The Doobie Is Everywhere

Even though our world seems to get a little more desolate by the day, there are certain things that bring comfort to our aching hearts. Like finding plants thriving under the toughest of urban conditions. Like, in Union Square, where the tireless folks at Gothamist noticed the distinctive fan-like sprigs of a familiar-looking plant (not that we’re implying anything), and quickly sent photos off to an editor at High Times, who confirmed that the leaves were illicit, but not the fancy kind: “These aren’t the expensive seeds we talk about in the magazine, but seeds people find in their pot and toss.”
(Incidentally, the website WeBeHigh points out that the North end of Union Square Park “always has people smoking/selling there. some of the people there will try and hustle you for your money, but if your smart, you can get pretty good shit there.”)
Just days before the Union Square discovery, City Room writer Ava Chin had a totally take-me-back-to-that-Dead-Concert pot-sperience while foraging in Ditmas Park with a friend — without actually smoking anything, allegedly or otherwise. Some tidbits from her adventure:

One whiff of the distinctive sweet, heavy odor, and suddenly I was transported to the last outdoor concert I’d attended — some long-weekend affair in New Jersey where I was surrounded by marijuana smoke and slow talkers.How I could have missed this fine young cannabis plant is beyond me. It was so pretty, with those deeply grooved, perfectly pointed serrated leaves, that an artist could have used it as a model for a hemp flag.

Fine young cannabis, indeed. Keep your eyes peeled, friends. If you see anything that looks green and smokable, and inexplicably takes you back to that special time you wigged on the Slip ‘n’ Slide at a Jimmy Buffett show, let us know. We’re happy to exchange notes.
But what does it mean that we’re being overgrown with weed?