Hemp – The Wonder Plant!

I have been extremely lucky in life, in that how I make my living is by doing what I am extremely passionate about. I work with the Green Living Show in Toronto, which is one of the largest environmental and eco shows in North America. I’m one of an amazing team of people responsible for finding the latest and greatest eco-friendly products to introduce to consumers across this great city.
One of my challenges with work this year is to make sure that there is a direct rhyme and reason to why and how my exhibitors are placed on the floor space; this also includes having coverage of different products and services that most people wouldn’t think of initially when they they think “green.”
I realized that this year I would like to see more representation on the benefits of hemp products. For years, hemp got a bad rap because it was considered too closely related to marijuana. The truth about hemp is that it is a sustainable product, can be used in foodstuff and textiles, and it grows extremely easily in the Canadian climate. Also, the levels of THC (which is the drug-like substance that is found in marijuana) it contains aren’t even enough to get you a smidgen high.
I’ve been a huge fan of hemp from day one:

This is one of the best cereals I’ve ever tried – Ruth’s Hemp Foods. It only takes a small amount (usually about ¼ to ½ a cup plus ½ cup of hemp milk or almond milk) to fill me up, and while it’s usually eaten hot, I eat it cold/raw. It’s so yummy!
Last week I had the most enlightening call from one of my prospective clients. Her name is Anndrea, and she works with Hemp Oil Canada. It’s always amazing to meet others who are so passionate about the field of work they’ve chosen, and she is one of those ladies. She proceeded to fill me in on the plethora of products derived from hemp – makeups, skin care products, clothing manufacturers and designers, ice cream and treat producers, hemp oil retailers, just to name a few.
It is important that we make use of this sustainable product here in Canada, where it grows a-plenty and is readily available.
Now who’s up for a hemp silk dress? I’ll do a review on that one in the VERY near future once I go shopping.  🙂
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