San Fran Pot Shop, Free Joints for Giants’ Homers, Other Goodies

When the San Francisco Giants’ Juan Uribe hit a homer in game one of the team’s World Series 11-7 win over the Texas Rangers, patients at ReLeaf Herbal Center were the winners. The medical marijuana dispensary is giving one free joint to all existing patients on the premises, for every home run hit by a Giants player.
ReLeaf Herbal Center has decided to drum up business for itself by being a place to hang out during the World Series. In addition to a free doobie, they are encouraging patients to sample its special punch drink.
Here is their Facebook page posting: “Ready for game 2??? ReLeaf is ready…with our medicated Giants Punch which we will again be sampling to our patients during the game and a a good stack of joints ready to hand out to patients present at our collective during each home run!! Go Giants!!!” did a whole piece on the medical marijuana dispensary’s free market concepts. The Giants Punch, according to them is a cool Giants’ orange in color as well as laced with the medical stuff. With Prop. 19 on the ballot in California that would decriminalize one ounce or less of the loose leaf, the licensed pot dispensaries are realizing that they won’t be the only way to get pot on a legal basis, if and when the vote goes in the proposition’s favor.

ReLeaf Herbal Center treats patients to free punch and joints after Giants home runs

The Giants hope to oblige fans who favor the demon weed, not specifically of course, but if that happens to be a collateral benefit of them hitting dingers into McCovey Cove, so be it.
Other offerings of ReLeaf include something called “Pot Pockets”. They are pizza pocket-sandwiches with that very special ingredient. Also on the menu are lollipops in flavors such as coconut, lemon, orange, cheesecake, chocolate mousse cakes and of course, ReLeaf branded clothing, including tee shirts.
If MLB and fans wouldn’t object, Tim Lincecum could get himself a nice sponsorship from ReLeaf. Picked up a year ago on a pot possession charge, Lincecum has been pure as the driven snow this season, without any failed drug tests that we are aware of. At only 165 lbs. Lincecum could use to put on a few pounds and as comedians like to point out, smoking marijuana doesn’t lead to using harder drugs, it leads to eating Doritos.