Scientists find cannabis extract can help save bees from pesticide poisoning

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A team from Lublin’s Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, led by Professor Aneta Ptaszyńska (pictured), are the first in the world to test the longevity of bees who have been exposed to pesticides after receiving hemp extract.Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej
Scientists have discovered that hemp extract can help bees survive poisoning by pesticides.
The team from Lublin’s Maria Curie-Skłodowska University are the first in the world to test the longevity of bees who have been exposed to pesticides after receiving hemp extract.
Team leader Professor Aneta Ptaszyńska said: “There are reports that hemp extract protects human nerve cells, we decided to check whether it would be the same in the case of a bee.
“For now, we know that the extract extends the life of bees that have been exposed to pesticides.
“The tested insects lived comparatively as long as those that had never had contact with harmful substances.”
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Former GM plant tapped for hemp decortication in Texas

Hemp Industry Daily
Former GM plant tapped for hemp decortication in Texas
A Dallas company that specializes in developing large-scale industrial projects has chosen the Texas town of Wichita Falls for a new hemp decortication facility.
The U.S. has few decortication facilities. Panda Biotech claims the plant they’re building will be the largest hemp-fiber decortication facility in the U.S.Panda Biotech said Tuesday it has contracted 500,000 square feet for the facility, along with the surrounding 97-acre campus that formerly was a General Motors plant.
Panda Biotech said it plans to install machinery capable of decorticating 10 tons of raw hemp an hour. The company also plans to cottonize the hemp fibers at the decortication facility.
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GreenPee installs hemp urinals in Amsterdam to stop “wild peeing”

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Dutch company GreenPee has installed eight hemp-filled sustainable urinals in Amsterdam to combat an increase in people urinating in the streets after the coronavirus lockdown ended.
Amsterdam council rushed to install the public urinals in the city centre as tourists returned and pubs reopened.
Users urinate into the openings on the sides of the GreenPee planters, which have an internal tank filled with hemp fibres from the cannabis plant.
The tank is emptied when full, and levels can be checked manually or by using a smart sensor that sends a message when it’s nearly full.
Once emptied, the mix of urine and hemp can be used for organic fertiliser for the city’s parks, roof gardens and urban farms.
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Using Cannabis While Pregnant Does Not Impair Children’s Cognition, Decades Of Studies Suggest

Janet Burns
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Across the US, children and their parents routinely face separation and other forms of punishment due to legal and medical policies around prenatal cannabis exposure, and the notion that cannabis use during pregnancy may harm children’s development.
But according to a review of research to date, there’s no evidence to support this belief about cannabis, nor the inarguably harmful policies which rely on it. After nearly six years of comparing study results, researchers at Columbia University, the New York State Psychiatric Institute, and Swinburne University have found that prenatal cannabis exposure does not lead to cognitive impairment in children, based on data from decades’ worth of studies on this issue.
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A Company Is Sending Cannabis and Coffee to Space to See if They Mutate

By Troy Farah

Astronauts have taken medication to space since the early days of off-planet exploration—but next spring, a Colorado company plans to be the first to send plant cultures of coffee and hemp, a variety of marijuana, to the International Space Station (ISS). The mission will test if zero gravity will mutate or genetically alter the plants, so presumably someday you can have a CBD-infused coffee on Mars.
Front Range Biosciences, an agricultural biotech company that breeds genetically consistent hemp and coffee varieties, has partnered with tech startup Space Cells and the University of Colorado, Boulder to launch more than 480 plant cell cultures in an incubator made for space. The cultures will hitch aboard a SpaceX cargo flight slated for March 2020 to resupply the ISS.
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Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Thanks to fashion designers like Korto Momolu, hemp clothing is having a long-overdue revival. The project runway star showcased her latest line at New York Fashion Week in September this year with hemp clothing taking centre stage.
Korto is following in the footsteps of legendary American clothing company Levi Strauss who released a new line of hemp jeans in March of this year.
It is documented that hemp fibres once provided over 80% of the worlds textile needs but in the early 20th century a switch was made to cheap synthetic fibres and cost-effective cotton which has heavily influenced the environmental crisis before us.
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Cannabis: a remedy for the soil?

Julian Vigo

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Unlike cotton and many other plants used in textile, hemp needs less water and requires no pesticides, allows for soil remediation (phytoremediation) – whereby hemp can absorb pollutants from the earth – and it returns 60-70 percent of the nutrients it takes from the soil.
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