Sonu launches Hemp barbel baits ready for new river season

This week the rivers re-open following the end of the closed season and bait giant Sonubaits has released a new range of barbel baits just in time.
There are four new products – pellets, paste, hook pellets and liquid enhancers.
The pellets differ to your traditional offerings as they have an elliptical shape that prevents them from rolling along the bottom in flowing water. You can get these in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm sizes so they can be fed loose, put through a feeder, placed in a dissolving PVA bag or used as hookbaits. There is 1kg of pellets in each bag.
The Barbel & Carp paste is a ready prepared offering that can be moulded around a hair rigged pellet or boilie and the Barbel & Carp Hookbait Pellets are 11mm in size, packed full of flavour and soft enough to hair-rig without drilling. Both the paste and hook pellets are available in hemp and halibut, hemp and cheesy garlic and hemp and spicy sausage flavours. Matching liquid enhancers are available in the same flavours.
Price is £3.99 for the elliptical pellets, and £2.99 for the paste, hook pellets and liquid attractors.