Medical marijuana provided free by Namaste Hospice for end-of-life relief

By Joel Warner
In a striking example of medical marijuana’s growing legitimacy, the Denver-based Namaste Hospice will begin offering free medical marijuana to patients with terminal illnesses. While end-of-life care might not seem like the most cutting-edge of industries, Namaste, which has been providing Denver-area hospice services since 1998, seems to be downright forward thinking when it comes to medical marijuana¬†
“One of our guiding principles is patient self-determination, autonomy and choice. To this end Namaste respects the needs and desires of the patient and family before those of the health care system, staff, or the organization,” says Namaste President Jan Bezuidenhout in a media release. “If cannabis can help us better manage the pain for our patients and at the same time eliminate the negative effects of morphine and similar drugs, then it is our obligation to offer that choice to our patients.”
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