Can Your Car Run On Hemp Fuel?

hemp car
By Jasen T. Davis

When Barack Obama became president, there was a tremendous push in the political realm to embrace green technologies and renewable energy research as an alternative to fossil fuels. Four years later, not much has changed. and the economy is a wreck.
This summer, we are facing ridiculous gas prices, pundits will blame everyone else but their own party and President Obama will give a big, fat speech. Meanwhile, corporate and political interests serving Big Oil—one our biggest fossil fuel suppliers—will continue to make a sizeable profit.
One way to wean our nation off fossil fuels is to find an alternative to gasoline for our cars. One alternative to gasoline is methanol, a type of fuel usually derived from corn oil. However, the process is difficult and doesn’t produce a lot of fuel.
Hemp can also produce methanol, and is a better choice because it grows a lot faster than corn and produces far more fuel. Corn yields an average of 1,550 liters of methanol per acre grown. Hemp yields up to 10,000 liters.
Hemp fuel is also biodegradable, burns without creating sulfur dioxide and won’t damage the environment. Hemp cellulose can be processed to create clothing, paper, plastic and feed for animals. So, where can we find a processing plant to turn hemp into oil?
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