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Global Capitalism Would Make A Pack Of Fully Legal Cannabis Joints Cost 50 Cents, Not $50

Tim Worstall   There’s an interesting piece over at Fast Company ruminating on what the cost of a pack of legal cannabis joints would be. The answer they come up with is around $50, with perhaps the top end premium products at the $120 of the current marketplace. There’s a problem with this calculation though for in […]

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Hemp seeds and chia seeds alone are a plentiful enough source to build and sustain tissues, even in athletes

Samantha Chang   The Paleo diet is the most popular diet around today, with a huge celebrity following. Most people think it’s impossible to be vegan on the meat-heavy Paleo diet, but the authors of Paleo Vegan: Plant-Based Primal Recipes have proven otherwise.   Full Article: http://www.examiner.com/article/paleo-vegan-cookbook-authors-say-you-can-eat-paleo-on-a-plant-based-diet

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PBS to Release Cannabis Infused Seasonings for the Hispanic Market

PBS Holdings announced a line of cannabis infused seasonings geared towards the Hispanic consumer. In a release on March 18, the Company said that this will be the third addition to its cannabis edibles product line.   Full Article: http://www.4-traders.com/PBS-HLDG-164208/news/PBS–to-Release-Cannabis-Infused-Seasonings-for-the-Hispanic-Market-18134736/

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Kinky Friedman: Where There’s A Weed There’s A Way

by: Joe Deshotel     On Thursday morning Kinky Friedman, Democratic candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, sat down for an interview with the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith. Kinky is a well-known but polarizing figure finding himself in a run off with the unknown and plain named Jim Hogan who openly views himself as a protest vote after […]

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John Sajo – Oregon

By John Sajo   Last November I wrote an op-ed in the Oregonian where I seconded that newpaper’s call for the Oregon Legislature to refer a marijuana legalization measure to Oregon voters. The Oregonian, and other commentators, have argued that the legislature could write a better law than marijuana activists. Unfortunately, the Oregon Legislature has […]

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Indiana – Pot at the State Fair?

Posted by David Hoppe COURTESY OF VOTEHEMP.COM   State legislators didn’t just write in an allowance for beer and wine at the State Fair during their most recent session. They also passed Indiana Senate Bill 357, legalizing the production of industrial hemp. Hemp, of course, is marijuana, albeit with an inconsequential ration of THC. Hemp is […]

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WATCH: Biologist explains how marijuana drives tumor cells to ‘suicide’

By Arturo Garcia A December 2013 video that has been picking up attention in medical marijuana advocacy circles points out the benefits of the drug’s active ingredient in cancer treatments.   Full Article: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/03/20/watch-biologist-explains-how-marijuana-drives-tumor-cells-to-suicide/

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Medical marijuana means big business in unexpected places

Spencer Lubitz   Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – The decision to allow dispensaries and growth facilities in Clark County is creating a new marijuana industry, expected to bring in new jobs and money across the valley. The creation of this new trade category is expected to have a positive ripple effect on several other established industries, […]

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Group has interest in unionizing cannabis workers

Reported by: Vicki Gonzalez Email: vgonzalez@mynews3.com There are new developments in the push to get medical marijuana dispensaries up and running in Nevada. State regulations got the green light and health officials also heard from the public including the possibility to unionize future Nevada medical marijuana workers. Full Article: http://www.mynews3.com/content/news/story/Group-has-interest-in-unionizing-cannabis-workers/pMnLmeM570Wjrqb0spbT3g.cspx

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Behind the scenes with Doug Benson on the first talk show for celebrity pot smokers – The popular comedian helps bring fellow marijuana enthusiasts out of the closet

By Eric Pfeiffer     Marijuana culture has gone so mainstream it now has its own talk show. And some very famous people are turning up not only to say they smoke pot, but that they’re happy to do it live in front of anyone with an Internet connection. “People shouldn’t feel shame for enjoying marijuana,” […]

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