Peter Tosh’s Music Used for Human-Rights, Pot-Legalization Charity Campaigns (Video Contest)

by Theo Spielberg

GAB Archive, Redferns Peter Tosh, an original member of the Wailers and gifted solo artist, left behind a legacy of political consciousness after his 1987 murder. The estate of the groundbreaking reggae artist announced on Tuesday, Aug. 9, that it will be launching a series of partnerships with Amnesty International and Greenpeace.
A campaign is already underway with Amnesty International, which will give away his solo version ‘Get Up Stand Up’ (which he co-wrote with Bob Marley) in order to drum up support for Mexican human-rights defender Lydia Cacho. The Cancun-based journalist has received numerous death threats after she exposed a government-backed child-pornography ring, and anyone who signs up to “stand up for Lydia” will receive the free MP3.
In the coming weeks, Tosh’s music will also be used in campaigns by Greenpeace International, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and the Marijuana Policy Project, and will highlight music from his solo albums ‘Legalize It’ (1976) and ‘Equal Rights’ (1977). The SSDP is hosting a video contest in which people can submit a PSA on the them of “What ‘Legalize It’ Means to Me,” in support of the first-ever marijuana legalization bill in Congress. The winner will have their video featured in the effort and receive a “Legacy Edition” of ‘Legalize It.’
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