Police Stage Botched Pot Raid After Smelling Skunk Under Home

By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~

Photo: The Skunk Stripe
Pawcuff that skunk! He smells like weed!

A Canadian man is demanding an apology after his home was raided at gunpoint Thursday by police who thought the scent of a skunk living under his home meant he was growing marijuana.

Oliver MacQuat of Gatineau, Quebec, said a team of armed police officers barged into his rural home with guns drawn, on the assumption they were busting a marijuana grow, reports CBC News.
“I opened the door and they all had their guns drawn,” MacQuat said. “I was terrified, my heart was probably going 150 miles an hour.”
Around 10 police officers swept through his house, MacQuat said, during which time his teenaged son returned home to flashing police lights.
Photo: CBC
Oliver MacQuat said police raided his home, thinking it was a marijuana grow-op, because of a skunk living under his house.
​”I was shaking; I was very worried,” said the son, Emilio MacQuat. “I did not know what happened to my dad, what was happening up here.
Police found no drugs of any kind on the property.