Shoes sprout flowers when planted


OAT Shoes are completely biodegradable. When you’re done wearing them, plant them in the backyard and flowers will sprout.

By John Roach
Your old sneakers may smell like something found only in fetid corners of nature, but chances are there’s plenty that’s not natural about them. A pair of Dutch entrepreneurs wants to change that. They’ve created a fully biodegradable shoe that will sprout flowers when planted at the end of their life.
OAT Shoes says their goal is to produce “sneakers that not only look good, but leave no mark on the environment when you throw them out.”
The kicks are made using hemp, cork, bio-cotton, certified biodegradable plastics, chlorine-free bleach and other nontoxic materials. The first batch will come with seeds in their tongues, so that wildflowers will sprout up in commemoration of users’ planted, expired kicks, according to Gizmag.
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