Can Medical Marijuana Help Severely Autistic Children?

By Colleen Williams

While medical marijuana is used to treat dozens of ailments, one mother swears by it to help her severely autistic son.

In fact, she’s convinced pot has saved his life.

Meiko Hester-Perez gives her severely autistic 12-year old son Joey the marijuana in chocolate.

“When your son is knocking on deaths door there’s nothing you won’t do,” according to Meiko Hester-Perez. “It happened to be cannabis for our family.”

Hester-Perez didn’t make the decision lightly, two and a half years ago Joey only weighed 42 pounds. A stark contrast to his current weight of 112 pounds.

“My son was absolutely withering away. You could see the bones in his chest,” according to Hester-Perez.

Out of desperation, she Googled cannabis and autism, and realized she wasn’t the only one who made the connection.

Other parents and autism experts found success with medical marijuana as a treatment for autistic children.

The first time Hester-Perez gave Joey a pot brownie she saw almost immediate results.

“Everything has improved. Right now, he’s given one brownie every two to three days, whereas the other medications he was taking every single day, twice a day,” according to Hester-Perez.

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