A Medical Marijuana Trial – Day 16

Joe Grumbine of The Human Solution reaches out for help during his Medical Marijuana trial, starting this November 28th.
Judge Charles Sheldon serving in a California State Court has denied Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron an affirmative defense. Meaning that they will not be presented to a jury of their peers that are hearing the full story. The jury will not be allowed to hear one word of medical marijuana.
Please call or E-Mail Joe if you or someone you know would be willing and able to help in some way. If not able to be present for court support but would like to contribute in some other way, it’s greatly appreciated and helps supporters continue to be able to be physically present.
Call Joe Grumbine
@ 951-436-6312
or E-Mail him
@ willowcreeksprings.net
Befriend him on facebook
@ facebook.com/joegrumbine
Find his organization online
@ www.the-human-solution.org
and on facebook
@ facebook.com/thehumansolution