Hemp house wins construction prize

Lichfield-based building contractor Linford Group has won a national award for its “ground-breaking” Renewable House. The contractor lifted the top Innovation award at the Constructing Excellence National Awards for the property, which is located at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Innovation Park in Watford.
Developed in conjunction with the National Non-Food Crops Centre, The Renewable House is constructed of Hemcrete, a sustainable building material derived from hemp, rather than bricks and mortar. The substance has been developed by Lime Technologies, a partner in the build.
The Renewable House was constructed entirely from renewable materials, and is “showing the way that Britain’s housing stock may go in the future”.
Neil Walters, group commercial director, said: “Innovation doesn’t need to cost the earth. The Renewable House is a highly sustainable building, but it will cost pretty much the same to build as a normal brick house.
“We also believe that to gain widespread acceptance in a culture sceptical of green buildings that the house benefits from looking ‘normal’ and doesn’t need a host of ‘renewables’ normally associated with green buildings.”