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National Geographic loves weed so much, they’re devoting an entire print issue to it

By Xeni Jardin   The high times, they are a-changing: editors of National Geographic chose cannabis as the theme of their next print issue. The first article to hit the web examines the cannabis treatments for child epilepsy as a likely path toward legalization. “The drug’s ability to reduce seizures in some children has softened […]

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Activist lit up joint on live TV because ‘interview was stressful’

Eyewitness News Screengrab of Andre du Plessis smoking a dagga joint during SABC’s Newsroom interview on 11 May 2015. JOHANNESBURG – Head of the Cannabis Working Group Andre du Plessis has defended himself saying he lit up and starting smoking a dagga joint on live television this week because his interview on SABC’s Newsroom programme became “too […]

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Watch Texas’ First Big TV Ad for Pot Decriminalization

By David Downs   As California goes, so goes the nation — and the nation is waking up to the ravages of cannabis prohibition. Over in the Lone Star state, a last-minute push to get weed decriminalized will includebroadcast television ads aimed at persuading voters and their representatives. In the ad, a folksy Texas Hill […]

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First Cannabis Festival in Greece

by Philip Chrysopoulos   The first cannabis festival in Greece is taking place today at Syntagma Square in Athens with the participation of the organized SYRIZA youth and the human rights department of the party. The advocates of legalization of cannabis who have organized the festival call it Athens Cannabis Protestival and they ask for […]

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Brad Irvin: It All Started with a Handful of Hemp Seeds

Brad Irvin: Hippie Butter He was a world traveler and worked with well-known musical artists to engineer a cool crisp sound for their various concerts, but as amazing as this was for him, his interest was drawn away from it to pursue another endeavor and it all started out with a handful of hemp seeds. Brad Irvin, founder and CEO […]

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‘420 Games’ Set Out to Prove Stoners Can Play Sports Too

DANIEL NUSSBAUM California marijuana enthusiasts will have the chance this month to break some long-held stereotypes and prove they can play sports too, when the “420 Games,” a kind of “stoner Olympics,” debuts in San Jose. The 420 Games, beginning May 17 at San Jose’s Hellyer Park, will feature a 5K run, half marathons, triathlons, […]

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Kentucky’s 2015 Hemp Crop to Exceed 1,700 Acres; Up from 33 Acres in 2014

By Thomas H. Clarke |  The Daily Chronic   Kentucky’s hemp crop is expected to exceed 1,700 acres in 2015, up from just a 33 acres last year, state agriculture officials said this week. At a news conference Tuesday, state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer announced that 121 participants have been selected to grow hemp in Kentucky […]

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Marijuana Legalization Bill Advances in Texas

Jacob Sullum Office of David Simpson   Remember David Simpson, the self-described constitutional conservative who opposes marijuana prohibition on Christian grounds and wants to legalize the plant in Texas? Yesterday his legalization bill, which eliminates marijuana offenses (except for sales to minors) from the Texas criminal code, cleared the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, making it […]

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3,200 protesters storm courthouse for marijuana reform in Fort Worth

Over 3,200 people from across Texas marched through downtown Fort Worth for the Global Marijuana March on Saturday, May 2. Over 3,200 protesters marched on the courthouse in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday, took it over, and staged a massive protest which included openly smoking large amounts of marijuana as dozens of officers stood and […]

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Gov. Mary Fallin signs bill authorizing medical trials of cannabis oil for childhood illnesses

OKLAHOMA CITY — Legislation authorizing medical trials for children with severe forms of epilepsy by using an oil derived from the marijuana plant has been signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin.   Full Article: http://www.tribtown.com/view/story/d83dd5f7316a4f0e93d77b8db8c7e5d2/OK–Cannabis-Oil-Oklahoma

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