Mother Worries Son Will Struggle to Find Marijuana

By Kyle Midura

BILLINGS – A Montana woman says medical marijuana helps her autistic teenage son communicate. She’s concerned all his progress will be for naught if the bill to reform medical marijuana legislation makes it past the governor’s desk.
Coral Campbell says in 2001, her son was uncontrollable. “I have a 14-year-old son that has high-functioning Asperger’s,” she said, “Nick was never able to sit still and play Legos, or color in a coloring book.”The family took up sign language because he only spoke gibberish. Desperate, Campbell signed him up for a Canadian experimental drug trial.”It totally changed his life,” said Campbell, “at the end of 19 months, we found out was taking THC capsules.””Not only was I ecstatic to hear ‘I love you mommy,’ but to be able to understand it,” she said.These days, Nick will eat a cannabis cookie, or have a sucker before bed. He’s capable of attending school, if only for a few hours, and has been able to stop taking prescription drugs that hurt his kidneys.”It’s very disturbing to me to know that I might not be able to get (edible marijuana products) for him,” said Campbell.
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