Volunteers Wanted For THC/DUI Study – Denver, CO

The news program HDNet World Report has asked CTI to help round up some volunteers for a study they are doing of how cannabis affects the driving of medical patients. The study will require volunteers to take a driving simulation test before and after ingesting or smoking cannabis. The news show will compare the results of the simulation tests and also interview patients as to how they believe cannabis affects their driving.
The tests will be done this Thursday or Friday in Denver. The tests and the interviews will take about 2 hours per person. You must be a medical marijuana patient with a valid Registry ID card and a valid Drivers License to participate. The show will provide free transportation and snacks to test participants. This will not require you to have a blood draw, this is just a driving simulator test.
If you are interested in helping with this study, please contact the producer as soon as possible. They are on a tight deadline.
David Pelcyger, Producer
HDNet World Report
Phone: (303) 542-5597
Web: http://www.hd.net/programs/hdnet-world-report/
Email: dpelcyger@hd.net
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