Release Reverend Roger Christie Immediately : A Formal, Public, International Exercise of “Civilian Demand” for the Rule of Law to be Respected

By Paul J. von Hartmann
This document is intended to serve the public interest through the formal, public, international exercise of “civilian demand” that the First Amendment of our Constitutions, both State and Federal, be obeyed, due process followed, and our “freedom of religion” respected in Hawaii. As the newly elected Governor of Hawaii, Mr. Abercrombie now has the responsibility of defending and enforcing the First Amendment of Constitutions, both State and Federal, which secure Roger Christie’s “freedom of religion” as they secure all of our “god-given, inalienable, natural rights.”
Reverend Roger Christie’s imprisonment is, in essence, an attack on our national security by unobjective, chemically-addicted courts. A counter-productive “drug war” has been waged against Cannabis agriculture because hemp farming competes with the chemical industrial addiction imposed on our society for the past seventy-three years. The world’s most useful agricultural resource has been outlawed because dominant economic interests cannot compete with Cannabis in a free market.
The contemporary crucifixion of Roger Christie in Hawaii is as blatant and obvious a proof of corporate corruption as the crimes of pollution being committed against the Natural Order. From Gulf war atrocities to “drug war” atrocities; from the Exxon Valdez to BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster; from hydraulic “fracking” to the production of radioactive waste, America’s addictions to “Gaiacidal” chemicals and processes is precipitating evermore blatant extremes of self-destructive behavior.
Reverend Christie has been disingenuously accused as a “danger to his community” when it is common knowledge that he has been a loved and widely respected peacemaker in his Big Island community for more than a quarter of a Century. It is criminal that he is being denied bail simply because he has been maliciously characterized by an employee of an unobjective court.
Until Reverend Christie is released, a part of every American remains in prison. The magnitude of injustice in Roger Christie’s being denied due process of law, is measured in the incalculable sacrifice of American patriots who fought to secure the legacy of freedom being violated and disrespected. In truth, there is no true freedom anywhere as long as a man of peace is wrongly imprisoned.
Please show consideration in the form of compassion, leniency, mercy, clemency and active, proportionate appreciation for the good work done by Roger Christie in mitigating the hard drug epidemic in Hawaii. It is well-known that a shortage of ‘pakalolo’ in Hawaii translates into increased hard drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, crime…
I trust that Mr. Abercrombie’s will recognize the opportunity for true leadership, presented by the polar shifts in medical science, public perceptions and political realities surrounding Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade. As Governor of a State that is being “broiled” by UV-B radiation, I would think that you of all people would recognize the critical “strategic” significance of Cannabis, recognized by seven American Presidents as being “of first necessity.”
A timely response to this “Civilian Demand” is requested, as every day that Roger Christie is robbed of in prison is precious time that is gone forever.
Mahalo! for your vision of a “New Day” for Hawaii. I trust it is one where the bright sunshine of truth and clear rivers of freedom will begin to flow under your leadership and courage.
Paul von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry
former Hawaii resident,
Oahu 1958-1960
Maui, 1988-1992
Big Island 1998-1999