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Legal recreational marijuana looming in Nevada future

by Phil Hevener   Nevada’s medical marijuana regs will get close attention when lawmakers set up shop in Carson City early next year, and no one will be more interested than resort operators who are skilled at satisfying high rollers even when there is a tendency to look the other way while doing it.   […]

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Players Network Announces Approval of Conditional Use Permits for Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production Facilities

The City of North Las Vegas has Granted Green Leaf Farms Holdings Two Conditional Use Permits for its Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production Facilites LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2014 / Players Network (PNTV), a Digital Television, Technology and New Media company that develops, owns, and operates Branded Lifestyle Channel Destinations announces […]

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Billboard for Jeff Mizanskey, Man Serving Life for Pot, Placed Near Governor’s Mansion

By Ray Downs   The marijuana reform group Show-Me Cannabis recently purchased billboard space less than two miles away from the governor’s mansion. The billboard urges people to call Nixon directly and ask for the release of Mizanskey, who is 21 years into a life-without-parole sentence for marijuana-only charges.Governor Jay Nixon is the only person […]

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Smoking Marijuana Can Protect You From Ebola

by Michael D’Alimonte Photo cred – weedstergram   Not a day has gone by in the last few weeks without a mention of Ebola. Having made its way into North America, Ebola has become reached the top of the “to fear” list, making many worry that it will only be a matter of time before […]

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Judge halts Lake County warrantless raids on medical pot patients

By Bob Egelko   After a series of warrantless raids on the homes of medical marijuana patients under a voter-approved ordinance in Lake County, a federal judge has called a halt, saying officers need court approval before entering private property and seizing pot plants. The patients are likely to succeed in showing that the searches […]

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Punishment for Hash Brownie Baker Drops From 10 Years in Prison to Seven Years of Probation

Jacob Sullum Fox 7   The Austin American-Statesman reports that Jacob Lavoro, the Texas teenager who originally faced a sentence of 10 years to life after he was caught with a pound and a half of hash-infused cookies and brownies, will get seven years of probation under a plea deal with the Williamson County District Attorney’s Office. […]

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Eric Holder’s New Civil Rights Chief Is More Evolved On Marijuana Than He Is

Ryan J. Reilly The newly named acting head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has called for the legalization and regulation of marijuana, putting her ahead of Attorney General Eric Holder on that issue. Vanita Gupta, the senior American Civil Liberties Union attorney who will take over the Civil Rights Division next week, wrote […]

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Canna-Pet Will Produce First American-grown Hemp Products

    Cannabis Therapy Corp., developer of phytocannabinoid-based medicinal products for humans and animals, recently announced that it passed preharvest inspection by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and subsequently harvested its first-ever hemp crop. With less than 0.3 percent THC content, the hemp will be integrated legally into product development and commercial applications.   Full […]

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Green winter clothes: stay warm and save the planet

by Networx.com   Hemp (yes, it’s made from the stems of cannabis sativa) is the rising star of the eco-friendly fabric world, due to its many virtues, including sustainability, durability, light weight, and absorbency. This latter quality makes it a good choice for warm winter clothes.   Full Article: http://www.kten.com/story/26781304/green-winter-clothes-stay-warm-and-save-the-planet

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Bio-Material Made of Hemp Absorbs Pollutants and Improves Insulation

Mila Luleva   It has become very clear by now that the construction industry is among the most polluting sectors of the economy, yet society cannot do without it. It is also just as clear that trees are the most effective measure against CO2 pollution. Now, British researchers have decided to take the best of […]

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