A World First in Australia- Hemp Farm offers visitors a greener side to Byron Bay

A Byron Bay industrial hemp farm is opening its doors to the public for daily eco-tours from 9th October. Family friendly, visitors to this sustainable permaculture farm may experience all the action of an eco farm without the hard work!
Industrial hemp has been legal to grow in Australia and New South Wales in particular for a few years now. Byron Bay’s first industrial hemp farm is run by local hemp expert, Director and Founder of the Hemp Farm Paul Benhaim who states “This is a normal crop in Europe, I was surprised to learn Australian’s have been missing out on all the fun of growing a crop of industrial hemp in Australia and it is about time I did something about this.”
Industrial hemp is well known for it’s use in ropes and clothes, but visitors to the Hemp Farm get a lot more. You can see the crop grow and learn about the equipment required for growing, harvesting and processing. The hemp farm is planned to be Australia’s centre of hemp food processing, with hemp seeds and hemp oil production already in place with plans for expansion early next year.
Visitors to the eco farm can see a demonstration of hemp milk, hemp ice-cream or hemp chocolate making and if you are lucky – get a taste of these healthy nutritious products that are sold widely throughout Europe and North America.
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