Roseanne Barr Says She is Running for President

(NewsCore) – Comedienne Roseanne Barr told Jay Leno she hopes to run for president under a newly created political party that eliminates money and permits marijuana.
“I am running for President of the United States … I’m not for either party because they both suck and they’re both a bunch of criminals, so I made up my own party — it’s America’s Green Tea Party,” she said late Thursday on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
“I’m totally serious, ’cause I want to be part of the debates, because I want to represent the taxpayer,” she continued, adding she will be “choosing the taxpayers as my vice president.”
Her platform includes eliminating taxes, legalizing marijuana and eradicating the use of money as payment for goods and services.
“Everything will be based on barter and growing and eating vegetables,” she said.
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