US Federal judge arrested on drug & weapon charges

Atlanta – A Georgia judge was arrested last Friday by the FBI in an undercover sting operation, and now faces weapons and drug charges.
67 year old senior U.S. District Court Judge Jack T. Camp was arrested last Friday in an undercover sting operation, and was released on Monday. Hailing from Georgia, Camp was arrested after he allegedly bought cocaine, marijuana and other illicit drugs reported the New York Times.
MSNBC broke the news last week, and have posted a copy of the FBI’s complaint and affidavit against the judge that resulted in Camp’s arrest. The complaint was sworn by a special agent for the FBI and states Camp tried to buy drugs, and also had cocaine, marijuana and roxycodone in his possession. He also allegedly had in his possession illegal firearms. In the FBI’s affidavit detailing the particular allegations behind Camp’s arrest, the anonymous stripper claims she and Camp did drugs together.
MSN reported that Camp’s lawyer, Bill Morrison, said the case had nothing to do with Camp’s position as a judge and everything to do with his marriage. At Camp’s arraignment Monday, Morrison said Camp would plead not guilty. However, as USA Today reported, a hearing might be difficult to obtain. A judge had to be brought in from Alabama for Camp’s arraignment.
Morrison told media that Camp would most probably take a leave of absence from his job as a judge until the charges were resolved.
USA Today said Camp had been caught when buying drugs from an undercover officer who was posing as a drug dealer. Camp allegedly had two guns with him when he made the drug deal.
Camp was nominated to the District Court by Reagan in 1987, and after the senate approved his appointment, he began his commission in 1988. He became a senior judge in 2008.
The allegations say that Camp had formed a relationship with an Atlanta stripper, paying her for sex and purchased illegal drugs from her. She turned into an informant earlier this year, and the FBI began tailing Camp and also tapped his phone. The Times-Herald said Camp
“… faces four drug-related charges and one count of possessing firearms while illegally using drugs.”
The judge and the stripper were together when purchasing drugs from the undercover FBI, reported the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.
According to an article posted at Law, reproduced from the Fulton County Daily Report, Camp’s wife and children attended Monday’s arraignment hearing.