Who’s Afraid of the Big Island’s Cannabis Minister?

Posted By Hokulani Cheneviere

“God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings in this situation… And hurry! We are safe. We are loved, and all is well…” Roger blesses  wedding party the day before the arrest
“What a trick this is for a plant, to produce a chemical so mysterious in its effects on human consciousness that the plant itself becomes the sacrament, deserving of humankind’s worshipful care and dissemination.” Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire
She’s called the Botanical Messiah-the Plant messenger. She’s a member of the Entheogen Ohana.   “Within GOD Creates”.   Cannabis, psilocybin, peyote and mescaline are a few of these plant Entheogens.
Through her Anandamide –  she delivers the Bliss.   Ananda, from Sanskrit, it means bliss or delight.  It’s in chocolate, too!   Kana bos and Keneh bosm is marijuana in Hebrew.  It’s the sweet fragrant cane in the Holy Anointing Oil of the Old Testament.  Listed as calamus in the  King James version, a mistranslation from the Septuagint.  ” The Living Torah” has the 411 .  Make you own conclusions if it seems a bit nebulous.
Ganja, Tai ma, dagga, chanvre, hanf, marijuana, cannabis, pakalolo.   Used for centuries in religion, as well as for medicines, textiles, fuel, and inebriant.   Solid proof that GOD gave humans special plants with multiple uses.  Evidence that our CREATOR gave us certain plants that help us to feel  joy, bliss, and delight.
Botanical Messiah, Plant Messenger.   As in God’s “friends and family network” with human beings.  To be high is to feel GOD within.  GOD aka “MOST HIGH”.   Within  GOD creates.  HOLY SMOKE.  Joy, bliss, delight, pono, peace, love, laughter, smiles…. ALOHA.
KAPU.  A’ole.  Pilikia.  Taboo.   Forbidden.  Prohibition. Devil weed. Reefer madness.
Why is everyone making so much huhu over a plant?  WTF was GOD thinking-giving us all those “botanical messiahs”?  THIS  has been such a major pain in da okole for human beings.    LONG ass jail terms for HIS frickin plants?  This is NOT funny, Dude.  What were YOU thinking?  I thought YOU loved us.   How is it, that a plant that brings Ananda can be so dangerous?   And if possessing these plants is a crime, then show me the victims.
The Chinese once called  it Tai Ma -The GREAT PLANT.  Some say it means Great Mother.  Same difference. Tai=GREAT  Ma=Mama or Plant.    Are you wordless yet?  Do you need a diaper?  How about a tissue then?   What other plant on the face of the earth can be used for food, livestock feed, medicine, fuel, fabric, paper, building material, rope, sacrament and inebriant? Sometimes I wonder if this plant didn’t come from another planet, it’s so wonderous.   Its use as medicine is astounding enough–appetite stimulant, aphrhodesiac, analgesic, sleep aid, glaucoma, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Fibromyalgia, seizures, digestive aid, anti-depressant, menstrual cramps and nausea relief.  That’s just a few of them.  Used to be, that Cannabis meds were in every household, until….Bayer Aspirin came on the scene about 1910 or so.  Mother’s soothed their colicky babies with it.  For real.
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