Cute Cannabis Smokes Out Marijuana Myths

This cute little pot leaf want to be your bud.
This cute little pot leaf want to be your bud.

ORLANDO, Fla. (Wireless Flash – FlashNews) – Myths about smoking marijuana are being smoked out by adorable digital pot plants.
On, tokers can learn the truth about bud by adopting their very own virtual marijuana leaf as a pet.
The animated leaves are a lot like the Digipets that were popular in the ’90s, with funny faces and cartoon-like voices, only they share valuable information about marijuana.
Creator Rob Mulligan thinks Cannabuddies are a “cute” way of spreading the facts about smoking pot and could “lead the forefront of complete legalization of marijuana.”
Despite their silly appearance, Mulligan isn’t worried about Cannabuddies becoming the gateway toy that introduces children to weed because they don’t blatantly promote sparking up.
He says, “Ultimately it’s just a cute plant. It’s as of you were interacting with a funny tree.”
But if kids do start playing with Cannabuddies Mulligan thinks it can’t hurt since they’ll be getting knowledge they aren’t learning in school.