Two Measures Qualify for Oregon Ballot

Oregon voters will decide this November whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.
That’s one of two initiatives that qualified for the Oregon ballot Friday. The Secretary of State’s office says backers submitted enough valid signatures.
One measure would allow non-profit groups to set up shops where the state’s 36,000 medical marijuana users could buy pot.
Chief petitioner Anthony Johnson says that would be a lot more convenient than the way the system works now.
Anthony Johnson: “The law currently forces sick and disabled patients to grow their own marijuana or find someone to grow it for them. And too many people donĂ­t have the access, don’t have the resources to do that.”
The other petition to qualify Friday would require longer mandatory minimum sentences for certain repeat sex offenders. It would also impose jail time for people convicted of drunk driving three times in a ten year period.
The potential cost of the sentencing measure has not yet been determined by a state panel.
State elections officials have until August 1st to determine the fate of four additional petitions that could still qualify for the November ballot.