Dozens smoking marijuana on MBTA train in Beverly

When Beverly Police responded a report last Saturday that approximately 20-30 people taking the MBTA train to Boston for Hempfest were smoking marijuana on the train at the Beverly station, they ended up issuing three citations for civil infractions.
Beverly Police Public Information Officer April Clarizia said that around 10:31 a.m. last Saturday, MBTA officials called police to report that about 30 people were on the train at the station smoking marijuana.
The MBTA held the train at the station and the police dispatched several cruisers. When police arrived on scene, they estimated between 20-30 people had been smoking “pot” and numerous bags of marijuana were on the floor of the train car along with some paraphernalia. They searched all the suspects and found that three people still had small bags of marijuana in their possession. All three received citations for civil violations of the marijuana laws.
Aside from being a little bit rowdy, Clarizia said, the group caused no problems on the train.