Don’t Charge Residents for Pot Possession: Mayor

If the resident didn’t call, don’t file charges, New London’s mayor said.

By LeAnne Gendreau
Don’t Charge Residents for Pot Possession: Mayor

The new mayor is changing the rules on marijuana possession and immigration status.

The day after being sworn in, New London’s new mayor issued some executive orders that have surprised some city officials.

One of the executive orders from Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio calls on police not to charge a resident with marijuana possession on personal property if the resident did not reach out to police for help.

The city has “many serious criminal enforcement and protection issues and concerns” and limited resources, according to the order.

That order asks police not to charge residents with possession or drug paraphernalia on personal property “if the violation occurs on private property and the landowner has not made a complaint or requested police assistance.”

Another order said that New London city employees who test positive for marijuana during random testing not receive disciplinary action, unless they are CLD drivers or work in a “safety-sensitive” job.

The state decriminalized marijuana and “good, dependable employees should not be disciplined or terminated based upon infraction-level offenses,” the order said.

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