Hemp tofu is the new high-protein, nutritious option taking the vegan world by storm

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For some people, traditional tofu is off the menu due to allergies or simple taste preferences. But hang-on, have you tried the alternative version called Hemp tofu?  
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A Renaissance of the Hempen Home

 P. Gotti
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Hemp makers have a long legacy of crafting decorative and functional home adornments. Hemp’s fibrous dexterity resisted mechanization during the agricultural revolution of the 1800s, and so hemp fell out of favor as national focus shifted to the mass production of crops like cotton. Hemp has returned to relevance, due to its myriad of current and potential uses in many industries alongside the popularity of both medicinal and recreational cannabis. Rising awareness of hemp’s durability, sustainability and function have accompanied hemp’s overdue return to home décor.
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Perhaps Jack Herer Was Right, The Future of Mankind May Be Hemp

Andre Bourque

Predictions that predate where the American cannabis industry is today, a book into which they were scribed, and the man who wrote it. VICTORIA POSH | @POSH_PICS

Nicknamed the Hemperor, activist Jack Herer (1939 – 2010) left his mark on American subculture by resurfacing age-old cultures, studies, and assertions that cannabis for food, fiber, fuel, medicine, recreation, and other purposes can solve most of the world’s most consequential environmental, social and economic problems.
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The Church Of England’s $10.5 Billion Fund Will Now Invest In Cannabis


“According to the Financial Times, Edward Mason, head of responsible investment for the Church Commissioners fund, said the organization makes a clear distinction between medical cannabis and adult-use cannabis, supporting only “proper medicinal purposes” at the time.”
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Ancient Pots have Unusually High Levels of THC


“Marijuana can linger in the human system for a few months at most, but cannabis residue will stick to other surfaces for millennia. High up in the Pamir Mountains, in what is now western China, archaeologists were excavating the tombs of Jirzankal Cemetery when they came upon a set of braziers and asked themselves what purpose the tools served. After analyzing the residue, a team of researchers found that it not only came from cannabis, but contained unusually high levels of THC—the compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive, or mind-altering, qualities.”

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Nevada Becomes First State To Ban Most Pre-Employment Cannabis Screening

Nevada has become the first state to ban employers from discriminating against workers for marijuana use, with some exceptions.
Governor Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill No. 132 on Friday, which makes it unlawful for an employer to fail or refuse to hire someone because they tested positive for marijuana on a drug screening test.
There are some exceptions. People trying to become firefighters or emergency medical technicians cannot test positive, as well as those applying for jobs that require the operation of a motor vehicle are not protected by the ban.
Jobs that require federal funding are also exempt because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.
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Ethiopia’s cannabis potential valued at USD 10 billion

By Brook Abdu

Hemp fabric could revolutionize Ethiopia’s textile
The African Regional Hemp & Cannabis Report, 2019 industry outlook, a study by New Frontier Data, a Washington based research institute, indicated that cannabis, which is a genus of flowering plants in the family of Cannabaceae, recognized for its use in medical or recreational purposes, potential in Ethiopia has a market potential of USD 9.8 billion, standing second in the continent only following Nigeria’s USD 15.3 billion industry.
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