Medical Marijuana Expert: “The Feds Are Bluffing”

By: Rigoberto Hernandez
Robert Raich, a medical marijuana lawyer who took two medical marijuana landmark cases to the U.S. Supreme Court, says the new federal crackdown against landlords who rent to marijuana dispensaries is an intimidation tactic that probably won’t work.
Sending threatening letters to landlords is not a new tactic by the federal government. In 2007 the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Justice sent similar letters to landlords, but never filed a criminal or civil case against them.
“The appropriate thing to do is to put those letters in the trash, where they belong,” he said. “A lot of people realize that [the feds] don’t have the resources nor the will to prosecute every single one, but [landlords] are concerned and no one wants to be in the crosshairs.”
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