Cannabis Farmers Market Coming to Seattle

By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~

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​​There are two kinds of medical-marijuana patients: those who want to get as close to the clinical experience as possible when getting their cannabis, and those who prefer a funkier, more communal vibe.

If you’re one of the doctor’s-office types–or if you don’t enjoy being around hippies or pot smoke–then trust me, the Tacoma Cannabis Farmers Market is not for you. But if you’re open to a community experience, the market (held on the first Sunday of each month in a warehouse at 1912 Center St.) may just be a glimpse of the future. 

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Photo by Don Skakie
The author examines buds of the Blu-K strain (Blueberry x AK-47) through a magnifying loupe at the Tacoma Cannabis Farmers Market on Feb. 6.

Seattle’s neighbor to the south has hosted the market (limited to authorized medical patients and providers) for the past four months, and having been to all but the first, I can tell you that the consumer empowerment of having a dozen vendors competing for your business is a very heady thing. Better yet, a Seattle version is kicking off in less than two weeks.

Don’t like the price (or the strains, the spiel, or the ‘tude) this guy’s giving you? Walk to the next table. It’s positively exhilarating.

“The farmers-market model is really an advantage to the patient,” says organizer Jeremy Miller. “They’re able to compare quality and cost, as well as have a wider variety of products to choose from.”

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