Nova Scotia man fighting to shake stigma of medical marijuana use

By Jodie Sinnema, Postmedia News

Terry Bremner smokes his marijuana pipe in Halifax parking lots and quiet woods, even though he is legally allowed cannabis to dull the pain associated with fibromyalgia.
Until now, his two adult sons didn’t know. His neighbours didn’t know. The parents of the seven- and eight-year-old football players he coaches didn’t know. He masks the pungent smell of pot with gum, cigars and cologne.
But he thinks it’s time to speak up against the stigma so prevalent on the East Coast and in Canada against marijuana that lumps medical patients with recreational users.
“I want to set an example,” said Bremner, 50. As president of the Chronic Pain Association of Canada, headquartered in Edmonton, Bremner visits support groups for chronic pain sufferers across the country to share the importance of having marijuana as a medical option, especially for those who experience bad side effects from taking strong opioids.

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