San Diego Reader Announces New “Smokable Ads”

By Walter Mencken
In Wake of US Attorney’s Ominous Statements Regarding Alt-Weekly Medical Marijuana Ads, Notorious Publisher Jim Holman Implements “Hemp-Based” Back Pages.
“Let’s give them something to investigate.”
STARING AT THE SALMON-PINK WALLS OF MY CUBICLE, MARVELING AT THE WONDER OF IT ALL – As the Federal Government continues the Great Medical Marijuana Panty-Bunching of 2011, concerns have arisen at alt-weeklies all over the state about the potential loss of ad revenue brought on by a crackdown on pot dispensaries.
In preparation for such an event, Reader publisher Jim Holman today announced his paper’s plan to make the paper’s medical marijuana ads “a little more user-friendly, if you know what I mean. Instead of printing the ads on expensive glossy stock, we’ll be switching over to a more practical paper made from hemp and, um, other natural products.
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