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Seniors Are Seeking Out States Where Marijuana is Legal

Chris Taylor / Reuters Norma Jean Gargasz—Alamy   The top moving destination in 2014 was Oregon, which voted to legalize marijuana last November. When choosing retirement locales, a few factors pop to mind: climate, amenities, proximity to grandchildren, access to quality healthcare. Chris Cooper had something else to consider – marijuana laws. The investment adviser […]

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Hempcrete is the newest green building material

Stephen Hanley   Add hemp fiber to lime and you get a lightweight building material that can be shaped like a cinder block. When fully cured, it floats in water. Buildings up to 10 stories tall have been built from hempcrete in Europe according to Philly.com. Hempcrete is made using the woody, balsa-like interior of the Cannabis sativa […]

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Senators Tell DEA to Stop Messing With State Hemp Crops

Elizabeth Nolan Brown   American-grown hemp may get another boost from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Last Friday, the Kentucky Republican added a provision to the agriculture appropriations bill to help hemp farmers transport crops across state lines sans federal interference. “Kentucky’s industrial hemp pilot programs continue to prosper,” said McConnell, “and I want to […]

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D.C. State Fair to Include ‘Best Bud’ Cannabis Contest

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)   At D.C.’s state fair on Sept. 12, city residents will be able to show off standard items like pies, flowers and pickled veggies, but there will also be a new competition — “Best Bud.” That’s right, city residents can potentially win a blue ribbon for their homegrown marijuana. With […]

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Kanèsis Looks to Bring Hemp Filament to Market for 3D Printing Hemp Drones & Much More

  BY EDDIE KRASSENSTEIN   Cannabis has been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly for issues related to marijuana. Whether it has been the use of marijuana for medical purposes or for recreational use, there has been much political debate lately over whether or not it should be legalized. No matter what side […]

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A third of region’s drivers test ‘false positive’ after roadside swipes

Darren Coyne NSW police conducting roadside testing in Lismore. (Darren Coyne) More than a third of northern rivers drivers who tested positive to roadside drug tests in a recent statewide police operation were deemed ‘false positives’ after re-testing again in mobile buses. That’s according to figures obtained by theEchonetdaily this week, following Operation Saturation, a […]

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A Scramble Is On To Save One Of California’s Iconic Medical Pot Collectives

Mollie Reilly   In 1974, Valerie Corral began treating her seizures with homegrown cannabis. Forty-one years later, the iconic organization she co-founded to help others heal with marijuana is in danger of closing permanently. The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, California, provides medical cannabis to seriously ill patients at little or no […]

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Oregon Airport OKs Pot on Planes

BY TOM ANGELL   Thanks to Oregon’s marijuana legalization law that went into effect last week, pot-possessing passengers traveling through Portland International Airport won’t run into any police problems, as long as their flight stays within the state and they don’t toke up while up in the air. “If their ticket shows that they’re traveling within […]

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Marijuana Banking Bill Introduced

By Michael Muckian   Five lawmakers from three states lit up the U.S. Senate in Washington today by introducing the first-ever marijuana banking bill. The bipartisan bill would give state-compliant cannabis businesses access to the banking system by protecting financial institutions against prosecution or asset forfeiture for providing services to those businesses. The Marijuana Business […]

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