By Carey Uhl

Lovers of weed and weed-inspired musicians ought to prepare themselves for the Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival 2012.  Come March 3 at NOS Events Center in Southern California, twenty artists will take two separate stages in celebration of music, and, well, marijuana.
Last year, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd expressed his surprise that the audience hadn’t slipped into a weed coma by the time Incubus had taken the stage.  Throughout the day, billows of smoke escalated from a huge mass of fans that never seemed to crash from their perpetual high.
Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival 2012 should have the same tenacity as last year, with headliners including Sublime with Rome, Korn, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, The Dirty Heads and Café Tacuba.  More announcements are sure to come in the near future regarding the other bands that will be playing.
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