Medical marijuana growers have access to MSU agricultural advice

By Sara Qamar
Holland, Michigan —

Greener pastures are in sight for medical marijuana growers wanting expert advice on how to raise healthy plants.
Inquiries on how to cultivate the plant have increased slightly in the past few years, Michigan State University Extension experts say.
MSU-E, which is mainly involved in more traditional agricultural endeavors, is a resource for some medical marijuana suppliers who want accurate information on how to grow the plants effectively.
Having received about seven calls since medical marijuana became legal in Michigan, MSU-E senior educator Thomas Dudek said he tries to relay basic information on plant physiology to first-time growers.
“People need to have a fairly good knowledge of fertilizer, irrigation and growing media,” said Dudek, a horticulture and marketing expert based in Ottawa County.
He takes existing information about growing other indoor plants and adapts it to the situation when answering such calls.
“Obviously, we’re a land grant university that creates knowledge for people in businesses. If we have a business for growing plants, then you tend to look at MSU as a resource for that type of information,” he said.
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