Need for weed: Seniors smoking marijuana

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — There is a growing trend of seniors lighting up and smoking marijuana because they believe it is better than their prescription drugs with fewer side effects.
“I call it the new don’t ask, don’t tell,” said Amy Cavinaugh.
Cavinaugh started using marijuana five years ago after having a double mastectomy from breast cancer. She used the illegal drug to fight off nausea from chemotherapy.
“I did find it to be very effective,” said Cavinaugh.
At the time she was living in a retirement community in Ocean Ridge called Crown Colony, and behind the gates, she says more seniors are using pot than you might think.
“I knew people who were 90-years-old and 70-years-old and were getting it from their children or grandchildren,” said Cavinaugh.

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