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1000 Free Medical Marijuana Recommendations for San Jose Residents Today 7/10 at City Hall Rally

  Cannabis Clubs will be protesting today in front of San Jose City Hall from 12:00pm-7:10pm Thursday, July 10th. The first 1,000 San Jose residents to attend will be given a voucher for a free medical cannabis evaluation, and if they qualify as a medical cannabis patient, they can get a free Medical Marijuana Recommendation […]

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Supercool Dude in Tie-dye Shirt Fired for Waiting 19 Hours to Buy Legal Weed, ‘Still #1 Tho!!’

By Joe Coscarelli   If there is a more chill man than Mike Boyer, we haven’t heard of him. After waiting 19 hours to become the first person to buy legalized marijuana in Spokane, Washington, Boyer’s local celeb status cost him his job as a security guard. He is most definitely not sweating it: “I’m still […]

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Kentucky’s first hemp crop growing quickly; sprouting interest

By Lawrence Smith - email   Kentucky’s first legal hemp crop in more than 50 years is growing quickly.After just six weeks in the ground, the hemp seeds planted May 27 at the University of Kentucky, have grown to about 5-feet tall.“Six weeks in, it’s looking just fine,” said UK agronomist David Williams.   Full Article: […]

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Bio Facades Generate Energy For Buildings

  Vertical gardens, solar panels and smart glass have become popular facade materials for their green credentials, but bio façades take things a step further, generating energy for their buildings. The trend toward bio-materials is a trend being driven by the depletion of fossil fuels. Buildings are responsible for approximately 40 per cent of the world’s total energy […]

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Seattle’s Top Cop Buys Pot — Legally!

BY DRHEINS    WASHINGTON: The Evergreen State became the second state in the union to allow for recreational marijuana sales to adults.  More than 200 customers waited in line, along with an equal number of press — straight, cannabis and internet — at Seattle’s Cannabis City in SODO.   Full Article: http://mjnewsnetwork.com/news/seattles-top-cop-buys-pot-legally/

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The Other Cannabis War
: The Battle Over Hemp

By COCO MCPHERSON   In the annals of strange bedfellow politics, the story of how, in 2014, industrial hemp emerged from Drug War purgatory is an epic one. But even for long-time hemp advocates, the sight of Rep. Thomas Massie, a conservative Republican from northern Kentucky, biting jubilantly into a hemp bar on live TV last month was […]

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Get Your FREE Copy Of The Marijuana Grow Bible Right Now!

by Johnny Green Robert Bergman has truly outdone himself this time! The Marijuana Grow Bible simply has to be the MOST DEFINITIVE GUIDE EVER for marijuana growers, and marijuana lovers, everywhere. This invaluable, fully comprehensive and professionally compiled 58 page guide contains everything you need to know, and much more, about growing your own marijuana. It […]

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How To Brew Cannabis Tinctures (Eyedroppers Full Of Happiness)

Andrew Tarantola, Gawker Media   Now that you’re good and deafened from last night’s Independence Day celebrations, it’s time to do something productive with your recovery day-like, say, brewing alcohol-derived cannabis concentrates that will have you melting into your couch all day tomorrow. What is a Tincture? Unlike Cold Water Press or Bubble Hash, which respectively […]

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Medical Marijuana Farmers Market Opens to Big Crowds


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Arkansas – Campaigns make last push before petition deadline

by The Associated Press     Beyond fireworks, American flags and barbecue, be prepared for another sight at Arkansas’ Fourth of July festivals and parades this weekend: Someone asking for signatures.Supporters of efforts to raise the state’s minimum wage, legalize medical and recreational uses of marijuana and expand alcohol sales are making a last push to […]

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