More Proof that Supports Cannabis Use For Cancer Cure

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You may recall a story that appeared on a few weeks ago about a cancer survivor who credits the narcotic, Hash Oil as a cure for his cancer.
David Triplet was diagnosed with skin cancer and opted for alternative treatment instead of the regular treatment prescribed by his doctor.
Triplet, who took matters into his own hands started doing his own research when he learned about the healing powers contained in the illegal drug.
Once he discovered that cannabis cured his cancer, Triplet produced a short documentary outlining his success and why the the ” establishment ” has not pushed for more research into cannabis for cancer treatment.
Triplet contacted about a follow up video that documents his findings along with other patients that have also tried the cannabis treatment.
“This is the story of how myself and others cured our cancer using cannabis oil. This film goes into the closing of dispensaries, politics and history of cannabis and cancer. It features several cannabis patients who’s lives have been saved through the miracle of cannabis.” said Triplet.
Triplet believes it’s time to legalize cannabis and to use hash oil as a treatment for various cancers. In the video Triplet documents other survivors from prostate , and other skin cancers. Triplet notes in the video that more and more studies about the drug as a cure for cancer are being made.
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