiative-drive-to-legalize-medical-marijuana-underway/

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New Colorado Law Establishes State-run Marijuana Banking Co-ops

Posted by: : Paul Ebeling   Friday, Colorado’s governor signed into law a measure to create the nation’s 1st state-run Marijuana financial cooperative, potentially giving newly legalized Cannabis vendors access to banking services through the US Federal Reserve system. The bill signed by Governor John Hickenlooper permits the creation of so-called “Cannabis Co-ops” similar to credit unions […]

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First Recreational Cannabis Retail Outlet in Washington State to Open July 1st

Washington State’s first-ever legal recreational cannabis outlet will open on July 1st in Spokane. Sean Green, owner of Kouchlock Productions (a company which currently operates a medical cannabis dispensary in Shoreline and Spokane), was the first person to receive a license to produce and process recreational cannabis, which he began in March. An individual named Scott O’Neil will […]

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Mexican President Suggests Possible Marijuana Legalization

By Reuters   Mexico and the United States cannot pursue diverging policies on marijuana legalization, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was quoted as saying on Sunday, hinting he may be open to following the lead taken by some U.S. states in relaxing marijuana laws.   Full Article: http://www.thedailychronic.net/2014/33245/mexican-president-suggests-possible-marijuana-legalization/  

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Cannabis Research Saves NASA Astronaut’s Spaceflight Risks

Added by Daniel J. Gomez   There are infinite reasons why NASA has sustained interest in mining the Heliosphere for discoveries and benefits for humanity to bring back to Earth, perhaps even unfolding the secrets to sustaining life for as long as possible. The International Space Station (ISS) is an unprecedented human achievement, the orbiting laboratory provides a unique microgravity […]

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Pot for pets? Cannabis now helping dogs and cats

Herb Weisbaum | @TheConsumerman Source: Kelly Conway Kelly Conway says cannabis didn’t cure Georgia, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but she’s no longer in pain. Georgia, a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a medical marijuana patient. Kelly Conway, Georgia’s owner, takes some heat when she tells friends about the unorthodox treatment. “People will say they […]

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This Guy Wants to Be Berlin’s First Weed Van Man

By Matern Boeselager    The purchase of marijuana is generally prohibited in Germany, the exception being Berlin’s Görlitzer Park, which has long been an oasis for weed consumers and served as a shining example of the capital’s rather lenient drug policy. Throughout the years, the residents of the traditionally left-wing Kreuzberg neighbourhood have co-existed in a […]

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Clark County picks 18 applicants for medical marijuana dispensaries

Ben Botkin at bbotkin@reviewjournal.com   They came from near and far. Las Vegas Valley developers, medical marijuana industry veterans from Colorado and area doctors were among them. The odds were against them. Seventy-nine applicants — down from 81 — aiming for part of the region’s next industry: medical marijuana. And Clark County had just 18 slots […]

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Bitcoin Could Change Voting the Way It’s Changed Money

Written by MEGHAN NEAL @meghannealmeghan.neal@vice.com   There’s a sense bubbling up in the cryptocorners of the internet that the trick to bitcoin might be that it doesn’t have to be a currency at all. Maybe cryptocurrency’s fundamental value is as a security protocol—a safe, anonymous, hack-proof network that decentralizes trust and democratizes power. And maybe a hitherto overlooked use […]

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Arizona Judge Orders State to Add PTSD to Medical Marijuana Program

By Drug Policy Alliance   Arizona On the Road to Becoming Twelfth State to Provide PTSD Patients Access to Medical Marijuana; Veterans, Medical Professionals and Advocates Winning in Three Year Quest To Change Arizona Law and Acknowledge Medical Marijuana’s Benefit for PTSD PHOENIX, AZ – After years of hard-fought efforts a coalition of patients, medical professionals, […]

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