Marijuana May Soon Become Legal to Cure Diseases | TopNews Arab Emirates

Submitted by Kamilah Qasimi
If the Delaware Senate has its way, the marijuana will soon be legalized in the region, under tight scrutiny of course.
Since the time the marijuana has been found to possess the capabilities to cure some of the major ailments that cannot be treated otherwise, a lot of contention has been triggered with many debating if it should be legalized or not.
The cannabis was found to be effective in the treatment against cancer, HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis, or any disease that causes severe chronic pain or nausea by some pilot medical studies that took place in the past.
But majority of the chamber members feel that the marijuana should be used legally in the dispensaries if it is capable of saving lives.
Following this as many as 21 members have voted in the favor of Senate bill 17, making it eligible to be considered by the House.
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