Google to Run Marijuana Ads That Facebook Won't

facebook may think it’s “inappropriate” to run ads depicting marijuana leaves, but apparently Google doesn’t.

Marijuana activists were stymied by Facebook this week when the social networking site, which had already been running ads from the group Just Say Now, told the organization that it would no longer run them because they contained images of a marijuana leaves.
Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes explained to Just Say Now, which was launched this month by liberal blogger Jane Hamsher in conjunction with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, that “the image of a pot leaf is classified with all smoking products and therefore is not acceptable under our policies,” in an e-mail obtained by The Huffington Post.
But the group says Google agreed today to run the ads, which are similar to those declined by Facebook, and which also contain images of marijuana leaves.
Here are the three ads Google will run:
Here are the ads Facebook refused to run: