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Grass Fed: Documentary tracks comic’s slim-down courtesy medical marijuana

BILL BROWNSTEIN, MONTREAL GAZETTE       Montreal filmmaker Ezra Soiferman could have considered calling his latest documentary Mission Impossible. The task at hand was daunting: Soiferman sought to chronicle wild-man Montrealer Mike Paterson’s efforts to get in shape before his wedding. Paterson, a gonzo wit/wrestler/actor/pitchman, merely wanted to lose 50 pounds in four months […]

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Marijuana’s surprising vision benefit – Marijuana use by pregnant women has been shown to have a surprising benefit for how their children see moving objects

NZ Newswire   A study of children exposed to recreational drugs in the womb has turned up the surprising result that marijuana can improve how they see moving things. Children exposed to marijuana were 50 per cent better at the global motion task – detecting movement of signal dots against the background “noise” of other […]

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Oklahoma medical marijuana advocate to receive humanitarian award

By Russell Mills   becoming an advocate for medical marijuana began at home, when he began researching ways to help alleviate his wife’s debilitating migraines. The more research he did, the more he became convinced that medical marijuana is a moral issue, and when he talks about it his passion is easy to hear. “Medical […]

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Vermont’s first-ever cannabis craze

By PAUL HELLER For the Times Argus Provided photo Thaddeus Fairbanks While promoting the propagation of hemp in 1830s Caledonia County, Erastus Fairbanks and his brother Thaddeus developed an invention that was to create a family fortune, transform the town of St. Johnsbury, and help inaugurate a political dynasty. Subsequent to promoting the propagation of cannabis […]

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Field Dispatch: Inside South Dakota’s Grassroots Movement to Legalize Medical Cannabis

By Leafly Staff   When you’re fighting for cannabis in a conservative state, you take inspiration where you can find it. Last year Melissa Mentele and Joy Beukelman (pictured below), two thirty-something moms living in small South Dakota farm towns, watched the documentary Evergreen, which chronicled the 2012 legalization campaign in Washington State. “We saw […]

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Cannabis Animal Chews Are Human Tested

Debra Borchardt   Many people disagree with testing drugs on animals before giving them to humans, but what about testing drugs on humans before giving them to animals? That’s exactly what is happening with cannabis. There are several companies that have developed hemp-based products for animals, mostly intended for dogs. The edible products are suggested […]

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Under the Radar: Medicating in a Prohibition State

By Ben Miller   For a comparatively small number of U.S. citizens, accessing cannabis can be as simple as walking down the street to a recreational or medical dispensary and purchasing enough high-quality cannabis to last until they decide to go back and get more — no questions asked. Yet, for anyone who doesn’t live […]

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Students with life-threatening medical conditions can now legally take medical marijuana in New Jersey schools

Andre Mitchell Reuters –Vendors openly sell marijuana plants and by-products during the ‘Weed the People’ event to celebrate the legalisation of recreational use of marijuana in Portland, Oregon, on July 3, 2015. Students in New Jersey with developmental disabilities can now take their doses of medical marijuana in schools, as long as they have proper […]

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Army Vet Faces Felony For Helping Other Veterans Treat PTSD With Cannabis

  A US Army veteran came home to face the struggle of PTSD. To combat its symptoms, he turned to various drugs, some of which he nearly overdosed to death on. Eventually, he found one that worked – marijuana. Now, Sean Kiernan and his wife are awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to felony charges relating to growing marijuana […]

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Veterans drop hundreds of empty pill bottles in front of the White House

By Perry Stein   A couple dozen servicemen and women marched to the White House this Veterans Day and dumped a large box of empty pill containers, calling on the president and other federal officials to make medical marijuana accessible to veterans. “Here’s what the over-medication of our veterans looks like,” they said as they spilled […]

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