Would you rather let mommy smoke weed or come home to find her dead?

By Michael Roberts
Our post about Sexy Pizza offering free ‘za to a medical marijuana patient narced on by a Papa John’s driverspawned a debate joined by a woman who says she owes her life to cannabis.
She’s offended by the idea that some people would prefer she suffer than use it.

Laura_RT writes:

I am a cancer survivor. Because of the radiation treatment, necrosis has set in the bone of my jaw. Any movement of my jaw is quite painful (Especially chewing), making it very difficult for me to eat. And when it’s painful to chew, you find yourself taking in smaller and smaller meals. This is a condition that has been a problem for me for well over two years now. I am 5’6” and I currently weigh 103 lbs, but my weight has dropped as low as 82 lbs. I have fainted on more than one occasion from malnutrition. My doctor wants to put me on methadone to treat the pain. This narcotic is, too me, quite a bit scarier than marijuana will ever be.Marijuana has quite literallly saved my life. Pain pills cause nausea, constipation, addiction, and there’s always the ever- present concern of overdosing.
Second hand tobacco smoke is far more harmful to a child than marijuana smoke will ever be and smoking cigarettes with your child in the home is prefectly legal, so that argument doesn’t fly with me. (I smoke both, but do it in the garage for the sake of my children’s lungs)
I do not live in a medical marijuana state. Are you suggesting that I should starve to suit you and lawmakers? Would it be better for my kids if they came home from school to find me dead from malnutrition as opposed to having a mommy who smokes a little weed? Or for them to see me all pilled out on methadone? People like you are ignorant and lack even the most basic principles of compassion.