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Legalized Medical Marijuana: Could It Cure the Epidemic of Painkiller Overdoses?

By Motley Fool     America in 2014 faces an epidemic of drug overdoses. But it’s not heroin, crack cocaine, or methamphetamines that’s killing us. It’s opioid pain relievers. But new research just published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association       (JAMA ) suggests that recent moves to legalize the […]

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Australian scientists recognised at Mullum Bio-charfest

Luke Mortimer BIG HIT: John Sanderson from Earth Systems shows off some biochar at Mullumbimby’s Bio-charfest at the weekend.Luke Mortimer   THE internationally-recognised innovation of Australian eco-scientists and researchers was highlighted at Mullumbimby’s Bio-charfest at the weekend. Industry experts on environmental issues offered presentations on topics ranging from biochar manufacture to hemp production, carbon farming […]

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Marijuana can prevent PTSD

  Washington: A new study has revealed that taking marijuana soon after a traumatic event can prevent PTSD-like (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms in rats, caused by the trauma and by trauma reminders. The importance of this study is that it contributes to the understanding of the brain basis of the positive effect cannabis has on […]

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Cancer-stricken Mackenzie prepares for pot sentencing

By Rachel Warmke, rwarmke@qconline.com   His gait is slow, and his eyelids often battle against the weight of sleep. Benton Mackenzie struggles, pausing to rest on each step as he climbs to the main floor of his parents’ two-story home, tucked between Eldridge and Long Grove. His eyes close and his back hunches from the […]

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Court Rules Workers Comp Must Cover Medical Marijuana

By Sarah Fruchtnicht   An injured worker who was prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor will be covered by worker’s compensation, the New Mexico Court of Appeals ruled. Gregory Vialpando claims he experienced severe pain after failed spinal surgeries to fix a back injury he suffered on the job. He met the threshold for payments […]

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New Study: Marijuana Compound Found to Prevent Blindness

by Elizabeth Renter   Among the many benefits of marijuana, such as its ability to inhibit cancer growth and halt seizures, the treatment of glaucoma has been long-standing and widely accepted. Well, a new study indicates the herb could also work to prevent blindness from another eye disease—retinitis pigmentosa. Retinitis pigmentosa is a condition that […]

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Freitag Launches 100 Percent Compostable Clothing Made From Plants

by Lori Zimmer   Freitag has made a name for themselves repurposing truck tarpaulins into stylish messenger bags and purses. Now, the Zurich-based company is coming out with a small apparel line, made from their newly developed biodegradable textile, F-abric. Made from fibers sourced in Europe, the F-abric clothing will begin to decompose within three […]

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THC In Cannabis Has Potential Therapeutic Effects On Alzheimer’s Disease

by T Goodman   “THC is known to be a potent antioxidant with neuroprotective properties, but this is the first report that the compound directly affects Alzheimer’s pathology by decreasing amyloid beta levels, inhibiting its aggregation, and enhancing mitochondrial function,” said lead author of the study, Chuanhai Cao. Dr. Cao reported that the concentrations of […]

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Medical Use of Marijuana for Dogs – The Irreverent Vet Speaks Out

By: Irreverent Vet   I would absolutely give my dog marijuana if it would improve his quality of life in the face of pain and anorexia. I would even go so far as trying to find someone that knew someone that would sell me a dime bag and make special cookies if I must! Of course, […]

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Italy Poised to Release 10,000 Cannabis Inmates

Raylan Campbell   Italy is poised to release about ten thousand inmates due to a shift in sentencing laws that eases punishment for cannabis use, growth and possession. The change comes as a result of the striking down of a law that previously tripled cannabis related sentences. The estimate is that about 40% of Italian inmates were […]

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