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Italy’s Largest Police Union Now Supports Legalizing Cannabis

CHUCK LUDLEY The largest police union in Italy just came out in support of cannabis legalization. The union is now the most recent group to voice support for Italy’s growing legalization movement. And an increasing number of law enforcement agencies in Italy see legalization as a way to fight organized crime.   Full Article:  https://www.greenrushdaily.com/2016/09/19/italys-police-union-supports-cannabis/

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High hopes for houses made from hemp

by Steve Gillman Hemp can be used to create furniture, roof tiles and even sustainable concrete. Image credit: Pixabay/ rexmedlen   A cutting-edge refinery is processing specially bred hemp and researching innovative new biomaterials that could help build future eco-friendly homes. Hemp has some of the strongest fibres found in nature and was used for […]

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Bayer agrees to buy Monsanto in $66 billion deal that could reshape agriculture

By Drew Harwell   Seed and chemical giants Bayer and Monsanto said Wednesday that they will merge to become one of the world’s biggest agriculture giants, a $66 billion mega-deal that could reshape the future of farming and enhance their influence over the planet’s food supply. Bayer, the German firm better known for pharmaceuticals such as […]

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Beauty Hacks: 4 benefits of hemp oil you didnt know

Pulse Staff   Hemp often referred to as cannabis or marijuana. Widely known for its narcotic properties than its therapeutic uses and benefits, the hemp oil itself is rich in essential fatty acids. According to Ecomall.com, hemp oil can prevent moisture loss in the skin and help prevent premature aging, and is effective in maintaining […]

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How Cannabis Can Help Heal Broken Bones

CASEY RILEY   A study released just last year reveals that cannabis improves the way in which the body heals broken bones. Researchers from the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research took to the laboratory to examine how cannabis can help heal broken bones. We’ll give you the details of the study and its implications […]

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American Legion Calls for Marijuana Rescheduling

BY TOM ANGELL   The nation’s largest military veterans organization is officially calling on the federal government to reschedule marijuana. The American Legion, which has more than 2 million members, passed a resolution at its annual convention last week urging Congress to “amend legislation to remove marijuana from schedule I and reclassify it in a […]

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Cannabis will be the new must-have beauty ingredient, researchers predict

Victoria Hall Cannabis: a key beauty ingredient for 2016  CREDIT: REX FEATURES   When it comes to new buzz ingredients, the beauty industry loves anything quirky – hence the fascination with bee venom, placentas and snail mucus. And now it seems cannabis if the predictions from the trend forecasters at The Future Laboratory are correct. […]

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Hemp, Flax Growing as Auto Plastics Building Blocks

Mandy Kovacs | WardsAuto Ford’s Mielewski says almost 300 parts in automaker’s vehicles derived from sources including flax, soybeans, cotton, wood, jute and natural rubber.   Auto-components researchers are developing the use of grasses such as hemp or flax to make tough but lightweight bioplastics that also help reduce a vehicle’s carbon footprint by using […]

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Hemp plot being planted on University of Louisville’s campus

  The University of Louisville is planting hemp. A 40 x 40 plot is being planted Tuesday near The Phoenix House on the Belknap Campus. It’s part of the research being done by the J.B. Speed School and Conn Center.   Full Article:  http://www.wdrb.com/story/32823479/hemp-plot-being-planted-on-u-of-ls-campus

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Three Revolutionary New Hemp Technologies for a Better Environment

By: Mitchell Colbert     Hemp has been reported to have some of the most diverse uses out of any plant currently known. One new use for hemp is as a raw material for biofuels, namely as cellulosic ethanol, which unlike other methods of making biofuels, uses a plant’s cellulose instead of the oil or […]

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