Hemp Fuel Pellets: A Great Alternative for Heating

By Kathy Garton


The winter season is quickly approaching and with it, the need for a reliable heat source. Wood pellet stoves are becoming popular because of the reduced cost compared to propane, electricity and heating fuel. Wood is also a renewable resource. However, the quality of wood makes a big difference. Issues like softwood, hardwood and whether or not there is bark included in the pellets can make a huge difference in the type of heat provided and the amount of ash produced.
This is where hemp fuel pellets come in. Hemp pellets produce around 2% ash and can be used in a large range of pellet burners currently on the market today. Hemp is less corrosive to burn than wood pellets, creates less ash, and always has the same high quality as what you find in premium grade wood pellets. This product comes from the shiv of the hemp stalk and has no possibility of including any additional material that can lead to a lower grade of quality.
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