Int. Medical Marijuana Expo in Toronto

Posted by Robyn Urback

I think this will be a little different from the flash mobs and gun slinging

of past pot gatherings in Toronto.
The city will host Canada’s first International Medical Marijuana & Hemp Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre tomorrow. The event is labeled as “the first expo promoting the respectable and responsible use of marijuana as medicine.”
“We’re not trying to promote: ‘Come down to the convention centre and get stoned.’ This isn’t what it’s all about,” Expo organizer Marco Renda told CBC. “This is about educating yourself on the benefits of cannabis as medicine.”
Renda says he hopes the expo will boost awareness about medical marijuana. He says he expects over 30,000 visitors to attend (despite the fact that no pot is actually being sold!). There are around 4,000 registered medical marijuana users in Canada.