Stoners Celebrate Decriminalization of Pot at Hempfest Boston 2010 Today

Marijuana advocates gather today, Saturday September 18, 2010 for an event popularly known as Hempfest Boston. The event held at the Boston Commons, features music, discussion and a whole lot of smoking. Massachusetts decriminalized the possession of an ounce or less of pot in 2009. Anyone caught with that amount only gets a $100 ticket (minors must also perform community service). The contrast between this law and the state’s blue laws has been the subject of much debate because it’s such a contrast. Gambling is also illegal in Massachusetts, and most people simply cannot reconcile the relaxed attitude toward a mood-altering street drug with the laws restricting alcohol and gambling. Be that as it may, the MassCan Organization’s yearly rally (which is what Hempfest Boston 2010 really is) seems to have worked in their favor, as they can now carry small amounts of cannabis on their persons anytime, anywhere in the state without fear of jail.
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