Pot Sauce Williams, aiming to be the Heinz of medical marijuana BBQ sauces

By Evelyn Theiss

Hot Sauce Williams is known for its barbecue menu. The chain may be adding a special sauce with marijuana as one of the ingredients.
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Clevelanders know about Hot Sauce Williams’ barbecue joints. Colorado is about to experience the restaurant’s famous sauce in a whole new way – with a whole new name.
Pot Sauce Williams.
That’s no joke.
“We hope to make it the Heinz of medical marijuana sauces,” said Norm Roulet, a Cleveland business consultant who got the idea off the ground.
Roulet is working with Greg Williams to turn out a high-test, marijuana-laced version of the rib coating. And Williams, special projects manager for the Cleveland-based restaurant chain, with help from a Denver lab, has created a prototype of a new version of the chain’s famous sauce. This one is infused with cannabis.
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